SMC seniors to house pets

first_imgThis fall, Saint Mary’s seniors are not the only residents of Regina Hall South. The hall has opened its doors furry friends as well. Senior Mara Scott, who lives in Regina South, said is thrilled to be able to spend more quality time with her cat, Oonaugh, who is named after an Irish Celtic goddess. “At first I was planning on living in another dorm,” Scott said. “But once I heard Regina South was allowing pets to live in rooms, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to live in Regina South.” Scott adopted Oonaugh from the Humane Society in January when the organization was waiving adoption fees. “I own cats and rabbits at home, so having a pet all on my own was something that I really wanted and really looked forward to,” Scott said. “Oonaugh has really warmed up to me since her adoption, and she will be a great companion while we are away from home at Saint Mary’s.” Senior Regina South resident Jess Gambill adopted a miniature pinscher from Pet Refuge when she moved into the residence hall. “His name is Spencer, and I had been searching all summer for a perfect dog like him,” Gambill said. “He is about 10 years old, and he will be arriving at Saint Mary’s sometime next week.” Gambill said Spencer’s training and good behavior would make him the perfect pet for dorm life in Regina South. “I instantly fell in love with Spencer,” Gambill said. “This will be a great experience for all of us living in the dorms with our own pets. More responsibility is a good thing for seniors to take on.” Five cats and three dogs now reside on several floors of Regina South, resident advisor Autumn Nelson said. “The students were required to register their pets before moving in,” Nelson said. “They also had to register them with the county.” A veterinarian from the Morris Animal Hospital is also working with the residents of Regina South, Nelson said. “At first I was worried about smells and noises coming from the newest residents to Regina, but so far it has been smooth sailing,” Nelson said. “I can definitely tell that the animals will adapt to dorm living pretty quickly.” Scott said she is also pleased with how the transition is going with the pets in the dorm. “By showing the College and the students on campus that living with pets is beneficial to us and our pets, I believe that more students will want to live in Regina South with their pets in the years to come,” Scott said. As Gambill waited for Spencer to move into Regina South as well, she agreed the hall’s new policy has been a good one so far. “Everyone on campus has been so supportive of pets being allowed to live here,” Gambill said. “It’s a truly great feeling knowing you will have someone you can count on to be there when you get back to your dorm everyday.”last_img read more

