Total Force Fitness and Cooperative Extension: Psychological Fitness

first_imgIn today’s Friday Field notes, we continue our series of examining how cooperative extension can support Total Force Fitness. This week will explore the programs available through cooperative extension that support psychological fitness.What is Psychological Fitness? The ability to cope with the stressors associated with military life is at the core of psychological fitness. Both military and civilian families face a variety of everyday stressors (e.g., parenting, financial stress), but military families also face unique stressors (e.g., PCS, deployment).There are many proactive and important coping skills, but social support is an important factor in individuals’ ability to cope with stressors. Join the Network Literacy and Nutrition and Wellness teams for the Avoiding Burnout: Building Resilience Through Relationships webinar on June 25th at 11 am to learn more about building relationships for social support.Reach out to line leaders, doctors or chaplains for appropriate care right away if military family members: Can’t shake feeling down or worriedHave thoughts that repeatedly cause anxietyHave sleep problemsHave thoughts about hurting themselves or others Resources are available and they work. Contact the Psychological Health Resource Center 24/7 by calling 1-866-966-1020 for answers to questions.Cooperative Extension and Psychological FitnessCooperative extension provides programming that supports psychological fitness. Check out your state’s cooperative extension website for blog posts, resources, and events near you. Here are some great examples of resources from Alabama, Louisiana, and Virginia.Mindfulness Education. Mindfulness is a great way to learn to cope with everyday stressors. The practice of mindfulness involved focusing on the present in order to reduce anxiety and stress. PennState Extension offers a great resource for information on what mindfulness is and some ideas for practice. Many local extension programs also provide mindfulness training to small groups. Contact your local county extension office to inquire about any upcoming mindfulness events.last_img read more

