IAAF snub a threat to Blake rule?

first_imgBEIJING, China:Dr Warren Blake’s handle on the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) leadership may have loosened a bit after he failed in his bid to secure a spot on the IAAF Council during yesterday’s Congress in Beijing ahead of the 15th instalment of the IAAF World Championships.JAAA general secretary, Garth Gayle, who was the only member from the association, who was successful in gaining a foothold in track and field’s corridor of power after being elected to the Technical Committee, has distanced himself from any future attempt at the JAAA throne, but there will be many suitors come next year, when elections are due.”I am very comfortable with the president that we now have, but as you know, I am a school principal. But I am very comfortable with the contribution I am making to date. These two additions, while it won’t take away too much from my day-to-day duties, I would not want to go any further at this moment,” declared Gayle, who was also recently elected to Council of the North America, Central America and the Caribbean (NACAC) Association.Blake, who tallied 51 votes from a possible 209 in the second round of voting, fell just short of the ninth and final available spot by four votes.Though admitting disappointment, Blake congratulated Gayle on his achievement and insisted that Jamaica remains influential in the global athletics arena, despite the fact that only one of the four members up for election yesterday was given the nod by the community.”We did well to get one on because quite a number of countries have not been represented at all at the international level. I was definitely expected to get on because of the promises that had been made and the alliances, but it did not turn out that way,” said Blake afterwards. “We had 39 members vying for nine positions, so it was going to be a difficult position from the beginning.”Blake, who earlier this year declared Jamaica’s support for Sebastian Coe, who replaced the outgoing Lamine Diack in the presidential race over Sergey Bubka, said: “I think Jamaica’s position still remains strong because we were able to get the president elected, and that was the first order of business. Get a president elected that is favourable to you and you can get things going from there.”Coe, a two-time Olympic gold medal winner at the Olympic Games, became the IAAF president after securing a 115-92 majority win over Bubka (187), with the Ukrainian then being joined by Dahlan Al Ahmad (Qatar 159), Cameroon’s Hamas Kalkara Malbout (115) and Cuba’s Alberto Juantorena (111) rounding off the four vice-president spots.Deon Hemmings-McCatty and Alan Beckford also failed to get the requisite votes for spots on the women’s and cross county committees.”We have been pushing for his (Gayle’s) representation internationally, and Garth is a highly recognised technical officer, so it’s really good that he got on to the technical committee and I am really happy for that. At least we will be well represented where making rules and regulations are concerned going forward,” added Blake.Gayle, who himself picked up 73 of 208 votes to secure one of 12 spots on the Technical Committee, was also thankful and says he is ready to hit the ground running.”I am elated and happy that the members of the IAAF family could find it fit to give me their vote of confidence. It’s now for me to do Jamaica proud, NACAC as well, and also the 216 members (federations),” said Gayle.He becomes the first Jamaican to hold a position on the IAAF since the late Neville ‘Teddy’ McCook, who died while serving as NACAC president and IAAF Council member in 2013.There have been whispers inside the JAAA that a challenge to Blake’s leadership will be coming at the next opportunity, with the administrator who replaced Howard Aris – who died in the post in 2011 as JAAA president – said to be under threat.It is believed that a spot on the IAAF Council would have further strengthened his position, but it’s now left to be seen whether or not a challenge will take shape in the coming months.last_img read more

Jagdeo to support all aid efforts for Haiti

first_imgHaiti is in crisis after Hurricane Matthew and the international community, over the last few days, is beginning to understand the extent of that crisis. The tally of deaths reported by local civil protection officials stands at 877, according to the latest reports.The Political Opposition, the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), expresses its sincerest condolences to all Haitians, as well as families of all who have lost lives, were injured and those grappling with the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. The political Opposition will fully support the expressed intention of the Guyana Government to offer support to Haiti, which will aid humanitarian relief efforts, as well as longer-term relief and recovery operations.The party said in a statement on Saturday that it stands in support of the Haitian people and Government.Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on Tuesday (October 4). Hurricane Matthew’s 235km per hour (kph) winds smashed concrete walls, flattened palm trees and tore roofs off homes, forcing thousands of Haitians to flee.last_img read more