Mountain Getaway Guide: Unique Lodging of the Blue Ridge

first_imgSpend your time swimming, fishing, and hiking along the Greenbrier River and exploring the Monongahela National Forest. At the end of the day, build a campfire in the outside picnic space and fall asleep to the sounds of the forest.  Whether you’re looking to make one last trip this fall or starting to make plans for next year, BRO set out to find getaways like no other in the region. Know what primitive camping means before you book this site. No one will be coming around to check on you during your stay. If you’re looking for something a little more structured, spend the night at one of four campgrounds onsite or rent a houseboat for the weekend.  Stay in Tulip Tree, a cabin constructed by PATC volunteers using native materials and primitive hand tools in the 1990s. Take a trip to Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania and bunk in a former ranger’s cabin.  Price Range: $75 a night Although the tower only sleeps up to four guests, there are other camping and lodging options in the state forest if you have a larger group or don’t like heights. The pioneer cabins offer a trip back in time as these wooden structures do not have electricity or running water.  Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Cabins (Pa., Md., W. Va., and Va.) Cove Point Lighthouse (Md.) Charit Creek Lodge (Tenn.) The PATC maintains about 1,100 miles of trail, including part of the Appalachian and Tuscarora Trail. They also take care of 42 cabins across the region, available for rent throughout the year. Things to Know Before You Go Walk 2.4 miles of boardwalk as it loops around Weston Lake and Congaree floodplain. An additional 25 miles of hiking trails are accessible throughout the wilderness. Paddle the marked canoe trail on Cedar Creek to view the park by water. Keep an eye out for river otter, turtles, the occasional alligator while you are out there.  Don’t Forget: Cabins are maintained entirely by volunteers. Help keep them clean and leave them as you found it.  Things to Know Before You Go Reservations: You can reserve a campsite up to two months in advance at   Experience the old-growth forests and swamps of Congaree National Park for a weekend.  Heights not your style? Disconnect and relax in one of the off the grid cabins. Other lodging includes hike in only, full amenity cabins, and easy road access to fit your needs.  According to the National Park Architecture Society, the lodge may be the oldest operating lodge in the National Park System. The original cabin, built in 1817, is still a part of the structure.  Built in the Red River Gorge area and Daniel Boone National Forest, outdoor adventure is waiting for you right out your back door. While you’re visiting, soar above the trees on a zipline tour, horseback ride on mountain trails, rock climb in the gorge, raft the river, or visit Natural Bridge.  Reservations: April through June are the busy months as northbound hikers pass through. The rest of the year tends to be quieter.  During your visit, you’ll be just steps off of the C&O Towpath and a world of hiking, cycling, climbing, and paddling in the National Historical Park.  Reservations: 17 of the cabins are open to the public. An additional 25 cabins are available for PATC members only.  “At one time, American Alligators were an endangered species,” she said. “So, having a large wetland habitat that’s protected like the Okefenokee was integral to the American Alligator’s protection and recovery. They’re no longer on the endangered species list.” As a wildlife refuge, this swamp was protected to support the wildlife of the area and their habitat. Susan Heisey, a supervisory refuge ranger, said Okefenokee is home to between 12,000 to 15,000 American Alligators.  Price Range: $16 per person, per night Things to Know Before You Go More Places to Stay: The castaway caboose is dropped off at a rail spur for the night. Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge (Ga.) Price Range: Cost ranges from $110 a night for the rustic lockhouses to $160 a night for the full amenities.  Spend the night at one of six cabins in Shenandoah National Park. Explore more than 200,000 acres of protected land by foot on the 500 miles of trails or by car along Skyline Drive. View the park from Mutton Top, located on High Top Mountain.  Each of the lockhouses sleeps up to eight guests and comes with varying degrees of amenities. The rustic cabins run similar to when they were first built without electricity and running water. Other lockhouses have been upgraded to include the full amenities, including heat and A/C. Stay in all seven cabins to learn about the history of different time periods.  Thrill seekers will enjoy a stay in one of the treehouses high up in the forest canopy, complete with spring-fed hot tubs, slides, skylights, suspended hammocks, and wrap-around porches. The full-service package includes two homemade meals featuring ingredients grown on the property. Breakfast and dinner are served family style.  This Wabash Railroad car, formerly used in revenue freight service in the mid 1900s, comes equipped with a full-sized shower, a load of firewood, and beds for four adults.  Price Range: $60 per person in a tree tent. $80 to $120 per person for a cabin. $20 discount during the week. The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower in Seneca Rocks State Forest, W.VA., offers accommodations 65 feet off the ground. In addition to offering a room to stay just a half mile off of the Appalachian Trail, the hostel is located in the perfect spot for other outdoor recreation. Bring your own mountain bike or rent one from a local outfitter and hit the trails nearby. Explore the river at the base of the mountain. Ask Harris for a yoga class or private art lesson. Read and visit with other guests on the porch.  Don’t Forget: Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and plenty of water. You can also download the Discover Nature Wilderness app for maps of the water trail system. You will be able to find your location in the refuge even when you lose cell service.  Woods Hole Hostel (Va.) Things to Know Before You Go Platform camping the Okefenokee NWR. Located a mile and a half from their closest neighbor and surrounded by the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest, Woods Hole Hostel sees a mix of section hikers, thru hikers, and people just wanting to get away. Appreciate the history of these cabins, many of them built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, local moonshiners, and PATC members.  Price Range: $70 to $600 a night depending on the structure and amenities. Prices are lower in January and February during the offseason.  These cabins can fit anywhere from four to 14 guests, so choose one that suits your needs the best. Be prepared to hike in your supplies anywhere from 100 yards to four miles to most of the cabins.  Our Mountain Getaways October Issue is on stands now! Check it out for more mountainous adventure HERE Journey through the cypress forests to the secluded overnight shelters of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Pack everything you’ll need for your stay in your kayak or canoe and take off on one of the water trails, varying in difficulty.  