Tsu Namo

first_imgCompared to the 200,000 miles he is reported to have travelled in nine months of election campaigning, addressing 477 public gatherings in 25 states across the country, Narendra Modi’s “victory lap” was short. Convinced that the vote-count tally – which he’d followed closely on television alone in his official Chief Minister’s bungalow in the Gujarat state capital of Gandhinagar – indicated an irreversible trend toward his anointment as India’s next Prime Minister, Modi set out to meet his party colleagues in New Delhi. His itinerary involved a brief stop-over at his mother’s residence en route to the airport, a one-hour flight to the national capital, and then a cavalcade car-ride to the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters in central Delhi.It’s a measure of the man’s political acumen that Modi squeezed the maximum mileage even out of this otherwise humdrum logistical undertaking spanning but a couple of hours. And he did that by ensuring that the symbolism he invested in every little act along the way did not escape the millions of viewers glued to their television sets that morning.Blessing the victorious son after he’d bowed low and touched her feet, Heeraben Modi fed Narendra his favorite sweet and wished him well – a traditional pre-requisite for Indian mothers bidding farewell to their sons embarking on a momentous mission.But the meek and respectful traditionalist of the Gandhinagar photo-op transformed into a fearless adventurer on the streets of New Delhi. On the ten-mile ride to the party office from the airport, Modi threw caution and protocol to the winds, standing up and literally hanging out of his SUV throughout the slow, winding journey so he could reciprocate more fully the adulatory chants of supporters running alongside or following his vehicle. For those gnawing minutes, he was a sitting-duck target for any assassin, vulnerable to any strike. It was a veritable security nightmare – especially considering that Narendra Modi, blamed for collusive inaction by the state police during the 2002 post-Godhra riots which killed innocent Muslims in Gujarat, continues to be a prime target for Islamic terrorist groups and several others who have vowed retribution.Even after reaching the office gate, the consummate populist wasn’t done yet. Told that the party workers and supporters gathered on the street for his welcome could not be accommodated within the premises of the BJP national headquarters, Modi grabbed a microphone, climbed atop a make-shift platform on the street itself, and thanked them personally. He was, in the process, subliminally reiterating his common touch. Without actually saying so, Narendrabhai had conveyed to the rank-and-file and convinced them that they meant as much – if not more – to him than the party bigwigs waiting inside.Whatever the nay-sayers may think about Modi’s electoral victory and however vociferously question his credentials for leading India as its Chief Executive, there is no denying that the 2014 parliamentary elections have conclusively thrown up a national-level leader whose acceptability – if not popularity – has breached the barriers of region, gender, class, and even faith. The results made the election unique and path-breaking in several ways, and may even have brought some of the electoral system’s built-in anomalies into sharp relief (see Sidebar: Election 2014-An Astonished Glance).The real “tectonic shift” – a favorite election-coverage phrase among television news anchors in India – however goes beyond the impressive numbers. For the first time since the 1971 general elections in which Indira Gandhi trumped her opposition with the quasi-socialist “Garibi Hatao” or “Banish Poverty” slogan, an Indian leader has captured the imagination of the electorate with the hope of a better future – supported by little more than the courage of his conviction and the sheer confidence exuded by his authoritative personality.Of course, external events and trends – Indira Gandhi’s decisive victory against Pakistan in the Bangladesh War earlier that year, and Modi’s performance as a facilitator of economic growth in Gujarat in the face of a countrywide downturn under the Congress administration – played their marginal part. But unlike Rajiv Gandhi who was catapulted to the prime minister’s post on a sympathy wave following his mother’s assassination in 1984, unlike V.P. Singh whose elevation was a direct fallout of the public ire over the Bofors scam which linked Rajiv Gandhi to kickbacks, and unlike the numerous interim PMs who were largely compromise candidates, Narendra Modi has emerged from Election 2014 as the unmistakable embodiment of an idea whose time has indeed come. Which therefore makes its result the most significant in recent history.What are the broad contours of that idea, its notable salient features? In other words, what can one expect in a Modi-fied India?THE RISE OF HMTs – or the Hindi Medium Types. A pejorative label used by the tiny coterie of the Oxbridge-type power brokers who had the ear of the First Family (read Sonia and Rahul Gandhi), and who therefore rode roughshod over their less “sophisticated” colleagues has now come to haunt them. During most of the ten-year-long Congress rule the troika of Congressmen-lawyers – P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, and Salman Khurshid – headed a group that sometimes included the likes of Kamal Nath and Jairam Ramesh as well. Entrusted by the Gandhis with the task of governance, this group occupied key ministerial positions and enjoyed all the perks of power. Distressingly, its groupies hardly ever deigned to speak to – much less, consult or socialize with – other parliamentarians when it came to making laws and formulating policy. And the snooty elitist behavior extended to even those belonging to their own party, particularly if the parliamentarian in question spoke no English.All this is on the verge of changing – and not only because there will be more farmers than lawyers in the new Lok Sabha. There’s a palpable shift in the language of political discourse, a shift that reflects the deep and perhaps enduring transformation in the country’s political culture. Narendra Modi himself personifies this difference more vividly than anybody else. Knowing well that his English is not match for his Hindi, the master orator and communicator prefers the national language and uses English phrases only to pepper his speech now and then with a dab of everyday English-Vinglish. The winds of this change in fact began blowing some time before the elections. And the Aam Aadmi Party leaders, led by Arvind Kejriwal, sniffed it first. Although they are all highly educated and proficient in spoken and written English, Hindi is their default mode of communication.The small-town “provincial” vernacular-wallah may well have elbowed the suited-booted English-spouting gentry out of the corridors of power in New Delhi – at least for the foreseeable future. Was Modi only half-joking when he promised during his farewell speech in the Gujarat assembly that his Prime Minister’s Office might see khaman dhokla and khakra (ethnic Gujarati snacks) being served to visitors, and might even hear an occasional word or two of Gujarati being spoken there?THE FALL OF DYNASTIC POLITICS – or, to put it mildly, the eclipse of the Nehru-Gandhi family – is another major outcome of this election. Not that there aren’t other father-son or father-daughter combines raking in the spoils of a career in Indian politics, but the Nehru-Gandhi lineage is doubtless its longest surviving showpiece. After presiding over a regime that’s by far the most corrupt in independent India (attested by nearly a dozen high-value scams) and after inflicting on the average Indian an inflationary economy that rendered him hapless and reeling, it’s a minor wonder that the Gandhis still nursed ambitions of their party returning to power. Worse, some Congressmen went around adding insult to inflation by claiming you could get a full meal at several places for a mere five rupees (8 US cents)! True, the Gandhis never said so themselves, but they never publicly debunked such statements from their spokesmen either.It might therefore be tempting to speculate that the end of political elitism might have coincided with the fall of the First Family. But that would be a hasty and presumptuous assessment. Remember, both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi retained their individual seats – albeit with depleted margins – amidst the countrywide decimation of the Congress Party. This speaks of a certain lingering nostalgia for the family, which has encouraged party insiders to believe that Rahul’s sister Priyanka Vadra might be able to work her charm and contribute to a possible Congress revival in time for the next elections in 2019. How far Mrs Vadra can carry the deadwood party with the albatross of her tainted husband’s land deals already around her neck – is a point for them to ponder.AN OUT-OF-THE-BOX PM: In the list of doubts one may have about Narendra Modi’s efficacy as Prime Minister, the ability to be decisive -even assertive – over contentious issues would certainly not figure. It’s a measure of how ineffective and indecisive the outgoing PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was and how badly projects languished on account of his administration’s policy paralysis, that this trait of Modi’s has taken on the dimension of a rarely found virtue. All the same, should Modi the PM replicate in New Delhi how Modi the CM went about his business in Gandhinagar, the country should see a style of governance that encourages decentralized autonomy in decision-making among bureaucrats and technocrats while maintaining a tight rein on them for delivering time-bound results. In the run-up to his swearing-in and prior to his cabinet formation, Modi had already sent word to departmental heads to draw up and submit their plans to improve efficiency. And, if his close associates are to be believed, the man would not ponder too long over dismantling entire departments and even ministries or merging them in the interest of quicker decisions and speedier implementation of projects. An example of Modi’s out-of-the-box style of confronting adversity and neutralizing potential opposition was the decision to invite heads of neighboring countries in the sub-continent for his swearing-in ceremony. A master-stroke in political gamesmanship, it neatly weaved together a number of delicate strands. In his campaign speeches, Modi had made his hostility against Pakistan abundantly clear for exporting terrorism to India and for infiltrating into Indian territory. He similarly railed against illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Modi’s critics felt he had overreached and jumped the gun by taking on foreign governments. What better way to demonstrate good-faith for resolving these problems and to prevent both those governments from capitalizing on their own people’s hostility against Modi’s xenophobic statements than to have Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh or their representatives participate in his swearing-in? And what better occasion than one where the two leaders are invited as part of a larger multilateral group of SAARC country heads, without being singled out?While accepting all these strengths, one cannot ignore the dark lining to the silver cloud. True, human nature is fickle and behavior eminently unpredictable. But if we can credit Narendra Modi for his perceived assets and achievements on the strength of his past performance in Gujarat, we