Barbados elections held CCJ’s hand from responding to PM’s exit promises

first_img– Comments “unfortunate” – Guyana’s retired ChancellorBy Shemuel FanfairIncoming President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Justice Adrian Saunders, has indicated that the CCJ would eventually respond to statements made by Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart in relation to his country withdrawing from the regional body should he win the elections.Justice Saunders made the remarks at Duke Lodge in Georgetown during the University of Guyana’s fourth hosting of its Conversation on Law and Society.Saunders gave a well-received lecture on rule of law and the Caribbean Court of Justice at Thursday’s event. However, during the conversation aspect of the night’s proceedings, the CCJ President-designate was questioned directly if a CARICOM (Caribbean Community) member state would be justified if it felt that the CCJ is being adjudicated by politicians in robes, as per the Barbados PM’sJustice Adrian Saunderscomments made in St Michael, Barbados.Justice Saunders responded by indicating that the CCJ had been inclined to respond, but avoided such, as the response “could be misinterpreted and used for political purposes, so we didn’t think it prudent to respond…but at some point we will,” he said.The much celebrated legal luminary informed the gathering that CCJ Justices reviewed the footage of the Barbados Prime Minister’s comments and found “factual inaccuracies,” but noted that the election period was considered before a response was made.“Our litigation is one where you have winners and losers at the end of the day, and a losing litigant is not likely to be happy with the court. My colleagues and I listened very carefully to a clip of what the Prime Minister or Barbados said, and there were just some factual inaccuracies which we thought that we would have responded to, but we thought that we shouldn’t respond in the height of an election campaign,” Justice Saunders stressed.The Barbadian Prime Minister had cited disrespect from the Port of Spain-based court and the limited number of cases being brought before it. He had also stated that he would ensure that Barbados does not return to the Privy Council, which in effect means the Barbados Appeal Court could be made the country’s final court.Meanwhile, retired Chancellor of the Judiciary in Guyana, Justice Carl Singh, deemed the political comments unfortunate, but reminded the gathering at Duke Lodge on Thursday that politicians are subject to the people of a country.“We have heard some unfortunate comments from politicians with respect to the CCJ, and much was said about the politicians’ will; but we, as a region, need to understand that the politician’s will is controlled by the will of the people,” the former head of Guyana’s Judiciary observed.Local commentator and Attorney Christopher Ram had also disagreed with the PM’s statement.“I think that is most unfortunate, because we should be trying to develop some kind of Caribbean jurisprudence, which admittedly the CCJ has not been able to do, or has failed to do,” he told <> earlier this week.Other areas the conversation at Duke Lodge focused on were the region’s justice system, sentencing policies, and the need for political non-interference in the judiciary. Thursday’s event was facilitated by University Vice-Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Griffith. The conversations seek to have participants and the public examine the social implications of legal issues in a way that ideas could be shared to contribute to positive change.The CCJ was established in 2001 to replace the London-based Privy Council as the region’s final court, but while many of the 15-member Caricom countries are signatories to the court’s original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana, Belize and Dominica are members of its Appellate jurisdiction.last_img read more