Reservations: The tower is only open for overnight stays between May and October. Make your reservations up to a year in advance as nights go fast.  Don’t Forget: There is no cell service at your remote site Don’t Forget: Contribute to the Broke Hiker Jar to help out hikers on a budget.  Don’t Forget:  Decide what level of adventure and solitude you’re looking for before making a reservation.  Located in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Charit Creek Lodge is only accessible by foot, bike, or horseback.  Don’t Forget: Check the firewood policy online before you go to protect the area from invasive species. center_img Things to Know Before You Go Things to Know Before You Go Explore all the Cumberland Plateau and Big South Fork has to offer, from whitewater paddling and mountain biking to hiking and rock climbing. All of which are easily accessible just a few miles from the lodge. Lock House 10 along the C&O Canal in Maryland. Photo courtesy C&O Canal Trust The PATC’s Robert Humphrey cabin in Elkton, VA. Photo by Martha Reynolds Spend your days hiking and biking over 23 miles of trails, or go for a swim in Seneca Lake and the Greenbrier River.  Reservations: Up to six months in advance on Things to Know Before You Go All aboard the Durbin Rocket for a getaway in the Castaway Caboose.  Reservations: Weekends book up to a year in advance.  Price Range: Campground sites range from $5 for an individual site to $20 for a group site. Backcountry camping is free, permit required.  Things to Know Before You Go Jule’s Undersea Lodge (Fla.) Dive 21 feet underwater for a stay at Jule’s Undersea Lodge in Emerald Lagoon. Visitors must be SCUBA certified before they can make the journey to one of the staterooms. Cove Point Lighthouse (Md.)  Rent the Cove Point Lighthouse keeper’s home, situated right on the Chesapeake Bay. The house includes a table made out of reclaimed wood from the original lighthouse. LeConte Lodge (N.C.) Surrounded by Great Smoky Mountain National Park, LeConte Lodge is only accessible on foot. Trails to the top of the mountain range from 5.5 to eight miles. Take in the views and serenity as you spend a night on the third highest peak in the park.  “It’s not that they just come, they stay, they leave,” she said. “I request that people participate in the cleanup of the space. I request they participate in their experience. They leave feeling like they take ownership of the space.” Neville Harris, who took over the hostel from her grandmother, said she emphasizes community among her guests through the preparation of communal breakfast and dinner. Price Range: $3 per night Meals include organic vegetables grown on site and homemade bread baked daily.  Price Range: $25 to $175 per night depending on amenities.  The Canal Quarters (Md.) Things to Know Before You Go Reservations: Availability depends on the lockhouse and amenities but can fill up six months in advance. Don’t Forget: A light source. Natural is the only kind of light provided.  Don’t Forget: There is no electricity, phone service, or Wi-Fi at the lodge.  Red River Gorgeous (Ky.) Kids build a fire outside of the Tradewinds Treehouse at Red River Gorgeous. Choose from a variety of overnight options at this family-run lodging destination, now in its third generation of caretakers.  From 1850 to 1924, lock tenders and their families lived in a series of lockhouses built along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal as they supervised and tended to the boats that would come through. Today, seven of these historic houses have been turned into guest lodging to preserve the history of the canal and the people who helped run it. Price Range: $22 per night for a bed in the bunkhouse, $98 a night for an indoor room. Long distance hikers receive a discounted rate. A sliding scale is also available for those who cannot afford to pay full prices.   Price Range: $330 for a night. Each additional night is discounted.  Things to Know Before You Go At 65 feet tall, the tower provides a 360-degree view of the mountains and valleys of the Monongahela National Forest. Be prepared to climb the 69 steps to get up to your lodging for the night.  Congaree National Park (S.C.) Reservations: Peak months are March, September, and October.  Dale Hollow Lake (Ky. and Tenn.) Pull up to a lakeside primitive camping site at Dale Hollow Lake and enjoy a stretch of beach or an island [almost] to yourself. Most of these sites are only accessible by boat, although a few you can drive, hike, or horseback ride to.  As the largest intact freshwater wetland in North America, you should also look out for the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, an endangered species, herons, and bears during your trip.  Take advantage of all the recreational opportunities on the lake, from fishing for smallmouth bass and scuba diving to hiking along the 620 miles of shoreline. Watch for the bald eagles known to nest in the area.  Reservations: Up to six months in advance. Busy seasons are March through early June and late September through November.  Don’t Forget: Bring your own linens, pillows, towels, and food.  Immerse yourself in the woods when you stay in a suspended tree tent. Pack your sleeping bag and spend the night off the ground. Or take advantage of several rustic cabins with enough room for anywhere from two people up to 12. Either way you choose to stay, you’ll be surrounded by nature. A Heisler No. 6 locomotive pulls the renovated caboose car through the mountains of the West Virginia wilderness to your spot for the night. The conductor will drop you off at a rail spur where you can enjoy the solitude of the location for the night.  Reservations: Recommended eight to ten months in advance. Weekends sell quicker.  Castaway Caboose (W. Va.) Hike in your supplies to the Bluff Campground or paddle in to a backcountry spot. This park is ideal for those looking to rough it and live without the trappings of modern life for a few days. Motorized transportation is not allowed past the parking lot at the visitor center.  Roanoke Boutique Hotel (Va.) This bed and breakfast, designed by and for outdoor enthusiasts, is just minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail, Carvins Cove, and the Roanoke River. Keep your bike and gear in their secure storage space.  Seneca State Forest (W.Va.) Don’t Forget: Be prepared for any kind of weather. And insects, including mosquitos, ticks, deer flies, and chiggers.  Blue Moon Rising (Md.) At Blue Moon Rising, the idea is that nothing goes to waste. All of the trees cut down and dirt removed to build these tiny houses were then used in other places on the property. Explore the 14 sustainable cabins on site. Built-in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower at Seneca State Forest was constructed to spot fires before they got out of control. New technologies eventually rendered the fire tower, and many others around the country, obsolete. But in 2015, the fire tower reopened as a lodging destination for guests to escape the city lights and sleep among the stars.  Unicoi State Park (Ga.) Sleep among the trees in the “Squirrel’s Nest” at Unicoi State Park. Take advantage of paddleboard lessons, mountain biking, and more while you’re in the area.last_img read more