need to take stock of his perceived misdeeds and personality flaws as well.MODI, THE AUTOCRAT: Stories abound of Narendra Modi brooking no opposition, of targeting media persons critical of his administration in Gujarat and compromising their professional freedoms to a point where gradually he had no critics left for an objective evaluation of his development programs. Even outside the state, Modi has exhibited boorish behavior in the face of tough questions, walking out of interviews on national television. The same intolerance drove him to eliminate all potential opponents and rivals within his own party, his overwhelming majorities in the state assembly elections ensuring that opposition parties were rendered powerless by the voters themselves.The same story threatens to continue in the national capital. In his victory speeches after the general elections, Modi strained to pay lip-service to bipartisanship with his talk of being inclusive in his governance plans. But the man just could not hold himself back from publicly ridiculing the opposition, pointing out that they might need to form a coalition to survive.MODINOMICS: Modi’s governance mantra of “Maximum Governance, Minimum Government” distantly echoes President Ronald Reagan’s economic philosophy, which steered the U.S.A. toward a rightward course in the 1980s. Much like Reaganomics, Modinomics emphasizes economic growth and prosperity without concerning itself with their all-round distribution. We now know that the rich and the well-heeled were the principal beneficiaries of Reagan’s so-called Trickle Down theory. So how much of the hype about Modi’s Gujarat Model of development should one believe?It might be instructive to heed the opinions of two independent foreign scholars who studied the Gujarat Model in detail. In an insightful essay titled “Development Is More Than Growth,” Martha C. Nussbaum a professor with the University of Chicago, questions the primacy of economic growth as an adequate measure of development. Analyzing instead Gujarat’s data under the Human Development index, Nussbaum concludes that Modi’s overall record is at best “only middling” – “far worse than that of states such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which have been preoccupied, rightly, with the distribution of health care and education.”Christophe Jaffrelot, a French political scientist with research interests in South Asian economies, agrees with Nussbaum’s “middling” ranking of the Gujarat Model, and attributes that to the “low pace of development in rural Gujarat.” He points out that under Modi, the number of Gujarati families below the poverty line has increased and rural tribals and dalits marginalized.However, Modi’s policies, which have attracted huge foreign investment in several sectors, are approved by the Indian American economists Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya. The Columbia University faculty members believes the social indicators for Gujarat are lower in comparison with other Indian states, because they began their upward movement under Modi from a much lower baseline than those of others. Even so, they argue, the rates of progress in literacy and public-health indicators have been commendable.INTOLERANCE, HINDUTVA STYLE: Member-organizations of the right-wing Hindu fundamentalist-nationalist umbrella group – Sangh Parivar – have a proven record of brute violence against minorities and open hostility against dissenting opinions and lifestyles. In January 1999, a Bajrang Dal hothead Dara Singh led a mob that burnt alive a Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two young sons alleging that Staines was forcibly converting tribals in Orissa to Christianity and “corrupting” them with the trappings of Western lifestyles. Protests against the American scholar James W. Laine’s book on Shivaji led to the burning down in January 2004 of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Pune where Laine had done some of his research. Penguin Press, which in 2009 published Wendy Doniger’s “alternative history” of the Hindus, was so thoroughly intimidated by the prospect of the protests against it snowballing that it agreed to withdraw and pulp all copies of the book as part of the settlement of a lawsuit objecting to its depiction of the religion.That lawsuit was filed by RSS activist Dinanath Batra who, days after Modi’s elevation to the PM post, wrote to him demanding “a total change” in the country’s education system in line with “a new moral universe” reflecting Indian values so that it “inculcates a feeling of patriotism among children.” In the forefront of the “saffronization” process in Indian school curricula when the BJP-led coalition last ruled the country between 1998 and 2004, Batra has clearly been emboldened by the party’s return to power.Narendra Modi has yet to respond publicly to Batra’s letter, having his hands full trying to live down the image of the “Butcher of Gujarat.” His blanket defence: Far from the courts convicting him of any offence, even the investigating agencies have found nothing to indict him for the post-Godhra riots of 2002. But the fact remains that they happened under his watch as chief minister. Curiously, soon after those riots, which reportedly killed over a thousand Muslims, Modi and his BJP won a comfortable victory (127 out of 182 seats) in the Gujarat assembly elections. Even more curiously, soon after the Muzaffarnagar riots in the country’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh in August and September last year, which killed at least 42 Muslims and left many more homeless, Modi and his BJP swept UP (73 out of 80 seats) in the 2014 general elections.ATTITUDE TOWARDS WOMEN: Traditionally, the leadership of India’s right-of-center political parties and organizations like the BJP and the RSS has been male-dominated. Few were therefore surprised when no statement came from them denouncing the spate of rapes that shamed the country last year, and when members of the Sangh Parivar offshoot Deshe Sena attacked women in Mangalore pubs.Where does all of the above leave Narendra Modi and his model of governance – one that is as yet untested on the national stage? Will he be his own man and face up to the pressures from the Parivar? Or will we see him slide down the slippery slope of political accommodation with his ideological family members? To his credit, Narendra Modi as Gujarat CM insisted on demolishing dozens of illegally constructed temples in his state – much to the chagrin of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Also, he may have scored points with women when Anandiben Patel was inducted as Gujarat’s first woman chief minister after Modi stepped down. Also, women accounted for 25 percent of Modi’s senior cabinet ministers.But Modi needs to convince his doubters that these actions are not mere flashes of deceptive tokenism. His hardship days as a political activist – travelling incognito from town to town and surviving frugally on the generosity of sympathizers – to avoid arrest during Indira Gandhi’s draconian Emergency should have taught him that the line between being decisive and being autocratic, being authoritative and being authoritarian is a thin one. His voters – and his votaries – are hoping he won’t cross it.A round of khaman dhokla and khakra, anyone? Election 2014The size of the total electorate set a new record of 850-million, of which close to 550-million actually voted.Administrative costs, excluding security arrangements, ran into Rs. 3,500 crore ($580-million). Political parties spent ten times that amount on their campaigns. The total expense, nearly three times that of the last general election in 2009, was second only to the $7 billion US Presidential Election of 2012.889 of the 8,236 candidates in this election had serious criminal cases pending against them. How serious? Try murder, criminal intimidation, assault on women, and hate crimes. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which won the largest number of seats, had the highest percentage of such candidates.Two of the richest candidates — IT honcho Nandan Nilekani (assets: Rs 77 billion) and industrialist Navin Jindal (Rs 3 billion), both of the Congress Party — lost by margins of 230,000 and 130,000 votes respectively. The party’s seat tally stands at zero in 13 states, all six Union Territories and the country’s two largest metros of Delhi and Mumbai.Not a single Muslim was elected from the country’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. The Hindu voter turnout in UP stood at 40% while that among Muslims exceeded 90%.And here’s the ultimate anomaly of the first-past-the-post system that India follows: BJP and its allies bagged 336 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha with a vote share of 31%. At second place, the Congress with its allies bagged a measly 59 seats with a vote share of 21%. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, after getting the third highest vote share of 4.3% nationally, didn’t win any seat. The Selling of Modi3D hologram image of Narendra ModiIn June 2013, anticipating the announcement of his name as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi attempted to cut a Rambo-like superman figure. He reportedly airdashed to the site of the floods in Uttarakhand state and “rescued 15,000 Gujaratis” stranded there. Among those who questioned the accuracy of the figure and the heroism of the act were top BJP leaders. Could the hilly location from where the people were evacuated even accommodate that many people? And, how parochial of a PM-aspirant to claim to have rescued only those from his home state.The Modi image-makers abandoned that route, and stuck to something they could control. Like the candidate himself. Never a shabby dresser, Modi fine-tuned his wardrobe, adding color-coordinated jackets to his array of kurtas.And like high-end information technology. Here they hit a jackpot — in the form of the campaign’s strategic brain, the NRI Prashant Kishor. His first significant contribution after coming on board was to set up the Modi-backed NGO called Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) which effectively played the role of a US-style public action committee in recruiting campaign workers and garnering campaign funds. Deploying technical innovations which maximize the reach of Internet, mobile apps and the game-changing 3D-Hologram, the yuppie public-health expert and former head of the UN mission in Africa has made Narendra Modi’s nationwide campaign easily the most tech-savvy in Indian history.If a potential voter cannot attend a live public rally being addressed by Modi, he could dial in for a live broadcast of the speech. Another facility allowed voters to listen to pre-recorded excerpts from the Modi speeches categorized neatly into issues: corruption, inflation, development, and so on. Add to this, the goodies of the India272+ mobile app, the GPS-fitted Digital Raths, the Modi4PM donation drive were all synergized to cover — and draft — millions as supporters and voters.The acme of Modi’s roadshow was the 3D-Hologram. It allowed him to make a speech from the CAG’s hitech studio and have his 3D image beamed simultaneously on multiple screens across several states. Its novelty apart, the ethereal quality of the presentation zapped audiences.With his image-consultants playing a key role in his journey to the Prime Minister’s residence at Delhi’s 7 Race Course Road, it’s hardly surprising that an entire bungalow — one of five on the lawns — has been earmarked to house the Modi PR team. Related Itemslast_img read more

