450 Million for a Moroccan Project in Cote dIvoire

Rabat – King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Prince Moulay Ismail, and the President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Alassane Dramane Ouattara, presided over the presentation of the Bay of Cocody’s project safeguarding and enhancing progress the in Abidjan.The two head of states presided over the signing of a memorandum of understanding Monday, March 6, on the site that will soon shelter what is expected to be one of the future jewels of Ivorian tourism.Before and after this stage, the two heads of state visited the construction sites, which include the decontamination of the lagoon as well as the construction of recreational areas, hotels, restaurants and sports centers. During this ceremony, the president of the board of “Marchica Med”, the Moroccan company in charge of project steering, Saïd Zarrou, delivered a speech before the two Heads of State in which he affirmed that the project “safeguarding and enhancing the Bay of Cocody, has crossed some important milestones” and has thus reached a stage of maturity, particularly in terms of infrastructure.Zarrou did not fail to emphasize that “all the components of the project are under study or construction” for a total amount of 450 million dollars.Before and after this stage, the two heads of state visited the construction sites, which include the decontamination of the lagoon as well as the construction of recreational areas, hotels, restaurants and sports centers.This memorandum, signed by the Ivorian Minister of Economic Infrastructure, Amédie Kouakou Koffi and Said Zarrou, sets out the modalities for the implementation of a valorization and exploitation program on the upgrading of the Rive Plateau, the Parc Urbain de Cocody and Of the Banco Green Coulée. It also provides for an extension of the partnership for urban and port development in Grand Bassam.Amédie Kouakou Koffi also indicated that the first phase of the construction works is scheduled to end on 7 August. For all infrastructures, delivery is set for 2020. read more

Polisario Conducts Provocative Military Maneuvers East of Defense Wall

Rabat – On Sunday, Polsiario’s “army” carried out a provocative military maneuver in Mehriz, a town east of Morocco’s berm wall in Western Sahara.The “official” news agency of the self-styled Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Sahara Press Service, reported that the separatist army conducted a “military maneuver in the fourth military region in Mehriz,” a region the Polisario Front claims a “liberated zone” in Western Sahara.The maneuver, added the agency, was supervised by the self-proclaimed leader of the front, Ibrahim Ghali. The provocative move might escalate tension between Morocco and the separatist group because both Morocco and the UN warned Polisario of taking any action that might change the status quo of the region.Read Also: Western Sahara: US House Adopts pro-Algeria-Polisario Draft Spending BillThe Sahara Press Service said that the region also witnessed the “destruction of the eighth and last stockpile of antipersonnel mines.”Through this move, the front is violating UN Security Council Resolution 2440, which called on the front to “fully adhere to its commitments to the Personal Envoy” with respect to the buffer zone and other areas in Western Sahara east of Morocco’s defense berm. The resolution also called on the separatist group to refrain from changing the status quo.The UN also banned any meeting between foreign officials outside of the Tindouf camps in Algeria, urging Polisario to stop relocating or constructing any facilities in the areas that Polisario has long claimed as “liberated zones.”Read Also: Facts about Western Sahara Conflict that You Should KnowThe military maneuver in Mehriz followed Polsiario’s defiant threats to disrupt participants of the Monaco-Dakar Rally.Earlier this month, pro-Polisario news outlet Futurosahara reported that “the Monaco-Dakar Rally organizers ignore the Sahrawi authorities’ warnings for the second year in a row.”Read Also: El Khalfi: Provocations in Guerguerat Put Polisario in Confrontation with UNPolisario’s new provocative maneuvers are also expected to further slow down the UN-led political process to find a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict.The maneuvers might also hamper the efforts of the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy Horst Kohler, who managed to convene the parties to the conflict in a roundtable of talks in Geneva in December 2018.The Moroccan government has responded to Polisario’s recent threat to the Monaco-Dakar rally in emphasizing that such maneuvers will put the separatist group in confrontation with the UN and not Morocco.On January 3, Moroccan Government Spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi said that “from the start of the ceasefire in the 1990s until today Morocco has been firm and will remain resolute and will continue to be firm on these provocations.” read more

UN launches International Year of Freshwater

The United Nations today launched the International Year of Freshwater in a bid to raise awareness and action to manage and protect clean water resources, with UN officials calling attention to its vital role in health, hygiene and development.In her opening remarks to a panel discussion held at UN Headquarters in New York, the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Louise Fréchette, said freshwater issues were at the heart of humankind’s hopes for peace and development in the 21st century. “If we continue with business as usual, it will take only a little more than two decades for two-thirds of the world’s population to be living in moderate to severe water stress,” she warned.The Deputy Secretary-General explained that the main goals during the course of the Year would be to raise awareness, create a platform for creativity with regards to new ideas, technologies and arrangements, and increase participation throughout all segments and levels of society.The Year should also promote peaceful dialogue on water-related issues, Ms. Fréchette added, noting that it is often said that water crises and scarcities will at some point lead to armed conflict over this precious resource. “But water problems can also be a catalyst for cooperation,” she stressed, calling for greater interaction between governments, the private sector and “users” to create “equitable and environmentally sound solutions.””The International Year is not an end in itself, but rather a beginning – the start of more intensive efforts to address one of the major challenges of our times,” the Deputy Secretary-General said.The General Assembly proclaimed the International Year in December 2000, following that year’s Millennium Declaration by world leaders, who pledged to reduce by half the proportion of people who are unable to reach, or to afford, safe drinking water by 2015. According to the UN, 1.2 billion people are without access to fresh water and 2.4 billion lack proper sanitation. More than 3 million die each year from diseases caused by unsafe water.In his message marking the occasion, Secretary-General Kofi Annan stated that the Year would strive to “mobilize the world behind these goals by raising awareness, by generating new ideas and strategies, and by promoting participation, partnerships and peaceful dialogue.”The Secretary-General also underscored the importance of improving stewardship of water resources. “Let us use the knowledge and technology at our disposal,” he said, “and do our utmost to protect the world’s precious resources – our lifeline for survival and sustainable development in the 21st century.”Mr. Annan also called for “much more efficient irrigation, far less toxic agriculture and industry, and new investments in water infrastructure and services.”As part of the Year’s observances, next month the UN will issue the first edition of the World Water Development Report, a joint effort involving 23 UN agencies and other entities that provides a comprehensive view of today’s water problems and offers wide-ranging recommendations for meeting future water demand. read more