first_img…democratic governanceFrom the moment Brig (rtd) David Granger started stocking his Administration with ex-Army and Police officials at every level – from himself at the apex, to his Cabinet to Heads of Department and so-called “autonomous agencies”, like GPHC – your Eyewitness warned about the dangers this practice posed to our fledgling democracy. Democracy, after all, is based on making decisions by discussion and debate – and the willingness to actually LISTEN to the other side.Armed forces, on the other hand, operate on the principle of “unity of command” within a hierarchical chain of command. Meaning, when the fella above you yells, “Jump!!”, the most you dare ask is “How high?”!! This orientation has been ground into the army types surrounding Granger for decades and has become second nature. But in Guyana, this anti-democratic reflex has been augmented by the perspective of the man who “moulded” our Disciplined Forces after he became leader in 1964 – Forbes Burnham.Burnham didn’t beat around the bush…he declared openly – and it’s recorded in the GDF’s magazine, Purple Beret – that he didn’t expect any “abstract loyalty” from the armed forces, but a personal one where they swore fealty to Burnham at the PNC’s Congresses!! So, when those soldiers killed the Ballot Box Martyrs, they did so because they were indoctrinated with the principle of PNC uber alles – including Guyana!! It doesn’t get more anti-democratic than that, does it? And guess who was in charge of inculcating this anti-democratic perspective in the army? No other than the man who’s today President of Guyana! Surprised he’s trampling on every democratic institution in Guyana – from the Constitution; the Legislature and the Judiciary!He can do this because all those ex-Army officials running the show passed through his hands – literally!! Look at the latest stunt of the PNC – Imagine a government picketing GECOM to demand new house-to-house registration!! That’s just not so subtly putting pressure on the supposedly “autonomous” body, to delay the constitutionally due March 19 elections as far back as possible!! On the day after Nagamootoo and Lawrence et al, had accepted the NCV as “the working of democracy”, hadn’t the GECOM PRO pronounced they could comply with the new timeline??But Lowenfield is an ex-Army officer, isn’t he? He doesn’t need any Masonite signal to tell him what to do – the commanding officer has now ordered him to jump and all he wants to know is “How high, sah?” Granger may say that these high-handed actions are necessary to “protect the PNC’s base” – but isn’t this exactly what Burnham had said??And look what he did to ALL Guyana!! Damnation and ruination!! Does the PNC base want to repeat history??…the agriculture sectorSomeone told your Eyewitness that maybe the PNC doesn’t really have it in for agriculture just because most agriculturalists are PPP supporters; it’s that they really don’t have a clue about agriculture. Your Eyewitness doesn’t agree with that thesis. The fact that they appointed Noel Holder as Minister of Agriculture when he wasn’t even a member of the AFC shows they knew exactly what they were doing – consigning it to the dustbin of history through clueless bumbling!!But seriously folks, look what the PNC is doing about agriculture behind the four African Guyanese villages of Buxton; BV; Ithaca and Mocha. They first obtained a loan of $2.5 billion from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and worked out a comprehensive plan that started with organising the folks from the villages into co-operatives.They then bought farming equipment, financed and executed land clearing, restored and upgraded drainage and irrigation canals; installed a drainage pump in each of the communities; built all-weather dams and provided technical support for farmers and arranged for marketing to Caricom.They know exactly what they’re doing!!…the ChronicWhether one thinks the girl who posted those bomb threats to UG was “troubled” or a terrorist, did the Chronic REALLY have to link her with the PPP, just because she’s the niece of an official??Ow, man!! Nasty!!last_img read more

Qatar W. Cup weathers Gulf crisis but fresh storms brew

first_img0Shares0000A this file picture taken on December 23, 2017 shows supporters of the Qatar national football team waving their national flags at a Gulf Cup of Nations match against Yemen in Kuwait City © AFP/File / Yasser Al-ZayyatDOHA, Qatar, Jun 4 – Qatar’s World Cup organisers have ridden out the initial shock caused by the country’s ongoing confrontation with its powerful neighbours, but experts warn bigger crises may lie ahead.FIFA is looking at a proposal to expand the 2022 football tournament from 32 to 48 teams, an increase that could pose the greatest risk yet to Qatar’s plan to host the first World Cup in the Arab world. Qatar has already come under scrutiny over allegations of corruption and human rights abuses — but that may be nothing compared with pressures it faces in the run-up to 2022.“I think FIFA’s proposal represents the biggest threat to the tournament simply because it would wrong-foot Qatar into sharing the tournament with other countries,” said Simon Chadwick, a sports and geopolitics expert at Britain’s Salford University.Sharing the cup, he said, would represent “something of a defeat for Doha”.– ‘No risk to World Cup’ –In the year since Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their allies including Egypt abruptly froze relations with Qatar — accusing it of supporting terrorism and being too close to Iran — World Cup organisers have proved resilient.The embargo, in place since June 5, 2017, cut off the supply of construction materials from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but they were swiftly replaced by imports from Malaysia and China.By the end of 2018, three of the eight stadiums earmarked for 2022 will be completed.The design for Lusail, the stadium set to host World Cup 2022 final, is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year.Qatar’s colossal weekly budget of $500 million (428 million euros) on World Cup infrastructure has built new roads, hotels, neighbourhoods even towns — its $36 billion metro system is on track to open in 2019.“Our projects are going ahead as scheduled,” said Hassan al-Thawadi, one of the World Cup organisers, after the crisis began.“This is no risk in relation to the hosting of the World Cup.”And while gas-rich Qatar has proved it can weather the economic consequences of the crisis, the politics of the boycott have proved more difficult.Football, it seems, has found itself fully in the fallout’s firing line.Officials in Saudi Arabia and the UAE have openly called for Qatar to be stripped of the World Cup.A Swiss investigation into the controversial awarding of the 2022 tournament to Qatar is ongoing.A picture taken on May 18, 2017, shows the Khalifa International Stadium after its redevelopment ahead of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup © AFP/File / KARIM JAAFARQatar’s sports broadcaster beIN Media — which has exclusive Middle East rights to televise this year’s World Cup — has found itself the victim of a vast pirating operation allegedly based in Saudi Arabia.“The crisis is not about football, but the World Cup does seem to have become a tool in the ongoing standoff,” said Kristian Ulrichsen, a fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute.“It would be an enormous coup for the Saudis and Emiratis if they could do anything to throw Qatar’s hosting rights into question.”The political crisis has also seeped into the South West Asian Football Federation — launched in Saudi Arabia in May.Members of the new federation include Saudi, the UAE and Bahrain, but not Qatar.– FIFA Congress –Qatar has bought time on the highly controversial issue of labour, appeasing some critics by agreeing to a vast reform programme.But should FIFA at its June 13 congress in Moscow move to expand the number of teams in the 2022 cup, Qatar would have to tackle a heavily expanded workload on a tight timeline.A 50 percent increase in teams would strain Qatar’s ability to host the tournament.While Doha initially bid for 12 stadiums, it is only building eight.Questions have also been raised over how the country will accommodate the up to 1.5 million fans expected to attend the event — and that’s before 16 teams are added.Optimists suggest one solution could be to share the tournament with others in the region — a face-saving way for Qatar, Saudi and the UAE to rekindle ties with games in all three countries.But only one nation has so far offered to help Qatar in 2022: Saudi Arabia’s arch nemesis, Iran.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Surviving the `Challadays’