Pingris wants showdown with Ginebra in playoffs

first_imgTrending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games With the match-ups now set, Pingris’ focus is on Star’s cohesion as it seeks to further develop its teamwork in the quarters with reinforcement Kristofer Acox in tow.“What’s important here is the chemistry we’re building. We changed imports so he needs to understand our games and know that it’s always going to be our defense which will help us win games,” he said. Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Pingris went to as far as comparing the meeting to a championship series.“Every time we face Ginebra, we feel like we’re in the Finals. The history is there with Manila Clasico and a lot of fans are watching.”Pingris, though, will have to wait until the finals for his dream matchup to come true and given that both teams survive their respective quarterfinals and semifinals duels.Meralco’s 104-101 victory over San Miguel in the final eliminations game on Sunday propelled Ginebra to the No. 3 spot and Star to four.The Gin Kings will face the Grand Slam-seeking Beermen in the playoffs, while the Hotshots will have an early rematch with the NLEX Road Warriors, whom they beat 101-93 on Sunday.ADVERTISEMENT Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Read Next Fajardo takes blame for SMB loss to Bolts E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad  BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight LATEST STORIES PBA IMAGES“To be the best, you have to beat the best.”And that’s exactly what Marc Pingris wants Star to do as he wishes for a collision course with defending champion Barangay Ginebra in the playoffs.ADVERTISEMENT Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  View comments “Even if we’re twice-to-win, I want Ginebra,” said the energetic forward.Pingris has no problems even if the odds will be stacked against the Hotshots knowing that their team will be tested early, and what better opponent to have than the reigning Governors’ Cup champion to gauge themselves.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutout“It’s a great feeling to play because you’ll be facing a strong team. If you can’t beat them, how can you be a champion? It’s better to face a strong team early,” he said.Since coach Tim Cone left for the Gin Kings, the Purefoods franchise are 4-10 against its fierce rival and has lost its last four duels. MOST READ LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMClast_img read more

TNT stays in playoff hunt, routs quarterfinals-bound NLEX

first_imgPussycat Dolls set for reunion tour after 10-year hiatus Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LATEST STORIES John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Read Next Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university PLAY LIST 01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LOOK: Iya Villania meets ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ cast in Mexico FEU ends NU’s streak, gets share of second spot Google honors food scientist, banana ketchup inventor and war hero Maria Orosacenter_img “We’ve been struggling offensive this conference and that’s no secret,” said TNT head coach Nash Racela, whose squad led by as much 38, 59-3, early in the third quarter. “I think the two-week break really helped us.”“Today, at least offensively we looked a lot better than in our previous games. We needed a win for us to give ourselves a chance in the playoffs and the only thing we can control is this game,” Racela added.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutNewly-acquired guard Jericho Cruz was one of the big reasons for the KaTropa’s improved offense.Cruz fired a team-high 17 points and had three rebounds, four assists and two steals in his debut TNT. Kelly Williams also had 17 points on top of 16 rebounds and three steals. PBA IMAGESTNT staved off elimination after crushing NLEX, 101-75, in the 2018 PBA Philippine Cup Wednesday at Mall of Asia Arena.Despite the blowout win, the KaTropa’s playoff status remains up in the air with their fate of making the quarterfinals already out of their control.ADVERTISEMENT Families in US enclave in north Mexico hold sad Thanksgiving MOST READ The Road Warriors, who came into the game already assured of a spot in the quarterfinals slot, scored the game’s first four points, but the KaTropa took it from there.TNT outscored NLEX, 31-12, in the second quarter to take a 58-28 advantage heading into the second half.JR Quiñahan scored a game-hgh 20 points while Kevin Alas added 14 for the Road Warriors (6-5).RELATED VIDEOADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH AFP official booed out of forum View commentslast_img read more


first_imgRahane, who has scored four Test tons and two 90s – all Rahane, who has scored four Test tons and two 90s – all made outside the country – said that it was all about making the requisite adaptation. “Its all about mental adjustment. When you bat at no. 3 you have to take a little more time (to settle down) than at no. 5. The ball is relatively new. You have to take your time, give half an hour to the bowlers, see how the bounce is and the (behaviour of the) wicket, and then you can play on your instinct. “Whereas, batting at no. 5 you can actually take 10-15 minutes (to settle down) as you can actually know (understand) about the wicket (by) sitting inside the dressing room. “By watching the openers and no. 3 bat, you can actually know (about) the wicket and the bowling attack – the line and length they are bowling – and in 10-15 minutes (on arrival at the crease) you can play your shots. At no. 3 shot selection is important, at no. 5 too it is, but a slight mental adjustment is needed (to bat at no. 3),” he elaborated. Praising Ravi Shastris role as the teams director, Rahane said the inputs from the former India all-rounder had helped the team significantly. “Inputs from Ravibhai actually helped us a lot. He always gives us positive feedback and tells all positive things, his experience on and off the field. The team has benefitted a lot, improved its thinking and got motivated from his talks.” Personally speaking, he credited Shastri for his guidance. “He has told me… Take your time in the first 10-15 minutes and after that you have the game and have all the shots to dominate the best bowling attacks at the highest level. “The first 15-20 minutes or half an hour (on arrival at the crease) is an important time for any batsman – whether he is playing his first Test or 100th. He has told me take your time, see whats happening, what a particular bowler is bowling, give him respect and after that its all yours,” he said. (MORE) PTI SSR SDL BS AHadvertisementlast_img read more

Chennai to host PBL matches     Â

first_imgChennai, Nov 24 (PTI) Chennai will host matches in the third edition of Premier Badminton League (PBL) at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here from January 5 to 9, 2018. The tournament gets underway on December 23. The organisers, Sportzlive Entertainment, said in a press release that the spectators can see Chennai Smashers, the home team, in action subject to the final schedule. The Smashers includes among others Indias ace shuttler P V Sindhu and English mixed doubles team of Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock.The finals of the eight-team tournament are slated to be held on January 14, 2018. “We are glad to have Chennai back on PBLs map,” Atul Pande, the man behind the league, said. Pande thanked Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT) for its support. “We wouldnt have been able to plan something so grand without their support,” he said. PTI SS�APR APRlast_img read more