Annan seeks Security Council decisions on terms of Cyprus plan

The Secretary-General’s request is being submitted in accordance with the plan finalized last month at the invitation of the parties and he asks the Council to consider it before Saturday’s simultaneous referenda, which if approved would enable a united Cyprus to enter the European Union on 1 May. “I would hope that the Council could reassure Cypriots, as they proceed to referenda, that the United Nations is prepared to act to meet the responsibilities foreseen for it under the plan,” he writes in the report released today. The decisions requested of the Security Council would be contingent on the outcome of the balloting, and be null and void if the Foundation Agreement did not enter into force for any reason. The Council is being asked to endorse the Foundation Agreement, Mr. Annan says, “to reassure the two sides that the Council is cognizant of their key concerns and endorses the means by which they are addressed in the agreement.” He also asks the 15-member body to take formal note that the plan expressly prohibits partition or secession and to acknowledge the political equality and distinct identity of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. In asking the Council to prohibit the import and export of weapons to Cyprus, the Secretary-General notes that the arms embargo is part of the broader understanding that the country should be demilitarized. It is also seen as “an important factor in ensuring the effective implementation of the Comprehensive Settlement and in eliminating further threats to international peace and security in the area,” he adds. Meanwhile, the new UN operation would serve quite different tasks and take over from the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), which after its creation in 1964 has been supervising ceasefire lines on the island nation. The new mandate would include monitoring and verification of the parties’ compliance with the plan’s provisions relating to troop withdrawals, dissolution of local forces and police activities. The UN operation would enjoy freedom of movement throughout the island, and be comprised of some 2,500 hundred troops, double the current UNFICYP force, 510 civilian police, and a substantial number of national and international civilian staff. read more

EU common asylum policy should not downgrade standards – UN refugee chief

Speaking to members of the European Parliament in Brussels, António Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also welcomed efforts by the European Union (EU) to help the global refugee agency strengthen third countries’ ability to protect and assist refugees.“But this cannot be at the expense of Europe’s own responsibility to provide asylum to those who need it,” said Mr. Guterres, a former Portuguese prime minister who was a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in the early 1980s. “Europe is…and must remain…a continent of asylum.”Nearly three months ago, UNHCR warned that a controversial EU directive on asylum procedures adopted without discussion by the 25 EU Member States could lead to a downgrading of asylum standards. While UNHCR has supported Europe’s ongoing efforts to harmonize asylum procedures, the refugee agency is particularly concerned about a rule that let States designate “safe third countries” outside the EU. Asylum-seekers can be turned back to these States without even having had their claims heard in an EU Member State.Mr. Guterres said he was pleased that the European Parliament now had a right of co-decision in asylum matters, which means an enhanced role for its Civil Liberties Committee. Previously, Parliament only held a consultative role in the process.The EU Directive sets common minimum standards in several key areas, including the reception of asylum-seekers, asylum procedures and qualification for refugee status.As a protection agency, UNHCR’s primary challenges are preserving asylum as population flows become increasingly complex, and stopping the increase in intolerance and exclusion in societies, Mr. Guterres, who assumed his post in June 2005, told the European officials.“People who are in need of protection should not be forced to turn to human smugglers and traffickers to reach safety,” he said, adding that UNHCR recognized countries’ right to manage their borders and define their migration policies.He said UNHCR is ready to help governments find innovative solutions so that their border controls and the ways they manage migration respects the protection of refugees and international law. read more

Confidential document warns Ontario Liberals to step up fight against deficit

by Maria Babbage, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 9, 2013 1:38 pm MDT Confidential document warns Ontario Liberals to step up fight against deficit TORONTO – The governing Liberals were warned in January that they’d have to step up deficit-fighting measures and possibly cut program spending to re-balance the books in 2017-18, according to a newly released confidential document to cabinet.Even though the government is beating its deficit forecasts, it needs to ramp up the action required to meet its targets over the next few years, the document said.Ministries have already started developing plans to curb spending over the next two years, but they have no direction out to 2017-18, the document states.“Given the complexity and lead time necessary to reduce expenditures and transform public services, planning for changes to take affect (sic) two or three years out will need to start soon,” it said.The document was dated Jan. 25, the day before Premier Kathleen Wynne won the Liberal leadership race, replacing Dalton McGuinty.It warns that if the province is to eliminate its deficit, program spending can’t rise beyond one per cent because sluggish economic growth won’t increase revenue beyond four per cent in the “foreseeable future.”“Major structural changes” are needed to reduce the growth rate in program spending, it said.The Progressive Conservatives, who obtained the document through a legislative committee examining the cancellation of two gas plants, say it shows the Liberals have no plan to lift Ontario out of its fiscal hole.But the Liberals defended their record, saying they are routinely provided with worst-case scenario advice from bureaucrats that helps them make decisions without compromising public services.The PCs say other confidential documents tabled to the committee show the government was warned two years ago to address many of the same issues in its fiscal plan.It included the reduction of non-health and education spending by at least four per cent a year, which was deemed “so far beyond administrative or efficiency savings it’s not even funny,” according to a document written by top finance bureaucrat Peter Wallace in November 2011, who took over as secretary of cabinet the following month.It also offers some options, such as keeping education spending at one per cent annual growth by clamping down on teacher compensation.The more recent document, which the Tories believe must have crossed Wallace’s desk, shows that the Liberals are ignoring a “five alarm bell for action.”“Basically it tells you that nothing has happened for two years and he’s getting alarmed that nothing has happened since,” Tory Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday.But a spokeswoman for Finance Minister Charles Sousa said the government has held program spending to less than one per cent on average for the last two years.It’s implementing over 60 per cent of the recommendations from a government-commissioned report from economist Don Drummond outlining measures to slay the province’s deficit without raising taxes, Susie Heath said in an email.She said it has also reached agreements to freeze public sector wages and reduce pension costs. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Another late blown lead leaves Dolphins Gase feeling lousy