first_imgAs all committed people know, a healthy relationship depends on each partner’s ability to learn how to get along. But nothing tests a marriage like the holidays – especially when the partners come from divergent faiths and religious traditions. In the Radoumis-Weiler household in Woodland Hills, the winter holidays have been dubbed “Challadays,” a hybrid name for their mix of Hanukkah and Christmas. “We light the candles, decorate a tree, and my Jewish husband wears a Santa hat on Christmas morning while he passes out the gifts,” said Nicole Radoumis-Weiler, a mother of seven who grew up in a Christian household that celebrated Christmas and Easter. Husband Ron is Jewish, so Nicole also lights candles and says the Hebrew prayers on Hanukkah to honor his faith. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat Kings How to deal with the competing demands of Hanukkah and Christmas has become known as the “December dilemma,” addressed in an annual poll by InterfaithFamily.com, which this year attracted 860 respondents. The survey found that among mixed-faith couples raising Jewish children, 95 percent planned to participate in Hanukkah celebrations while 86 percent planned to celebrate Christmas. Among those who planned Hanukkah festivities, 73 percent saw them as partially or fully secular, compared with 94 percent of those celebrating Christmas. The December dilemma has become part of pop culture, with some mixed-faith families opting to celebrate “Chrismukkah,” a term coined in a 2003 episode of Fox TV’s “The O.C.” The trappings can include Christmas ornaments painted with menorahs and Stars of David, Hanukkah stockings and Kris Kringle kugel. But while it may seem logical to cover all the bases by carrying on customs from two faiths, it’s less confusing for children to focus on a single religion, said Marsha Novak, who chairs the board of the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council, a Chatsworth-based group that sponsored a discussion among interfaith couples earlier this year. She said that in many mixed-faith households, one parent’s religion tends to becomes dominant. During the holidays, the secondary religion still gets celebrated, but with that parent’s extended family. This was borne out by the InterfaithFamily.com survey. Among mixed-faith families with Jewish children, nearly all celebrated Hanukkah at home, while two-thirds celebrated Christmas at a relative’s home. Patty Lombard, a Catholic, travels to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., every December so her Jewish daughters can spend Christmas with their Catholic grandparents. “They’ll have great memories of Christmas, but they won’t be religious (memories,)” said Lombard, who agreed before she got married 18 years ago to raise her children as Jews. “Sometimes we do a little bit of Hannukah. I can’t really see myself having a Christmas tree, because it doesn’t seem right. The girls associate that with their Christian relatives,” said Lombard, a writer who lives in Hancock Park. It helps that both Lombard and her husband, Bill Simon, identify more with the cultural aspects of their traditions than with specific beliefs. Still, there are times when the differences come out. Lombard said her 10-year-old daughter recently has been asking more about faith and God. “She said one day, `Don’t you wish you could be Jewish like us? Then we’d all be the same.”‘ Amir Hussain is Muslim, while his partner of six years, Joan Becker, is Methodist. They’re not married and have no children, so they haven’t had to make the agonizing decisions made by so many other mixed-faith couples. He worships at the mosque. She goes to church. Hussain, who teaches world religions at Loyola Marymount University, said their faiths share more in common than not. “There are interesting connections between Muslims and Christians. A Muslim would have more in common with a Christian than a Jew,” he said. For instance, Muslims believe in the Virgin Mary as the mother of Christ. And Hussain believes in Jesus Christ as a prophet. As for the holidays, Hussain said he will probably attend Christmas services with Becker at First United Methodist Church in North Hollywood. Becker fasted with him during the 30 days of Ramadan, the Muslim ritual of worship and contemplation, which ended in October. “It’s a good way for her to get back to her (Christian traditions,)” Hussain said. “I try to help her be a better Christian, and she helps me be a better Muslim.” barbara.correa@dailynews.com 818-713-3662160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