Winbond and Tiempo Secure announce fully CC EAL5+ certifiable Secure Element IP for IoT

first_imgWinbond Electronics and Tiempo Secure are announcing a complete solution for certifiable Secure Elements comprised of Tiempo Secure’s fully proven hard macro IP and Winbond’s certified secure flash. The combined solution offers cloud to IoT authentication and security, secured connectivity and IoT device privacy. Winbond is displaying at electronica a set of solutions to the embedded memory constraints facing designers of security-critical applications in IoT nodes and other connected products.Winbond’s W75F Secure Flash Solution is the first secure Flash memory device to gain a Common Criteria EAL5+ certificate. It can be used for secure Execute-in-Place (XiP) functions, and to protect the confidentiality and integrity of code and data in IoT devices, and in integrated UICC, integrated Secure Element or integrated Hardware Security Modules for automotive and Artificial Intelligence platforms.The Winbond W75 provides the industry’s most secure external storage for data and code. It offers a dependable solution for manufacturers of connected devices which want to defend their products against threats such as replay, roll-back, man-in-the-middle, sniffing, side channel and fault injection attacks.Tiempo Secure’s TESIC is a unique family of Common Criteria EAL5+ certification proven Secure Element IPs designed for the IoT, available for SoC/chip integration as hard IP macros. TESIC IP being already integrated into its CC EAL5+ and EMVCo certified secure microcontroller chip, Tiempo Secure is uniquely able to offer such CC EAL5+ security proven IP solution as well as a guaranteed path from IP integration to CC EAL5+ certification. Tiempo Secure provides Customers with a one-stop shop security solution, including secure hardware design and secure software development services that complement its TESIC IP portfolio, and the execution and support of CC EAL5+ and EMVCo certification processes for Customers’ chips including Tiempo Secure’s hard IP macros.Winbond and Tiempo Secure announce fully CC EAL5+ certifiable Secure Element IP for IoTWinbond Electronics and Tiempo Secure are announcing a complete solution for certifiable Secure Elements comprised of Tiempo Secure’s fully proven hard macro IP and Winbond’s certified secure flash. The combined solution offers cloud to IoT authentication and security, secured connectivity and IoT device privacy. Winbond is displaying at electronica a set of solutions to the embedded memory constraints facing designers of security-critical applications in IoT nodes and other connected products.Winbond’s W75F Secure Flash Solution is the first secure Flash memory device to gain a Common Criteria EAL5+ certificate. It can be used for secure Execute-in-Place (XiP) functions, and to protect the confidentiality and integrity of code and data in IoT devices, and in integrated UICC, integrated Secure Element or integrated Hardware Security Modules for automotive and Artificial Intelligence platforms.The Winbond W75 provides the industry’s most secure external storage for data and code. It offers a dependable solution for manufacturers of connected devices which want to defend their products against threats such as replay, roll-back, man-in-the-middle, sniffing, side channel and fault injection attacks.Tiempo Secure’s TESIC is a unique family of Common Criteria EAL5+ certification proven Secure Element IPs designed for the IoT, available for SoC/chip integration as hard IP macros. TESIC IP being already integrated into its CC EAL5+ and EMVCo certified secure microcontroller chip, Tiempo Secure is uniquely able to offer such CC EAL5+ security proven IP solution as well as a guaranteed path from IP integration to CC EAL5+ certification. Tiempo Secure provides Customers with a one-stop shop security solution, including secure hardware design and secure software development services that complement its TESIC IP portfolio, and the execution and support of CC EAL5+ and EMVCo certification processes for Customers’ chips including Tiempo Secure’s hard IP macros.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components Continue Reading Previous Allegro demonstrates automotive and high-efficiency power and sensing technologiesNext VersaLogic releases low-cost addition to Intel Bay Trail PC/104-Plus computer rangelast_img read more


first_imgShe’s sitting on the plane…it’s just five hours until the first manager’s meeting of the 2004 National Touch League begins. It’s just five hours until team registration sheets, selection availability sheets and statutory declaration forms begin to pile up on the desk in front of her. It’s just five hours until the questions begin, the excuses for missing forms begin, the unsigned sheets and the general chaos hits home….no need to continue. The thought is just way too daunting. It’s just five hours until…wait, what’s the air hostess doing to her? Man, it’s hot tea, spilled all down the front of her nice clean skirt. And so it begins… It’s the 2004 NTL’s and National Director of Selectors Cathy Gray is looking forward to 10 days of full time selection for National teams and squads. There’s selection for the Youth World Cup 20 years squads, the Australian Talent Identification Program (TIP), National Training Squads (NTS) and Australian Seniors teams. Everyone sees and knows the final outcome of the work that Cathy and her team of 22 other selectors and TI panel here, will do throughout the tournament. What no one really understands is exactly what these incredibly dedicated people will do to reach that final outcome. The selectors, along with tournament officials, will be the first at the fields every day. They will also be the last to leave. And when they get home, they might cook themselves some dinner and sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but their folders will come back out and they’ll get back to work. Over the next 10 days these selectors will together watch around 500 games of touch, see around 1600 different players, fill out around 1000 assessment forms, lose around 100 pens, drink at least 2000 cups of coffee, get itchy legs from sitting on the grass, get sunburnt or drenched by rain (possibly both) and just sick of answering the same questions again and again and again. But they love it. And they wouldn’t be here if they didn’t. Just like players wouldn’t play, coaches wouldn’t coach and referees wouldn’t ref. Cathy Gray has been selecting for touch football since 1991, around 13 years now. She describes her journey to the position of National Director as sort of accidental. “I just sort of fell into selecting, they needed someone one day and I was there”, she says. “I ended up on the NSW selection panel, was invited to apply for the ATA selection panel, applied for the position of National Director and then I ended up here.” “The team of selectors we have are very positive and we have great working relationships with each other and the national coaches. There is a lot of trust on both sides.” It’s important for everyone to realise that for these selectors, this isn’t their only job. “We all have other jobs too, just like the players and coaches. Between touch selection and my teaching job I haven’t had a day at home in six weeks”, says Cathy. “The day after NTL’s finish I will be on a 6:30am flight home, I’ll be back just in time to teach my classes at Cheltenham Girls High school.” Despite the crazily hectic lifestyle that being a selector seems to throw at these guys, Cathy admits to absolutely loving what they get to do. “We love to do this, there’s a lot of great personalities in our group and in touch football in general and we enjoy each other’s company”, says Cathy. “To be honest, we just absolutely enjoy it. It’s a lot of work, but very rewarding. Seeing the way the Australian teams performed and what they achieved at the last World Cup makes all the hard work worthwhile. It was just such an honour to be there and be a part of everything.” So when you’re thinking about your NTL players this week or wondering how they’re doing, send up a quick prayer for our selectors who are working away behind the scenes. They deserve it. Rachel Moylelast_img read more