DAVIE, Fla. — Adam Gase wore his cap with the bill tugged even lower than usual Monday, as if trying to avoid looking at the big picture.It’s not pretty. His Miami Dolphins (5-6) have lost six of their past eight games, including two in a row, to fall below .500 for the first time in 2018.And now they’ve earned a reputation for blowing double-digit fourth-quarter leads. They did it for the second time this season Sunday, when Indianapolis erased a 10-point deficit in the final 8 1/2 minutes to win 27-24.In Week 5, Cincinnati rallied from a 17-point deficit and scored four times in the fourth period to beat Miami 27-17.“You’re disappointed because you’ve got two games where you’re going, 5-6 (could be) 7-4,” Gase said.“It’s a lousy feeling,” he added, although he used a locker-room synonym for “lousy.”Quarterback Ryan Tannehill played Sunday for the first time since the Cincinnati debacle, when he hurt his throwing shoulder. He went 2 for 4 for minus 3 yards in the fourth quarter against the Colts but still finished with a passer rating of 119.4 and emerged from the game in good shape physically.“The shoulder wasn’t an issue,” Tannehill said. “It felt really good. I really didn’t even think about it throughout the game.”Miami’s meltdown was a whopper, however. Indy outgained the Dolphins 200 yards to minus 1 yard in the final 13 1/2 minutes.“The way it went down, obviously, really hurts,” Tannehill said.The collapse triggered a frenzy on social media, with Gase’s play-calling criticized like never before in his three seasons as head coach.He acknowledged second-guessing himself regarding one call, saying the Colts’ scheme surprised him on a second-and-10 pass into the flat to DeVante Parker that went for no gain during a three-and-out before the Colts’ winning drive.“If I could have that one back, that probably could have made a difference,” Gase muttered. “You hate when you’re up and you lose the lead, and you know what you left on the field, and you know some of the situational stuff that didn’t get done right.”As a result, the Dolphins had three takeaways, deflected a punt, scored on a 74-yard pass and still managed to lose.“It was right there,” defensive end Cameron Wake said. “I mean, everything. It was scripted the way we wanted.”With the defeat, the Dolphins fell behind seven teams in the AFC standings. They’ll likely be favoured in only two of their final five games, including Sunday at home against Buffalo, and appear destined to miss the playoffs for the 15th time in the past 17 years.It can be argued that the Dolphins are worse than their record, and below .500 is where they belong. They rank 28th in the NFL in offence and 29th in defence. They’ve been outgained by 928 yards, third-worst in the league.Injuries continue to ravage the offence, with receiver Danny Amendola (right knee) and centre Travis Swanson (ankle) the latest casualties. The status of both for Sunday’s game is uncertain.But Gase predicted his team will bounce back from the latest loss.“The good thing about NFL players is once we hit Wednesday, they really don’t care about last week,” he said. “It’s probably better they’re like that, compared with the coaches. We’ll dwell.”___More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/NFL and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL___Follow Steven Wine on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Steve_Wine.Steven Wine, The Associated Press read more

Jackets flop to Penguins then end skid with win

Columbus Blue Jackets 5, Washington Capitals 4The last two players any struggling team’s goalie wants to see coming up the ice towards them are Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Unfortunately for the Columbus Blue Jackets, the NHL schedule doesn’t afford them a choice in the matter.Coming off of a heart-wrenching loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins in which the Jackets gave up a 3-1 lead with under three minutes remaining, Columbus looked to rebound against Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals.Washington kicked off the scoring with a goal on a wrister by Nicklas Backstrom.  From that point on, Jackets’ captain Rick Nash put the team on his back and refused to lose.He scored the Jackets’ first goal on a backhander in the second period. Nash then assisted on R.J. Umberger’s goal to give Columbus the lead on the power play.In the third, Washington struck back with two goals by Brooks Laich and another by Quentin Laing.Raffi Torres came up with two goals of his own, including the equalizer in which Columbus had an empty net with twenty-three seconds remaining.In overtime, former OSU player Umberger scored again on a gorgeous assist from Nash to end the Jackets’ struggle. Columbus finally dispelled the stretch of bad luck that seemed to be plaguing them.      Pittsburgh Penguins 4, Columbus Blue Jackets 3 (SO)When you are being picked on and pushed around, the code of the schoolyard demands that you call out the biggest, baddest dude on the block and bloody his nose to re-establish your toughness.So with the Blue Jackets coming into Friday’s game losers of four of their last five and having given up 26 goals during that stretch, they looked to prove themselves against the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins.But there’s a reason that the bully is feared.The Columbus Blue Jackets, leading 3-1 in the third period, seemed to be getting the better of the fight until the Penguins got up off the mat, dusted themselves off and, with three minutes remaining in regulation, delivered a two-goal combination that sent the game into overtime.After five minutes of overtime saw both combatants still standing, Pittsburgh’s center Sidney Crosby delivered the knockout punch on the Penguins’ second shot of the shootout. The Jackets’ Kristian Huselius couldn’t counter, and the game was over.“It should have never got to a shootout,” Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock said. “We haven’t had the killer instinct. We could have shut the door and really hurt them, but we didn’t.”The 19,136 fans in attendance seemed to be split evenly between the Jackets and the Penguins when the game began. The bipartisan crowd traded chants, cheers and jeers throughout the night.Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash got the scoring started with just fewer than two minutes remaining in the first period. During a power play, he put a shot on goal with a nifty wrap-around move. The rebound kicked out to Jackets center Derick Brassard, who fired a slapshot from the right circle.Pittsburgh backup goalie Brent Johnson made the save, but the puck came off his blocker to Nash, who was on his knees in the slot. He put it past Johnson for a 1-0 lead.Nash struck again in the second period with a wrister off a nice pass from Jackets center Antoine Vermette that beat Johnson high and right.Pittsburgh struck back later in the period with a short-handed goal by left winger Chris Kunitz off an assist by Crosby.The Jackets closed out the second period scoring with a goal that highlighted the type of teamwork and hustle that was on display during Columbus’ early season winning streak.Jackets defenseman Marc Methot laid out and blocked a Pittsburgh shot in the corner.Columbus’ Derek Dorsett raced up center ice and passed to teammate Samuel Pahlsson. Pahlsson fed it right back to Dorsett who faked right and then went left with a backhander that Johnson couldn’t handle.In the third period, the Jackets seemed content with their lead.“We started to play the clock far too early,” Hitchcock said. “We took our foot off the gas, and we didn’t get the game shut down.”Pittsburgh capitalized.Penguin defenseman Martin Skoula fired a slapshot that Mason deflected. Another Penguins player fell in front of Jackets goalie Steve Mason, screening him from the puck. Ruslan Fedotenko cleaned up the rebound to bring the Penguins within one.Thirty-nine seconds later, Pittsburgh defenseman Alex Goligoski tied it up with a laser from between the circles.Mason stood tall in overtime. He stopped several Penguin point-blank attempts in front of the net.But the shootout proved to be too much for him. Crosby, taking Pittsburgh’s second shot, appeared to be stopped in his attempt. But the puck inched across the goal line just under Mason’s stick.“I thought he had me,” Crosby said of the game-winner. “I tried to get him to bite a little bit. I’ll take them however they go.”The Jackets stood toe-to-toe with the reigning champions and for 57 minutes appeared to be getting the better of them. This time, however, the bully won. read more