Phantom-grave seller nabbed

first_imgGLENDALE – A former Forest Lawn employee who sold phantom grave plots to unsuspecting buyers has been charged with grand theft and embezzlement in a scheme that cost the alleged victims more than $67,000, authorities said. Robert Ovsepyan, 34, of Burbank was extradited from Armenia over the weekend and is being held without bail. Prosecutors filed charges against him while he was on the lam abroad, alleging he ripped off people in 10 fraudulent sales of nonexistent grave plots. Armenian authorities agreed to extradite Ovsepyan because he is a U.S. citizen and overstayed his visa in Armenia. He faces a maximum of 35 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. “It’s good for the victims. … They’re going to feel good, they’re going to feel satisfied that justice prevailed,” Glendale police Sgt. Ian Grimes said. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant “But I think it sends a larger message to people in Glendale and people in Armenia that you’re not going to be able to use one place to hide, commit a crime in one place and hide in another.” Starting in November 2004, Ovsepyan allegedly supplemented his income from Forest Lawn Memorial-Park, where he sold grave plots for a living, by selling nonexistent plots as well. All the victims who bought them from him were Armenian-Americans he knew. The buyers complained to Forest Lawn when they never received paperwork for the sales, and Forest Lawn cooperated with police when they suspected fraud. Ovsepyan stopped showing up for work in October 2005. The buyers were different ages and included individuals and entire families. Their losses ranged from $3,000 to $14,000. One elderly woman had been saving two years to buy a plot for herself, hoping to keep from burdening her children, police said. In a prepared statement, Forest Lawn officials said they are cooperating with the Glendale Police Department. “We are working with the families to achieve a swift resolution and are taking all necessary steps to protect against future wrongdoing,” read the statement attributed to John Warren, the senior vice president of marketing for Forest Lawn. “Forest Lawn maintains a strict confidentiality policy and wishes to reserve comment at this time to protect the privacy of the families we serve.” Police are unsure how Ovsepyan decided who to engage in legitimate sales and who to target for fraud. “Some of them trusted him because of past association or relationship,” financial crimes Detective Tigran Topadjhikyan said. “One of the victims had a husband that was deceased, and Ovsepyan was a friend of the husband’s. So it was the association that built … the trust.” Staff Writer Jason Kandel contributed to this report. Alex Dobuzinskis, (818) 546-3304 alex.dobuzinskis@dailynews.com 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgToday is an exciting day at Pinehill Studios in Leterkenny because it’s official registration time from 2-5pm.Those at Pinehill Studios say they are so excited about the coming 2015/16 school year.“All our children and teen classes run along with the traditional school year, so as instructors we get just as excited about back to school as our students. This year we have both new and well established programmes returning and we are delighted with the well-rounded and expansive classes that are offered at Pinehill Studios.”CLASSES INCLUDESMFitness holds classes in: Total Teen Fitness ages 13+, Hiphop ages 6+, Dramafit ages 4-11, Jymka ages 3-8ZoNa Dance Co. holds classes in: Ballet ages 4+, Pointe work (invite only), Contemporary dance age 8+ On Cue holds classes in Musical Theatre ages 4+Sharon McCaul Irish Dancing Academy holds class in Irish dance age 4+Michaela Allen holds classes in disco freestyle ages 5+While each of our internal schools and Instructors are holding their registration day at Pinehill Studios independently; we welcome anyone who might be interested to come and chat to us and we’d be happy to give you more information, show you around our facility and meet the instructors – who knows you might even find a class to take that you never would have thought to inquire about, so come meet us all from 2-5pm TODAY at Pinehill StudiosThe studio is located at the Mountain Top area of Letterkenny and has great facilities, friendly instructors and professional management. It was nominated recently for Letterkenny Friendliest Business Award, and always has a friendly face waiting to great you. The instructors are all experts and fully qualified as well as being professionals in their relevant fields.Now that you know the children are going to be having a fabulous time… what about some time for the adults? With as much variety for the adults you can choose from high energy fitness classes, such as Piloxing, Piloxing Barre, Piloxing Knockout or come to an Adult Ballet class or Pilates to tone up your core.Or if you’re interested in toning up and getting your eating habits cleaned up, the LIVEFIT fitness and nutritional program is for you.If you would like any further details on the activities held at Pinehill Studios, you can go to www.pinehillstudios.ie to see all the class timetables, and further contact details for all the instructors at the studio.REGISTRATION AT PINEHILL STUDIOS IS THE RIGHT ‘FIT’ TODAY was last modified: September 5th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:letterkennyPinehill Studiosregistrationlast_img read more

