Savage Jerky: Flavors Of Your Dreams

first_img 10 Best Gins Under $20: Just Add Tonic How 2 Noma Alumni Brought Their Flavorful Spirits Line to the United States The Best Wheated Bourbon Alternatives to Pappy Editors’ Recommendations 11 Best Beef Jerky Brands to Try Before You Die Have you ever had a food craving on the road and then became disappointed when you couldn’t satisfy it? That’s what happened to a group of friends in search of some good beef jerky. They kept scouring gas stations and convenience stores along their route, but all they could find was the same mediocre, dry jerky.Their quest led to the friends vowing to create their own beef jerky. That’s how the Savage Jerky Co., based in Suwanee, Georgia, came into existence. They developed four core flavors and then launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to get $12,000 to offset production costs. The Kickstarter campaign closed with 319 backers pledging $15,674 in total.Savage Jerky Co.’s all-natural jerky is made by hand in small batches. There are traditional flavors as well as some varieties you’ve only dreamed of until now. Savage Jerky’s Originals series of flavors include Traditional, Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt, and Teriyaki. Their Mojos line of flavors feature variations on the Cuban classic blend of garlic, lime and cilantro, which bring out the natural flavor of premium beef. The choices in this category include Traditional Mojo, Mojo Jalapeno, and Mojo Habanero.Then there’s the Sriracha Series: Sriracha Bacon, Sriracha Teriyaki, and Sweet Sriracha BBQ. And of course, the Buffalos: Maple Buffalo Bacon, Habanero Buffalo, and Ghost Pepper Buffalo. Plus, The Reaper, which is the hottest Savage jerky  you can buy. Crafted from the Carolina Reaper, which is–according to Guinness World Records–the hottest pepper in the world, and combined with fresh Habanero peppers and their Savage signature spice rub, this jerky is definitely spice-y. Think you’re up for the challenge of this heat? The burn is said to last 20 minutes or longer!Each bag of Savage Jerky retails for $7.99. At that price, you can try them all and pick out your own top favorites. America’s Oldest City Has a Super-Modern Dining and Drinking Scenelast_img read more

British boy aged 8 becomes worlds youngest to be fitted with bionic

“As soon as he put on the arm he realised what to do, it was immediate. It will change his life.” An eight-year-old boy is the world’s youngest person to be fitted with a bionic ‘hero arm’ – and celebrated by eating his favourite burger with two hands for the first time.Freddie Cook was given his new arm days before his eighth birthday and was thrilled to be able to pick up his beloved hamburger – with added ketchup – at his birthday party.The arm is the first medically approved prosthesis in Britain which allows for precise and delicate movements that other prosthetic hands cannot do.The device weighs less than a bag of sugar and has enabled active Freddie – who was born without a right hand – to be able to grip the handlebars of his favourite scooter and climb with his friends.He has even enjoyed playing with a toy with his pet dog Lacie.Last week, he carried both his book bag and lunchbox out of the school gates – shouting to his mum, Suzy Cook, ‘Look what I can do now mum!’Suzy, 42, said the device has completely changed the life of her son.She said: “It is brilliant. Freddie has become much more conscious about his hand recently so this is incredible, he really wanted to be able to eat a burger just like all of his friends. Freddie Cook 8, who was born with out a right hand is now the world's youngest recipient of a bionic hero arm “Freddie shook my hand almost straight away, it worked immediately. It was such an incredible moment.”He came up to me recently and said ‘Mum, I can be like everybody else now’. It is his new normality.”Freddie, from Bracknell, Berks., celebrated his birthday at a trampoline park before going to the cinema and to eat his favourite burger.He has spent the past three weeks learning how to make new movements with his hand.Suzy, a beautician, said: “At first his school were a little sceptical because he had apparently told his friends the arm would have lasers on, which is funny.”However, when they realised what it was all about, they have been brilliant.”We’re overwhelmed with how well everything has turned out.”Samantha Payne, co-founder and COO at Open Bionics said: “We’re incredibly excited to fit eight year old Freddie with our smallest ever bionic arm.”With the Hero Arm, we wanted to create a bionic technology that was very advanced but also available, democratically, to the masses.”As the world’s youngest user of a multi-grip bionic arm, Freddie is a tech pioneer.”  “She could do so much with her hands. I never thought at that stage anything could be done because of his age.”When I found out Open Bionics decided to take him on as the youngest in the world I could not believe it.” Freddie has been described as a ‘tech pioneer’ by Open Bionics – the company who create the ‘hero arms’ – as the world’s youngest user of a multi-grip bionic arm.When Freddie was born Suzy was told by private doctors it would be ‘over 20 years’ before technology became available which could replicate the movements of fingers.However, Freddie’s dream was fitted with the bionic limb on March 28 – two days before his eighth birthday.The budding youngster had tried a prosthetic hand in the past but Suzy described it as ‘doll-like’ with no movement.Finally Suzy spotted Tilly Lockey – a 12-year-old girl who is the ambassador for Open Bionics and recipient of two ‘hero’ arms – on Good Morning Britain and realised this prosthetic was exactly what her son needed.She said: “We had already begun the process of looking into private options but I remember spotting Tilly on television. Freddie Cook 8, who was born with out a right hand is now the world’s youngest recipient of a bionic hero armCredit:SWNS “I love that I can high five everyone and shake my mum’s hand”.Suzy said Freddie had started to become ‘conscious’ of not having a right hand as he grew older.She added: “As he grew up it wasn’t too much of an issue and he got by.”In recent years as he has got older, Freddie started to notice it more and he became a bit more conscious he didn’t have a right hand like everybody else.”Suzy couldn’t believe how quickly Freddie began to use the arm.She said: “We were all chatting away in the room when he first put it on.”Within about a minute, Freddie had worked out how to make the ‘blah blah blah’ sign with his fingers which we all thought was so funny. Freddie, who lives with Suzy, his sister Megan, 12, and Suzy’s fiancee Nathan Darlick, 43, was fitted with the £10k arm – self-funded by his family – at the end of March 2019.Speaking about his new arm, the brave boy said: “I was so excited to use my new arm.”It has let me do loads of new things with my friends and play like anyone else.”I used to have to use an old prosthetic arm which linked me to my scooter handlebars but now I can grip it like anyone else. The arm is the first medically approved prosthesis in Britain which allows for precise and delicate movements that other prosthetic hands cannot doCredit:SWNS Freddie Cook was given his ‘hero arm’ days before his eighth birthday Credit:swns Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The arm is the first medically approved prosthesis in Britain which allows for precise and delicate movements that other prosthetic hands cannot do Freddie Cook was given his 'hero arm' days before his eighth birthday  read more