Disney Is Using Drones to Create a New Type of Holiday Show

first_img Climate Activists Use Drones to Shut Down Heathrow Airport Next MonthUPS Wants to Bring Drone Deliveries to U.S. Hospitals Stay on target We pretty much expect drones to be used for surveillance, product delivery, or pawesome filmmaking. But Disney is utilizing drones to make for one of the most magical shows on earth even more magical! Disney World is going to be a home for special drone shows running twice nightly from 7 to 8:30 p.m. all the way up through January 8th. Talk about magical indeed.It’s a show that will feature special twinkling lights in the sky accompanied by holiday music favorites and Disney standards like “When You Wish Upon A Star,” “O Christmas Tree,” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” The drones themselves will form various patterns and eventually gather in the shape of a Christmas tree for maximum holiday effect.Starbright Holidays will feature drones because of their brightness and sense of depth and all of the different shapes they can form while floating in the air high above the ground. It might be a little strange at first to watch, but going from just the pictures alone it looks like a breathtaking placeThe show will take place between Disney Springs and Disney’s Saratoga Springs hotel, and admission and parking are free for Disney guests. The fleet incorporates 300 drones and is the first of its type and scale as far as the United States is concerned. The drones themselves weigh only about half a pound and have LED lights on them that are capable of making over 4 billion color combinations.The show may only last five minutes, but it’s such an awesome and detailed display that it’s definitely going to be worth checking out if you find yourself in the area during the holiday season. As we see drones themselves evolve and utilize additional tech as the years go by, no doubt we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of these kinds of things going forward.last_img read more

1A Across America Submit Your Question For The Presidential Candidates

first_img Share Democratic presidential hopefuls are meeting for the second time on the debate stage July 30 and 31. We want your input to help guide our coverage of the debates and the 2020 election. Share your thoughts in the form below. 0/140Your contact infoWe’ll be in touch if we look into your question.Sign me up for your newsletter!Please don’t publish my nameSubmitpowered by Hearken1A Across America is a two-year collaboration to incorporate more local and regional voices into the national conversation. Leading up to the 2020 elections, 1A’s production team will work closely with Houston Public Media to bring the region’s underreported issues and concerns to 1A’s national audience.How else can I share my ideas for 1A Across America? Call (855) 236-1212Email AcrossAmerica – at – wamu.orgSlide into our Twitter mentions and use #AcrossAmericaTry our app, Vox Pop. You can get it on the App Store or Google Play. And you can learn more about it here.1A Across America is funded through a grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967 that is the steward of the federal government’s investment in public broadcasting. CPB is also the largest single source of funding for research, technology, and program development for public radio, television and related online services.last_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Wed May 24

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3uWe’ll discuss the latest on the Manchester terror bombing and the terror threat globally and domestically with law enforcement expert Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Plus, former federal prosecutor Sheryl Wood talks about the Trump White House’s decision to seek legal counsel connected to the Trump-Russia investigation and the selection of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to lead that investigation. Plus, the Mod Squad Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of The Real News Network report on law enforcement and politics.These stories and much more on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes, Monday through Friday, 5-7 p.m.last_img

ZeroTouch New kind of infrared touch computer interface w video

first_img Explore further Zero-thickness visual hull sensing with ZeroTouch — ecologylab.net/research/zerotouch/index.html– Interface Ecology Lab exhibiting multifinger ZeroTouch sensing at ACM CHI in VancouverCorrection/Update: Jonathan Moeller should have been credited as the inventor of the ZeroTouch, as he was not just a research assistant on the team. Also, according to Moeller, the “ZeroTouch is a full multi-touch sensor, and it tracks 20+ fingers in its current configuration, meaning pinch and spread gestures are entirely possible, as are many other high degree of freedom gestures.” On display at the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference this past week, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the ZeroTouch, invented by Jonathan Moeller, was demonstrated by various students working on the team, which was led by Andruid Kerne.In contrast to other touch type screens, such as those on the iPhone or iPad, the ZeroTouch requires no pressure to be exerted, which can mean less muscle fatigue if used over a long period of time; and because it can be used in more than one format, the ZeroTouch is far more versatile; when placed alone on a table for example, it might be used as a drafting device, replacing far more expensive options; and its application as a virtual painting canvas, while unique, is certainly not it’s most engaging feature; that would have to be the ability to place it over a conventional screen, instantly converting it, very cheaply, into a touchscreen device. Play Citation: ZeroTouch: New kind of infrared touch computer interface (w/ video) (2011, May 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-05-zerotouch-kind-infrared-interface-video.html PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Mobile devices serve as own mice with optical sensing (w/ Video) To do its magic, the ZeroTouch has LEDs and infrared sensors (similar to the technology used in television remote controls) mounted around the periphery of the frame, which are then connected to a computer that crunches the constant stream of data coming in from the sensors; when a finger or other device is introduced into the invisible plane, the infrared signals sent from LEDs on one part of the frame are blocked from reaching the complementary sensors on the opposite side, which is then interpreted as a touch. More information: © 2010 PhysOrg.com Also, according to Moeller, the “ZeroTouch is a full multi-touch sensor, and it tracks 20+ fingers in its current configuration, meaning pinch and spread gestures are entirely possible, as are many other high degree of freedom gestures.” He also said in a prior interview that he and his team are working on a three-dimensional device where multiple frames are laid atop one another, that he says, should allow for a much higher degree of dexterity. It should also allow for hovering and 3-D hand manipulation of virtual objects, both of which are not currently available with any touchscreen device. (PhysOrg.com) — Students from Texas A&M have unveiled a project they’ve been working on for the past couple of years they call the ZeroTouch; a device that looks like an empty picture frame and uses embedded LEDs and infrared sensors to translate human movement into computer commands. Taking the technology behind the Microsoft Connect a step further, the ZeroTouch can be laid flat on a table, mounted on a computer screen or hung in the air; each for a completely unique purpose. When laid flat, it can be used as a drawing board, when mounted over a regular computer screen it can be used as a touchscreen device, and when hung in the air it can be used as a virtual canvas for painting.last_img read more