Man Utd keeper loaned out

first_imgManchester United goalkeeper Joel Pereira has joined Belgian club KV Kortrijk on loan until the end of the season.The 22-year-old made nine league appearances during a loan spell at Portuguese side Vitoria Setubal during the fist half of the season, and would have been United’s fourth-choice keeper behind David de Gea, Sergio Romero and Lee Grant had he stayed at Old Trafford. Pereira, who was born in Switzerland but has played for Portugal at Under-21 level, has previously had temporary spells at Rochdale and Belenenses of the Portuguese top flight as well after graduating from the Reds’ youth team.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? He was much admired by former Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho, who had commented Pereira could become “the Portuguese goalkeeper of the next generation”. The stopper joins midfielder Matty Willock in making a loan move away from Old Trafford on deadline day.Willock joined Crawley Town for the remainder of the season earlier today, having also spent the first half of the campaign away from the club. During a temporary stint with St Mirren the 22-year-old made 13 appearances north of the border, but now links up with Crawley who sit 16th in League 2.However, Timothy Fosu-Mensah has apparently turned down a number of loan offers after only playing 34 minutes of football since Claudio Ranieri replaced Slavisi Jokanovic at Fulham.Huddersfield Town are reported to be one of the clubs who contacted Fosu-Mensah over a potential switch, but the defender is now expected to stay at Craven Cottage.Marouane Fellaini also is expected to secure a move out of Manchester though, having been spotted at an airport in Brussels.United have agreed a £10 million deal with Chinese Super League club Shandong Luneng, and the Belgium international is set to sign a three-year deal after falling out of favour under caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. But the Reds did tie down Anthony Martial to a five-year contract on Wednesday after the Frenchman has put in a number of impressive performances in recent weeks. Spain goalkeeper De Gea is apparently also close to committing his future to United and could sign a long-term deal soon.last_img read more

Increased Computer Access at Holy Trinity High School

first_imgHoly Trinity High School is on the way to improved academic results, with the assistance of technology, and teachers being able to “walk” with laptop computers for use in classes. Some 300 seventh graders will also benefit from 20 new Internet-enabled desktop computers, which have been installed in the school’s reading room. A total of 45 computers were formally handed over to the institution in Kingston, on Tuesday, March 12, by representatives of William Charter High School in Philadelphia, in the United States. Education Minister, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites, who witnessed the handing over, noted that the school was described in the past as falling behind, but is now leading the secondary school system in the improvement of Grade Seven Literacy. “If we do not deal with appropriate numeracy and literacy interventions at the Grade Seven level, we are courting failure at the higher grades…therefore young people, you’re being given a tremendous advantage – don’t watch where you come from – consider where you can be at the end of Grade Seven, so that you can be good students in any subject,” he told the students. The Minister emphasised that this is a “big opportunity” which can be duplicated in schools across the country. “We want to ensure that schools recognize the importance of not just taking in grade seven students and moving them through the system – but making the appropriate individual interventions. The technology that you have been given today, affords you the opportunity to do that,” he said. Principal, Margaret Bolt, welcomed the donation. “We really want to use technology to drive improvement in literacy and we also want to be able to assist our teachers to engage in using technology. Many times they don’t have the facility in their rooms. We have a lot of technical areas, and so the teachers want to be able to walk with the technology into the workshops,” she told JIS News. She explained that William Penn Charter High School has also made available two technical persons for installation, and to train the teachers in using the technology. The Grade Seven students use the reading room up to three times per week. Meanwhile, Manager of Technology and Network Services at William Penn Charter High, Paul Blackwood, said the collaboration came about from connection with the Principal years ago, while she was at another institution.“This is the first phase of what we are trying to do. The reading lab was in need of being refurbished, so that was our project to refurbish with desktop computers and then give the heads of department laptops, so they could become a mobile workforce,” he said.Mr. Blackwood further informed that e-mail accounts have been established for all members of the Holy Trinity faculty, with a view to creating accounts for all the students over time.“We believe that by having a presence and point of contact on the web, the stakeholders who want to be vested in the total development of the school will have that point of contact, and see that the school has a professional presence,” he said.The cost for the batch of computers is approximately US$10,000.By Alphea Saunders, JIS Reporterslast_img read more

Prolifération dalgues bleues dans le lac Torment

first_imgOn demande aux résidents et aux visiteurs de la région d’East Dalhousie, dans le comté de Kings, de ne pas nager dans le lac Torment ou de consommer l’eau de ce lac et de toute étendue d’eau liée en raison d’une prolifération possible d’algues bleues. Bien que le risque pour la santé soit relativement faible, il vaut mieux éviter tout contact avec l’eau à titre de précaution. La prolifération d’algues bleues a lieu naturellement, et ces algues peuvent produire des toxines. Il faut éviter de boire l’eau ou d’utiliser l’eau pour préparer ou cuire des aliments, ou pour se brosser les dents. Les toxines ne sont pas éliminées en faisant bouillir l’eau. Les symptômes liés à la consommation d’eau contenant des algues bleues incluent des douleurs abdominales, la diarrhée, des vomissements et la nausée. Il n’est pas recommandé d’utiliser l’eau pour les loisirs, ou pour se laver. Le contact direct avec les toxines produites par les algues bleues peut causer l’irritation de la peau et des yeux. Si les symptômes persistent plus de quelques jours, consultez un fournisseur de soins de santé. Dans la mesure du possible, ne laissez pas les animaux de compagnie ou autres consommer l’eau ou nager dans l’eau où des algues bleues sont présentes. Des renseignements supplémentaires sont disponibles aux liens et (en anglais seulement).last_img read more

Canadian PM Trudeau says gender equality under attack

first_imgVancouver: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said gender equality is “under attack,” and warned of declining women’s rights, at a major conference on the subject. “Progress can backslide. We’re seeing it happen. Gender equality is under attack. And I can only imagine how hard it is to be a feminist on the frontlines,” he said in an opening address to the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver. “Individuals and interest groups are trying to roll back women’s rights,” Trudeau said without giving names. Also Read – ‘Hong Kong won’t rule out Chinese help over protests’ He warned that “politicians are giving into the pressure, shamefully campaigning to undo women’s hard-won victories.” The three-day Vancouver conference has brought together 8,000 participants including leaders, activists, academics and journalists from 150 countries to discuss gender equality. Trudeau has made the issue a priority of his government, which faces parliamentary elections in October. After taking office in 2015 he formed a cabinet with equal numbers of male and female ministers. Earlier on Monday, Trudeau attended the unveiling of a report that concluded that perhaps thousands of indigenous women were victims of endemic violence that amounted to “genocide.” The day before, his government announced funding of Can 300 million (US 223 million) for women’s rights organizations in Canada and overseas.last_img read more