Premier League goalkeeper interested in Leeds United switch

first_img huge blow 2 Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade REVEALED 2 MONEY Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? Leeds United are looking to land a new goalkeeper – and Tom Heaton would be interested in a switch to Elland Road.The Championship side are in need of another man between the sticks after injuries to Bailey Peacock-Farrell and Jamal Blackman. REPLY RANKED shining Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ REVEALED Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade Tom Heaton was Burnley’s No.1 before being struck down by a shoulder injury Latest Football News Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won ADVICE no dice Tom Heaton is way down the pecking order at Burnley BEST OF The 32-year-old was Burnley’s number one and part of the England squad before suffering a shoulder injury in September 2017 which kept him out for six months.He has been unable to regain his place in the starting XI, with Nick Pope and Joe Hart now both ahead of him in the pecking order, and he’s understood to be willing to consider a move to the Championship. Heaton has made two appearances for Sean Dyche’s side this season but only in the Europa League and EFL Cup and wants regular game time. Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars On-loan Blackman suffered a broken leg in an Under-23s game last week and returned to Chelsea, while Peacock-Farrell picked up a knee problem in training earlier this week.Marcelo Bielsa is now hoping to be given permission by the EFL to make an emergency goalkeeper signing and Heaton is on the Leeds manager’s radar.last_img read more


first_imgPhoto courtesy of Gary Foy: Finn Harps Golf Classic and evening with Cup Winning 74 players to take place at B&S Golf club on May 3rd. Event Sponsor John Griffin of Ballybofey Florist @Variety Basket looking forward to the day along with Harps players Carel Tiofack, Graham Fisher, Conor Winn & Pat McCann. Also present are James Rodgers and Aidan Campbell of Finn Harps.Finn Harps will be hosting a Golf Classic and an evening with the men from the 1974 Cup winning side at Ballybofey & Stranorlar Golf Club on Saturday May 3rd.The events have been announced as part of the club’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations and Harps are inviting the north-west public and sporting community to come along to what promises to be a hugely enjoyable day and evening.GOLF CLASSIC Teams of four are being invited to participate in the golf classic which will have a shotgun start for all teams at 1pm.Entry fee is €120 per team and there will be great prizes and refreshments on offer. To book or for more information, phone Ballybofey & Stranorlar Golf Club on 074-9131093.AN EVENING WITH THE CUP LEGENDSA great night of memories, football and craic will follow in the Golf Clubhouse as we remember the day the FAI Cup was brought back to the Hills. Host for the evening Bartley Ramsay will ask the men who became club legends on that famous day to share their memories and there will be footage from the day itself shown also.Refreshments and finger food will be available and it promises to be an informal and very enjoyable evening. HARPS TO HOST TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE WITH TEAM OF 1974 was last modified: April 15th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:finn harpsGolf classicteam of 1974last_img read more