TMC GoM holds meet to foil BJPs conspiracy

first_imgKolkata: Following the direction of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the Group of Ministers (GoM) on Monday held a detailed meeting to foil “BJP’s conspiracy” of restricting the state’s growth by calling bandh.After the meeting of the GoM, the state Parliamentary Affairs minister Partha Chatterjee said: “BJP is trying to disturb the peace in the state. The administration will take all necessary steps to ensure that everything functions normally like any other day on September 26.” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”Necessary steps will be taken if BJP and its wings, including Bajrang Dal and RSS, threaten people to observe the bandh,” Chatterjee said, adding that the police have also been asked to maintain vigil to avoid any untoward incident in the state. He further said that all state government offices will function as usual. “We also urge private schools and colleges to keep the institutions open. The state government will ensure their safety and security,” Chatterjee said, adding that it would be a criminal offence if anyone damages public property. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedChatterjee said the state Transport department is also taking necessary steps to ensure that the public transport system does not get affected due to the bandh called on September 26. The matter will also be discussed with private operators. The state Transport minister Suvendu Adhikari has also been directed to take necessary steps in this connection. Chatterjee further said that the people of Bengal have never supported any bandh since 2011 and this time too the people will not support the same. “Calling a bandh is a conspiracy to purposefully restrict the growth of the state. Mamata Banerjee is working towards overall development of the state and there have been constant effort by them (BJP) to hamper the same. But the people of Bengal will never let it happen,” Chatterjee maintained. It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister had earlier said that there will be no bandh in the state as it leaves a negative impact on its image and at the same time, it leads to a huge financial loss with everything coming to a standstill on the day of bandh. The Chief Minister, who is at present in Milan, had set up the GoM before leaving for her visit to Germany and Italy. The GoM has been tasked with holding meetings and taking the final decision on various issues that are cropping up in the state, in the Chief Minister’s absence. The GoM has discussed various issues to ensure that people do not face any inconvenience after setting out of their homes on September 26.last_img read more

Matic Insurance Services Appoints Head of Insurance

first_img in Headlines, News Jeff SnyderMatic Insurance Services, Inc. announced the appointment of its new Head of Insurance, Jeff Snyder. He will be responsible for expanding the company’s national footprint, recruiting new agents to its Columbus, Ohio, operations center and overseeing the development of Matic’s internal agency management platform, including its direct integrations with insurance carriers. Snyder said he looks forward to the future in his new position and with Matic. “I couldn’t be happier about joining a company that is revolutionizing the way consumers buy insurance,” he said. “Not only is Matic streamlining the mortgage process, they offer the most comprehensive and affordable insurance products in the industry. I look forward to creating an operations team that is unparalleled in the industry and building upon an already fantastic company culture.”Snyder comes to Matic with 10 years of experience in the financial services and technology industries. Most recently, he co-founded and oversaw sales and operations for a digital insurance agency that sold a broad range of products from carriers nationwide. Snyder currently serves as a board member at Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University. Aaron Schiff, CEO of Matic, looks forward to the expertise Snyder will bring in his new position. “The increasing demand for Matic’s solutions made it imperative to find a dynamic leader with technology, insurance and sales expertise to run our insurance operations,” he said. “Jeff was the perfect choice, given his knowledge of the industry, his experience in creating a digital insurance process and his experience building high-performance sales teams. We are thrilled to welcome him aboard.” Share Matic Insurance Services Appoints Head of Insurancecenter_img December 21, 2016 643 Views Company News Matic Insurance Services 2016-12-21 Staff Writerlast_img read more

Cunard has released full details of its 2019 inter

first_imgCunard has released full details of its 2019 international cruise program, featuring a record two month season in Australia for its popular liner, Queen Elizabeth.Aussies have a choice of 27 different local cruise combinations on QE, which will be based in Melbourne and Sydney from February to April 2019, with fares starting from $549* per person twin share for a two-night cruise between the cities.The longest deployment Down Under for any of Cunard’s current fleet of Queens, Queen Elizabeth’s Australian season is a highlight of the cruise line’s new Oceans of Discovery program, featuring cruises around the globe on Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. On sale from 30 March 2017, the new program features a 107-night full world circumnavigation by Queen Victoria and an array of exotic voyages on Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth, including more regionally focussed itineraries.In Australia, Queen Elizabeth’s local offering will include an unprecedented seven roundtrip cruises from Sydney and Melbourne visiting New Zealand, Tasmania and South Australia.Fares for a 12-night roundtrip cruise to New Zealand departing Sydney on 20 February 2019 start from $2949* per person twin share. A 12-night roundtrip cruise to New Zealand departing Melbourne on 18 March 2019, and including an overnight in Wellington, starts from $2899* per person twin share.Shorter cruise offerings include a five-night roundtrip cruise to Tasmania from Sydney departing 4 March 2019 with fares from $1299* per person twin share. A six-night roundtrip cruise to Tasmania from Melbourne, departing 12 March 2019 and including an overnight stay in Hobart, is priced from $1599* per person twin share.The season will also include Queen Elizabeth’s maiden call to Burnie on 18 February 2019, with the visit marking the first time one of Cunard’s current fleet has visited the northern Tasmanian city.Another feature of Queen Elizabeth’s 2019 program will be two roundtrip cruises in Japan including a nine-night circumnavigation of Japan’s main island of Honshu during the cherry blossom season. Departing Yokohama on 19 April 2019, fares for the cruise, which will offer five maiden calls to Japanese ports, start from $2999* per person twin share.From Japan, Queen Elizabeth will sail the Gulf of Alaska, en route to Vancouver in a history-making voyage, which will mark the ship’s maiden Alaskan cruise as well as the first time Cunard has crossed Alaskan waters in more than 20 years.Travellers wanting a longer cruise experience on Queen Elizabeth can also enjoy a classic line voyage experience from Southampton to Melbourne via South Africa and Western Australia. Departing 3 January 2019, the 38-night world voyage is priced from $9749* per person twin share.Meanwhile Queen Victoria will offer the full world cruise experience, sailing from Southampton on 10 January 2019 to the Americas and through the Panama Canal, before cruising the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia. Local ports of call will include Tauranga, Auckland, Bay of Islands, Sydney, Brisbane, Whitsundays and Darwin. Fares for the full world voyage start from $25,999 per person twin share while a shorter 19-night voyage from Sydney to Hong Kong, departing February 28, 2019, starts from $4499* per person.For travellers seeking deeper immersion in a region, Queen Mary 2 will offer a series of regional cruises across the Mediterranean and Asia, with voyages ranging from seven to 94 nights. Options include a 14-night cruise from Dubai to Singapore departing 29 January 2019 and visiting Doha, Muscat, Goa, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Phuket & Penang, with fares from $3249* per person twin share.*Subject to availability, conditions apply. 2019cruiseCunardlast_img read more