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to revisit Air Canada retirement age issue

first_imgTORONTO – The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal will be revisiting the issue of whether Air Canada was wrong to force some pilots to retire at age 60.A decision publicly released on Friday says the tribunal will hold another hearing to determine whether the airline had the right to force 45 pilots to retire at an age it deemed to be the industry standard.The decision says the case originally had 97 complainants, but 52 of them will not have their retirement age scrutinized by the tribunal.The issue of retirement age for Air Canada pilots has come up both at the tribunal and in federal court numerous times in the past decade.Two cases with different complainants, but similar arguments, were ruled upon by the tribunal, reviewed in federal court, then ultimately dismissed by the Federal Court of Appeal.The tribunal says the 52 pilots whose retirement dates were covered by the previous cases will not be included in the new hearing, but says it will hear arguments from the remaining 45 whose retirement dates fall outside of the timeline covered by the other cases.A lawyer representing the majority of the pilots expects the new tribunal hearing will get underway in early 2018.Raymond Hall said he welcomed the latest development in the highly complex case.“We’ve been at it for 12 years,” he said Friday in an interview. “It’s no small thing.”The new tribunal hearing will unfold against the complicated backdrop of both the two past cases as well as changes in federal law.In 2011, as part of an omnibus bill, the then Conservative government passed a law forbidding federally regulated companies such as Air Canada to enforce a mandatory retirement age on its employees. The law went into effect in December 2012.Prior to that legislation, the issue of retirement age at Air Canada had been hotly contested on at least two occasions at the tribunal.The first case, named the Vilven/Kelly matter after its two plaintiffs, challenged Air Canada’s imposition of a mandatory retirement age of 60 for pilots forced to stop working between 2003 and 2005.Despite an initially favourable ruling from the tribunal, the case was challenged in federal court and ultimately quashed by the Court of Appeal.The second case, dubbed Thwaites/Adamson, involved 70 plaintiffs who retired between 2005 and 2009.That, too, received contradictory rulings from the tribunal and federal courts before ultimately being dismissed by the Court of Appeal.In both cases, Hall sought leave to bring the cases before the Supreme Court of Canada, but that leave was denied.The third and most recent group of complainants, referred to as Bailie et al, had retirement dates ranging from June 2004 to February 2012.Air Canada and the Air Canada Pilots Association, which represents the thousands of people who man aircraft for the country’s largest airline, had filed a motion to dismiss the Bailey complaint.Their primary rationale, according to the decision, was the fact that the issues at hand had been rehashed before in the two previous cases.Adjudicator David Thomas wrote in the decision that this held true for the 52 pilots who had retired before 2010, but that the 45 who retired after that date had not yet had a chance to air their grievances.While describing the possibility as improbable, he conceded that there may have been changes in the industry during those years that would make the forced retirement discriminatory on the basis of age.“While I am sympathetic to the respondents’ arguments that it is ‘highly improbable’ that a meaningful change to the material facts affecting the normal age of retirement occurred during the short period after Dec. 31, 2009 until the last Bailie complainant reached the age of 60 in February of 2012, I have not been provided with satisfactory information that there were no changes in the industry,” he wrote. “…it is not the role of the tribunal to speculate whether certain evidence may or may not exist. The tribunal has no investigatory powers and has no material evidence before it for the younger complainants. It is the right and the obligation of the parties to present that evidence to the tribunal in a quasi-judicial forum.”-Follow @mich_mcq on Twitterlast_img read more

Men removed from Vegasbound jet in Winnipeg have been released without charges

first_imgWINNIPEG – The RCMP confirm that five British men who were removed from a Thomas Cook Airlines flight that diverted to Winnipeg on the weekend have been released without charges.The men had been on a flight from Manchester to Las Vegas on Saturday morning when the airline said the crew landed the plane in Winnipeg due to some passengers’ “disruptive behaviour.”RCMP took the men off the aircraft in handcuffs and arrested them for mischief and causing a disturbance.A video posted on the Daily mail’s web site shows passengers cheering, and some of the men swearing, as police and border security officers removed them from the plane.There was no immediate word if they’ll face arrest when they return to the UK.The plane continued on from Winnipeg to Las Vegas later Saturday afternoon.last_img read more


first_imgHBO revealed today that it has ordered the drama series WATCHMEN, slated for a 2019 premiere. Based on the acclaimed comic books of the same name, the series is set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, and embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel while attempting to break new ground of its own.Nothing ever ends. #WatchmenHBO #DamonLindelof— HBO (@HBO) August 17, 2018In a letter posted on Instagram last May, Damon Lindelof (LOST, THE LEFTOVERS) offered some insight into the new series telling fans: “the show will not be a re-telling of the story from the graphic novel, but rather a new story in the same world with new characters set in the present day. Some of the characters will be unknown. New faces. New masks to cover them. We also intend to revisit the past century of Costumed Adventuring through a surprising yet familiar set of eyes…and it is here we will be taking our greatest risks.” Advertisement Facebook Advertisement Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: The cast includes Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Adelaide Clemens, Andrew Howard, Tom Mison, Frances Fisher, Jacob Ming-Trent, Sara Vickers, Dylan Schombing, Lily Rose Smith, and Adelynn Spoon.Damon Lindelof is executive producer and writer. Nicole Kassell is executive producer and pilot director. Tom Spezialy is executive producer. Stephen Williams is executive producer and director. Joseph Iberti is executive producer.WATCHMEN is produced for HBO by White Rabbit in association with Warner Bros. Television, based on characters from DC. Twitterlast_img read more