“Harry Kane’s head not in right place”- Dimitar Berbatov

first_imgDimitar Berbatov believes Harry Kane’s head is ‘not in the right place’ and says he may need to make the ‘tough decision’ to leave Tottenham for Manchester United.Former striker Berbatov won two Premier League titles at Old Trafford after leaving Spurs to join United in 2008 and says Kane may have to follow suit.Kane has been one of the most prolific goalscorers in Europe over the past six seasons, scoring 181 goals in 278 appearances for Tottenham.But the England captain is yet to win any silverware in north London and admitted in March he may be forced to leave if Spurs fail to improve because he wants to win trophies ‘sooner rather than later’.Berbatov says Kane is in the ‘exact same situation’ as he was over a decade ago and may need to leave Tottenham.‘The final step for me was joining Manchester United and I knew I would be making people disappointed – especially Tottenham fans – but I was following my own path,’ Berbatov told the BBC ‘s Football Daily podcast.‘I knew if I missed that chance another one might not come. This is how it is in football. Sometimes you need to make tough decisions.‘The same situation is happening with Harry Kane at the moment, the exact same.He’s in the same situation as I was in as he has started asking questions and maybe his head is not in the right place. My head was not in the right place.‘It was the same with [Christian] Eriksen. He wasn’t really there in the last couple of games. I watched the games and I saw that his head was not there.’Bulgaria legend Berbatov added:‘Kane is in the same situation. If there is any truth in the rumours, it’s in his head, 100 per cent. ‘The lack of trophies is the main problem for players like Kane.He’s not getting any younger. He wants to look back and know he won trophies. ‘When I see Spurs play United now, even if on paper Spurs have better players, they still go there with fear.’ Source: Metrolast_img read more

Lincoln Riley has 4.6 million reasons not to leave Oklahoma for NFL

first_img Oklahoma gets commitment from 5-star 2021 QB Brock Vandagriff Aaron Rodgers makes ‘seven-figure gift’ to alma mater Cal Related News The Tulsa World, which received a copy of Riley’s new contract with Oklahoma, reported a buyout clause that requires Riley to pay back 22.5 percent of the remaining salary on his contract if he leaves for another job. That percentage would be $4.6 million next year and would drop about $1 million each season until the five-year, $32.5 million contract expires after the 2023 season.Riley, who will make $6 million this season with a $150,000 annual bump, said money hasn’t changed him or his family just four years after he made $500,000 in his first season as Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator in 2015. Professor Herm Edwards? It’s happening at Arizona State Lincoln Riley’s wild success in two seasons at Oklahoma has made him a prime target for NFL franchises looking for the next great, young head coach.With that in mind, the Sooners’ athletic department is doing all it can to temper the temptation of the NFL for Riley. “You get to a point where that’s not your focus,” Riley said. “We don’t live a much different lifestyle than we ever did before. That’s the way me and my wife were brought up. The joy is the job and the opportunity and sharing it with our family. That’s the focus.”Other perks outlined in Riley’s contract include:$50,000 bonus for appearing in Big 12 championship game$100,000 bonus for winning the Big 12$50,000 for a top-five finish in the College Football Playoff rankings$150,000 for a College Football Playoff semifinal appearance$400,000 bonus for winning a national championship$700,000 as an annual stay benefit if he remains employed as OU’s head coach on June 1 of each contract year20 football tickets to each gamePlaying privileges at two unnamed local golf coursesUse of a vehicle and 35 hours of private airplane availability for personal or business useAdditional $1 million deposited annually into a supplemental retirement income planRiley took over the Sooners after Bob Stoops retired unexpectedly in June 2017. He’s guided the program to back-to-back College Football Playoff appearances and a 24-4 record over the last two seasons.last_img read more