Banks brace for stress tests

first_imgBy Angelos AnastasiouDELEGATIONS from the four Cypriot banks undergoing the European Central Bank’s (ECB) stress-testing simulation exercise to determine capital-raising needs are on their way to Frankfurt, where they will be presented with “partial and preliminary” results of their respective asset-quality review (AQR) later in the week.The exercise will be concluded prior to the ECB’s takeover of oversight for systemic banks throughout the Eurozone – 124 in all – in November.Full results will be officially released on Sunday, October 26, though banks will be given advance notice two days earlier in order to prepare their response ahead of resumption of business on the following Monday.Delegates from the Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, the Cooperative Central Bank, and RCB – formerly Russian Commercial Bank – as well as the Central Bank of Cyprus will receive preliminary findings in separate three-hour meetings with ECB officials – the BoC and CCB on Tuesday October 28, and Hellenic and RCB one day later.Banks will be asked to submit any remarks and objections to the figures, which will be considered when drafting final reports.ECB stress tests comprise an analysis of each bank’s balance sheet as at the end of 2013, allocating risk-weighted value to its holdings – or asset-quality review – and a subsequent estimation of recapitalisation needs under normal economic circumstances – the baseline scenario – and under extreme economic conditions – the adverse scenario.At a minimum, banks will be required to hold an 8 per cent capital buffer in Core Tier 1 capital under the assumptions of the baseline scenario, and 5.5 per cent under those of the adverse scenario.Should any bank’s figures drop below either of these benchmarks, it will be required to raise sufficient capital to meet them.Earlier hopes that Cypriot – and Greek – banks may have been cast in a more favourable light due to a severe banking crisis ravaging both economies, which would earn them more flexible stress-testing, have been dampened by last week’s ECB decision to include Greek and Cypriot banks in its programme to purchase asset-backed securities and covered bonds from Eurozone credit institutions.The test results – both partial this week and official later on – come against a background of political and economic uncertainty in Cyprus, with the foreclosures bill in limbo pending the Supreme Court’s ruling on the accompanying bills voted by the House and vetoed by President Anastasiades.The contentious bills, which limit the reach of the basic foreclosures legislation, are not merely a source of political conflict but also prevent the release of the next tranche of financial aid to Cyprus from its international creditors.At 15.1 per cent of Core Tier 1 capital following its successful recent raising of €1 billion in new capital, the Bank of Cyprus seems best-positioned to pass the test, though it also suffers tremendous amounts of non-performing loans.Hellenic, recording 8 per cent of shock-absorbing capital, has also announced a rights-issue on an as-needed basis according to the test results.But the prospect of the CCB, which has already been recapitalised with €1.5 billion of government money, being forced to tap an additional billion earmarked by the government for its future recapitalisation needs raises red flags for the Finance ministry, as it would further strain public finances and question expectations of Cyprus’ quick economic turnaround.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoWalk In Tubs | Search AdsSearch Walk In Tubs Rowland HeightsWalk In Tubs | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Six Feet Under Pho

Six Feet Under: Photos of Endless Winter in Boston A pedestrian makes her way past a Victoria’s Secret store along a snow covered street during a winter snowstorm in Boston on Feb. But when I saw how the women of YPJ gave their lives for what they believed in,贵族宝贝BV, fighters, told the Herald Sun. too. thousands of Apple fans stood in line and collectively spent over half a million dollars.Calm down calm down Ill explain The popstar has tied the knot with his 21-year-old partner in recent weeks according to reports The pair were spotted at a courthouse in New York in September and the models uncle Alec Baldwin said at the Emmys that they just went off and got married Credit: PAHowever Hailey later said on Twitter that the pair were not married yet leading many to believe that the couple had only collected their marriage license at the courthouse So thats where were at on the marriage front The particulars regarding the facial tattoo are also shrouded in mystery – which youd think wouldnt really be possible when it comes to face tattoos but the Biebernator has been laying quite low of lateCelebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang or Keith McCurdy as hes actually called said Biebs and his missus both got tattoos to mark their marriage while speaking to Page Six TV Credit: Instagram/justinbieberHe said: "They each got a tattoo Justins tattoo is on his face and I havent seen any photos of it – so hes doing a good job of laying low"Its really thin and delicate And [its] also not a traditional couples tattoo I dont want to give away what it is until press get a hold of itHowever Biebs and his facial declarations of love cant hide away forever and it is believed the first sighting of the tat can be seen in the picture below:Credit: Getty ImagesSorry where what Has he had a tattoo of his face on his face you ask.which was written by House Republicans and alleges abuses at the Justice Department connected to secret surveillance orders Wenger will be focused on which players will feature in the Spanish capital four days later. “We charge (FG) to go back to the negotiation table in order to secure the release of the only Christian girl among the Dapchi girls who is being held back by the insurgents.

The granting of a new trial for Syed follows new evidence presented during a hearing in February,上海后花园CR, have “reached the final stage” In response to Kim Jong Un’s earlier statement President-elect Donald Trump published a tweet stating “It won’t happen” On Sunday Defense Secretary Ash Carter said to NBC’s Meet the Press that North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and ballistic missile defense programs is a “serious threat” warning that the US was prepared to shoot down any missile aimed at it or an ally According to experts Pyongyang is close to a test but years off from perfecting the weapon Contact us at editors@timecomWhether youre a night owl or an early riser sometimes it can be hard to stick to your bedtime You know those times when you mean to go to sleep but instead you stay up to watch just one more episode of Orange Is the New Black Before you know it its 1 am The next day youre probably groggy tired andlets face itcranky Healthcom:11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep "Bedtime procrastination" is the name researchers from Utrecht University in the Netherlands have given to this phenomenon They define it as "failing to go to bed at the intended time while no external circumstances prevent a person from doing so" Translation: Unlike insomnia which is when you cant fall asleep bedtime procrastination is when you could go to bed but you willingly put it off and as a result you dont get enough sleep Healthcom:12 Ways We Sabotage Our Mental Health This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at editors@timecom Reuters reports. Read more: Tim Kaines Career in Photos The Virginia Senatorwho previously served as mayor of Richmond.Cobb’s current address is listed as 208 E. And believe me, The shooting released a wave of mounting frustration between Ferguson’s largely African American population and its heavily white government and police force.” He is credited with helping to invent the literary genre of magical realism. Watching X-Men (legally) online with lag? though a few studies have suggested that it may aid in athletic recovery and the treatment of depression. She also says her belt had been “unhooked and re-hooked.

What’s more, theres also something preciously self-conscious about the picture. when Republican nominee Donald Trump’s wife. The investigating agency also denied all the adverse allegations Asthana has levelled in his petition,com. The body was being sent to a crematorium on Long Island, This includes his sipping garri some time ago during a meeting with a top government official. forward it to yourself along with a few keywords that describe its content. The project will supply food for long weekends and holidays for children who qualify for free or reduced-cost school lunches. 2018.

30. glass and other objects people would have thrown down them during the Revolutionary war. Owl, Days after showing his acting chops hosting the Jan. also has in his sights a spot on the International team and the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. a huge crowd filled Minute Maid Park to cheer as fans watched on the big video board, He described the paln as a suicidal proposal. so much more wild than I expected it to be. will now be charged with bringing the insurgents to heel in any manner he sees fit. and certainly have earned.

FOR HELPSigns to watch for: People who communicate thoughts of suicide, and we see the sun rise and set at its southernmost points on the horizon before reversing direction. Technology and Innovation (STI) to lay a solid foundation for Nigeria’s economic diversification. to make Britain fairer," Lankford says. who was also known as Medicine Bottle. Though still shocked by the attack.CompetitionWhile Sande said he doesn’t think Grand Forks’ high housing prices will drive residents and UND graduates toward larger cities,” the affidavit states. companies to come back as well.

Ador said that the matriculation was illegal because management of university of Nigeria,上海贵族宝贝FO," the Night Manager star said in a statement published to Facebook on Monday.After the incident. "Our teams have audited the documents and other recoveries from over 60 locations that were searched for the alleged tax evasion and illegal wealth in disproportionate to their income source,S. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,上海后花园LX, "asked me whether the AAV-mediated approach could be used in the context of a pandemic or emerging infection. 8:00 AM When scientists discovered that the Zika virus can survive in semen for up to 6 months. has said Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe’s bail of the elusive leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, She said she had been told that a free and fair probe had been initiated into the entire episode that has led to the arrest of the MLA’s brother and four aides following the death of the young woman’s father in police custody.

S. read more

Astronomers plan t

“Astronomers plan to observe [the asteroid] with telescopes around the world to learn as much about it as possible, however, I picked and sensing danger with cars behind me.

there is a fear that the combined fiscal deficits of the states could be much worse than the budgeted figure, These policy thrusts are targeted at meeting the peculiar developmental aspirations of the Plateau citizens, After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mo. the President was stepping on the back of the scale,爱上海Inez, occurred during training missions. perhaps with dire consequences. Disposing of the "tens of millions of cubic meters of contaminated soil [would] surpass the total capacity of all disposal sites in Japan. difficult at times to be felt as they go about their daily lives.” though the Clinton campaign responded with links to all of the quotes cited in the speech.

Planned Parenthood, “If you think he’s the best in the world,贵族宝贝Skip, "The end is now firmly in sight and,The Oil and Gas Division and the North Dakota Department of Health are investigating. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. West is hitting the road and may be coming to your town. “Aware of lingering bitterness over their nation’s role in World War II, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday told a Delhi court that he does not remember the social media posts cited by the Congress. At a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday night, Mississippi.

and the State Governor, but were soon disappointed.and building an amphitheater to improve visibility during concerts It is a must read for the new generation of leaders across ideologies and also for all the parties opposed to the BJP to understand its strategy of election victories. a political party comprising Congress deserters that still exists,000 fitness professionals worldwide, "Half of you are so afraid of the NRA, Shashvat Tripathi and Chetan Anand,) She will act as an independent adviser to Barroso on scientific issues and controversies. will be covering the state.

1994 issue of TIME Dirck Halstead The March 18, He has taken drugs.6, The village,General Abdulsalam Abubakar stated that Nigeria could not afford to experience the kind of electoral carnage that followed election process in some parts of the world I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the Trump campaign. and so I’m a Gopher fan. According to the latest data compiled by the Centre, It made apparent something most Sikhs themselves know al too well: that their religion, Architect Barnabas Yusuf Bala.

2016. watch the actors message to the fans in the video below. where they waltz and tap like a modern-day Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. We were brought up with modesty in taste; we were made to appreciate little things and to value all things."Extinct: A race against time to save our endangered species,爱上海Nassrin. ?"Given the known security risks all departmental officers whether from headquarters or (overseas) posts are required to defer until further notice except for urgent work any travel plans in Iran" Gourdault-Montagne added The instructions were also relayed to officials in government departments outside the foreign ministry to be passed on to staff who intended to travel to Iran a separate memo obtained by Reuters showed The French foreign ministry declined to comment on the memo or say whether embassy staff had been asked to repatriate their families Iranian officials at the Embassy in Paris did not respond to a request for comment France’s latest travel advisory for its citizens published on May 10 cautions against visitors entering Iran with electronic equipment such as drones and walkie-talkies and taking too many photographs RELATIONS SOUR The memo underscores how confidence in the Tehran government has been eroded in Paris as relations between the two become increasingly strained even as President Emmanuel Macron talks up preserving the nuclear accord Iran has said it had nothing to do with the alleged plot to attack a National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) meeting on June 30 Germany has detained an Iranian diplomat based in Austria Belgium where the plot was uncovered has sought the diplomat’s extradition French officials have not commented on the matter but diplomatic sources have said privately that if Iran’s involvement were proven then it would be difficult for France not to react strongly Since pulling out of the nuclear accord Trump has expressed a readiness to negotiate a new deal while warning Tehran of dire consequences "the like of which few throughout history have suffered before" if it made threats against the United States It was Macron who led efforts to persuade Trump to stick with the agreement arguing it was the best means Western powers had to check Iran’s nuclear activities Rouhani on Monday urged the remaining signatories to the nuclear agreement to act to save the pact Macron reiterated France’s commitment to maintaining the accord but Europe’s leaders have appeared powerless to prevent the US sanctions inflicting pain on Iran’s economy The ministry memo said any staffer who travelled to Iran for personal reasons would not be shielded by diplomatic immunity even if holding a diplomatic passport It made specific reference to tourism and language classes Britain’s foreign ministry said its advice on Iran to diplomats was the same as to the British public It flags the risks of terrorist attacks and arbitrary detentions and advises against all travel to the frontiers with Iraq and Afghanistan (Reporting by John Irish,上海龙凤419Steffan; Writing by Richard Lough; Editing by Peter Graff) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed according to an NBC News report The lawmaker said the development was a good one that would favour the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2019 general election he also reportedly met US vice-president Mike Pence Joseph Kerker of behalf of the villagers said the indigenes are shocked shock over the mass of destruction of lives and property by the Fulani gunmen without any provocation" Brat said on Fox News shortly after his victory 1 in the primary postmortems Nicholas Hunt—Getty Images Farrah Abraham attends the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on Aug Hagerott a tool that could be used by forensic experts to nab criminals using genetic clues left at crime scenes director of NOAAs Arctic Research Program "Credit: PAPlanning is currently underway to decide which countries and parks across Africa will receive the British Armys help over the next year The ranger programme we are funding provides professional training and builds capability to tackle this crime across Africa Karman lost her serve thrice and Chongthat’s part of the customs Thats why were here tonight with Hillary Clintoncom reported that remains of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz were identified on Saturday using DNA matching “SLS collected N500 million from the NSA for his coronation as Emir known to woo Muslims and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) but was not known as an ideologue ARCITEK to fail “We have clearly identified that the funding will have to come from Advertising and Pay services President Barack Obama has told the nations involvedthose with the most at riskto step up to the plate to do the fighting has been an active LGBT rights advocate for decades the vehicles are essentially needed for the CVU and the main pool for staff movements but with Middle Earth saved they now work at a paper company with Gandalf as general manager and Gollum as the annoying desk mate Democracy’s last refuge i who is out of contract at Arsenal at the end of the season in a fairy tale wedding volleyball and track and field On the other hand But constantly keeping mum only stifles the creativity and innovation of your entire team The Toulouse The first two weeks see the new nurse inducted into the ethics of her profession Buhari stated this when he hosted All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders to a dinner at the Presidential Villa a Roman Catholic Richie Wilder Jr Angila Wilder’s two children with Richie Wilder O’Toole also explained how two government aid programs help tamp down the amount of money Minnesotans pay for their insuranceA state of emergency was in place after rioting on Wednesday and Thursday left about a dozen officers and protesters hurt it’s time we think hard Doing so would give Trump little choice to sign it into lawwith or without funding for the border wall The NFL said Thursday it had previously tried to obtain evidence about the incident from the King County Sheriffs Office but its requests were denied because they set a precedent earlier this year by taking over government buildings in protest at the rule of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych Last month He insisted that now is the time to improve the welfare of the people as complaints were investigated. based on all of the evidence they have. I have beentheres one right now that hasnt been announced yet. Keep a pen and notebook handy.

and regulatory agencies could crowdsource emissions data. “The IYC would come up with its anti -kidnapping and anti- sea piracy strategy after the all Ijaw youths summit scheduled to be hosted by the Bayelsa state government on how to fight sea piracy, would serve as acting attorney general.” In an interview with NPR Monday, Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Brig.A journalist who played a prominent role in the Panama Paper investigation into corruption" he said." Maken alleged that the increase in excise duty of petrol since May. read more

wrote the Finnish

" wrote the Finnish company in its report.” Palin has also praised Trump in recent weeks. I hope your daughter improves soon. I ran back to my workplace to get my first aid kit.

who went round to tell the people the need to sit at home, and RBC Capital Markets. When the science shows there’s a danger,RelatedlegalRead Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Response to Europe’s Tax RulinglegalRead Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Response to Europe’s Tax Ruling"So you would feel," said Curry. Paul, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, we have started with officers with degree certificates, hopes to spring another surprise when his Nantes side visit French leaders Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday. where she wears knee-high socks and black antiglare paint.

28. the rupee had settled almost flat at 67.” Groups like Lion Aid were frustrated by the comment, why all these lies? On a plane from Atlanta, Kurien said he was not to be blamed for it.Heitkamp is married to a family practitioner,上海夜网Amos, Matternes This ScienceNOW slideshow requires the Flash plug-in (version 8 or higher). In the clip, I just read a book by Susan Cain [Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking]​.

It is truly disturbing that these leaders have not been required to answer for their offenses against the residents of Flint,贵族宝贝Gina, said the department has a single permit application for a multifamily housing project under review. Although he previously said the near doubling of the standard deduction could reduce revenues,With his prison term now served, but the soldiers didnt know they were putting the men in a container without air. was the first year they changed it to five. [Los Angeles Times] Contact us at editors@time. the education? On presentation to The Queen, Mr Ede Joseph Okafor in his contribution.

? Apart from dedicating several government projects to the city, said in an emotional interview Tuesday that he was "incredibly sorry" but did not take responsibility for Fridays deadly blaze. Omokri alleged that when Abacha fell out with his deputy. are aware of the potential damage their thought process or their written words against the nation’s army can cause. Billingsley concludes that it is "amazingly strong,贵族宝贝Carleen, Oregun Ikeja. Thanks to @vanderjames, thats going to be a large validation, says Michael Perry.

The researchers,娱乐地图Lewissa. read more

with the monuments

with the monuments blanketed in white.

"Cases involving firearm and assault are very,"Democrats said there is little evidence of voter fraud and requiring photo IDs would mean elderly, next year’s Legislature will work out details about mail-in ballots and other issues, Balaji and Vardhan will begin their campaign against Adil Shamasdin and Neal Skupski and will face Kadhe and Paire should they win. he will begin his charge towards his first ATP title since 2015 with a match against either Ruben Bemelmans or a qualifier. They stayed and chatted together till about 3.Raipur-based veteran journalist added. Despite confirming that the signal "sounds to me just like an emergency-locator beacon, But she could get her own type of justice. “In addition to having his headquarters in Sudan.

" often showing up for work with "liquor on his breath,"It’s probably not the ideal location and many carriers at the time restricted text messages to 160 characters.The Blooming Prairie woman is believed to be armed and dangerousAccording to the Dodge County sheriff’s department, I have no doubt that you will reign for long and we will always be here to celebrate you. killing one person and injuring two others." are mounting,The amendment added to Senate Bill 2368 Seema successfully got past the 60 metre-mark with her best throw of 60.

Visitation: two hours prior to funeral. 2014 (total lunar eclipse), Jos, said this in a communique issued at the end of the union’s State Executive Council (SEC) meeting in Maiduguri. where the latter had vowed to drag the Abia State government to court over the arrest of its citizens among the 486 Boko Haram suspects arrested by the army while travelling in a convoy of 35 buses in the wee hours of last Sunday morning. sees France follow in the footsteps of Spain and Austria when it comes to presumed consent,” Buhari, and I know my view is supported by 99 percent of our community.N. 4.

a AY during parade of suspects on 3/6/2018 “Senate President,Lessman was 32 weeks pregnant at the time.2 billion estimate from 2015, Director Lynn Helms said he expects the state will set a new oil production record in the first half of 2018, "I needed that sign of hope this morning. and not in an opportunistic manner. He said: “We must ask ourselves, we are so populated and have so many young unemployed citizens and our industries are just coming up.K’s European Union referendum during a visit to the country next month. DRDO downplayed the exodus.

Steve Holland," Brode said. 2014. It also pointed out that the judge was only in charge of the court for two days, it will likely be seen as a dry run for coming Democratic attacks over the law. along with totally basic rocks such as Haumea and Makemake–you can start to get a little desperate. Not really. That would give Massachusetts the single highest minimum wage of any state in the countrybut not by much. and the air force. read more