Production Begins on New Original Drama REX – Coming to Citytv in

first_imgStarring John Reardon as Detective Charlie Hudson, Rex’s partner; Mayko Nguyen as chief of forensics Sarah Truong; Enrico Colantoni as Superintendent Joseph De Luca; and Diesel (a Canadian Kennel Club Grand Champion) as Rex.“We have wanted to make Rex for a number of years and are overjoyed to now be making this with our partners Rogers Media, Pope Productions, and Beta Film, and in beautiful Newfoundland,” said Christina Jennings, Executive Producer,REX / Chairman & CEO, Shaftesbury. “The original series was a ratings hit around the world and we think Canadian and international audiences will delight in the antics of Charlie and Rex.”“Rex is part of our initiative to enlarge our involvement of English language productions. We are thrilled to partner with Shaftesbury, Pope Productions, and Rogers Media, sharing the same vision for this great contemporary re-imagination and the potential for a new addition to this successful franchise. Rex has a cult following and as long-established brand it delivers a unique and steady prime-time success throughout Europe. We are convinced that we can build on the extensive fan-base and enlarge its footprint internationally, especially in North America,” said Oliver Bachert, Beta Film EVP International Sales and Acquisitions.Shaftesbury and Pope Productions Ltd. produces REX in association with Citytv, a division of Rogers Media, and Beta Film GmbH. Beta Film GmbH holds worldwide distribution rights. Produced with the participation of the Newfoundlandand Labrador Film Development Corporation, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Rogers Documentary and Cable Network Fund.“Pope Productions is thrilled to partner with Shaftesbury along with Canadian broadcaster Citytv and international distributor Beta Film to bring the production of REX to Newfoundland and Labrador. We’ve assembled a stellar team and are looking forward to filming throughout St. John’s. This city is a great place to shoot. The crews here are of the highest calibre, our post-production house NIFCO boasts state-of-the-art technology, the scenery is unbeatable, and our hospitality is legendary. We’re very grateful for support from municipal, provincial and federal governments, who recognize the significant economic and cultural contribution the film and television industry makes to our community,” said Paul Pope, Executive Producer, REX / Principal, Pope ProductionsREX is executive produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Paul Pope, Ken Cuperus, and Avrum Jacobson, followed by Laura Harbin as Supervising Producer, Julie Lacey as Producer, and Lisa Porter as Associate Producer. Friedemann Goez and Oliver Bachert are Executive Producers from Beta Film GmbH. Episodes are written by Showrunners Ken Cuperus, Paul Aitken, John Callaghan, Jessie Gabe, Avrum Jacobson, Simon McNabb, and Celeste Parr. Episodes are directed by Felipe Rodriguez, Alison Reid, and John Vatcher. From Rogers Media, Nataline Rodrigues, Director of Original Programming, is Executive Producer, Hayden Mindell is Vice President of Television Programming & Content, and Colette Watson is Senior Vice President of TV & Broadcast Operations.Social MediaCitytv Website: CitytvCitytv on Twitter: @City_tvCitytv on Facebook: on Instagram: @city_tvRogers Media PR on Twitter: @RogersMediaPRRogers Media PR on Instagram: @rogersmediaprAbout Citytv:Citytv offers viewers intensely-local, urban-oriented, and culturally-diverse content through its seven television stations inToronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Montreal, plus the award-winning Citytv Video app. A distinct alternative to other conventional television stations, Citytv delivers an entertaining mix of Canadian and acquired prime-time programming, news, and local-interactive formats with influential brands such as Cityline, CityNews, and Breakfast Television. Citytv is part of Rogers Media, which is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX, NYSE: RCI). Visit Shaftsbury:Shaftesbury is an award-winning creator and producer of original content for television, film, digital, and brands. Shaftesbury’s current slate includes 12 seasons of Murdoch Mysteries for CBC, UKTV, and ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment, two seasons of detective drama Frankie Drake Mysteries for CBC and UKTV, and three seasons of critically acclaimed thriller series Slasher for Netflix. Shaftesbury’s digital arm produces original digital, convergent, and branded entertainment projects including the global phenomenon and MIPTV Brand Content of the Year award winner Carmilla, scripted comedy Upstairs Amy for Walmart and Interac®, and supernatural drama Inhuman Condition. Shaftesbury’s branded entertainment division drives profitable engagement with millennials using scripted series, turning brands into executive producers. Recent brand partners include Walmart, Interac, U by Kotex®, and RBC.About Pope Productions:Pope Productions is a St. John’s based media production company, helmed by producer Paul Pope. Recent features and MOWs include the CBC comedy A Christmas Fury and festival favourites Hunting Pignut, Beat Down and Grown Up Movie Star, which scored a Special Jury Prize at Sundance for Tatiana Maslany.  Documentaries include It’s Mental,Heavy Weather Presents, the multi award winning My Left Breast, Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic and Going the Distance. From the historical dramatic miniseries Above and Beyond, to the classic comedy Rare Birds and the outrageous series Drunk and on Drugs:The Happy Funtime Hour, Pope’s rich repertoire reflects its deep commitment to a vibrant production industry both in Newfoundland and nationally.About Beta Film:Beta Film based in Munich/Germany is one of Europe’s leading distributors of licenses rights for TV, HV, new media and theatrical with a portfolio of over 15.000 hours of program and established itself as a producer and co-producer of national and international high end drama. While the Beta Cinema portfolio comprises many Academy Award-nominated and -winning films, Kineos is responsible for licensing German-language rights to 12,000 titles. In the classical-music domain, Unitel is the global leader in the production of audiovisual music recordings, with a film stock of around 1,500 productions. The corporate group also has stakes in several national and international production companies as well as special interest channels. Founded in 1959, Beta Film has been part of Jan Mojto’s company group since 2004. TORONTO , Oct. 11, 2018 – Shaftesbury, Pope Productions, and Citytv announced today that production has begun on new drama series REX (wt). Centred on the partnership between a police detective and his hardworking dog, REX is a procedural drama with a twist. Starring John Reardon (Van Helsing, Continuum), Mayko Nguyen (Killjoys, Fahrenheit 451), and Enrico Colantoni (Bad Blood, Flashpoint), the eight-episode, 60-minute series is based on the long-running, international hit series Rex, a Cop’s Best Friend. Executive produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, and Paul Pope, the series has begun shooting in St. John’s, Newfoundland and will continue through December 2018.Set in St. John’s, Newfoundland, REX is an action-packed police procedural dramafocused on the partnership between a dedicated detective and his extraordinary former K9 dog. Rex and Charlie are a detective team that combine their individual skills to solve the most puzzling crimes. This is the first English-language adaptation of the highly successful European format that has aired in 125 countries around the world for 18 seasons.“Citytv is proud to add Rex to our robust slate of original series,” said Nataline Rodrigues, Director of Original Programming, Rogers Media. “Now with dramas in production from coast to coast, we are proud to be truly reflective of our unique viewers across the country with premium Canadian content that we think will connect with audiences at home and abroad.” Twitter Advertisement Advertisement (L-R): Diesel as Rex and John Reardon as Detective Charlie Hudson in REX (Photo by Duncan de Young for Shaftesbury; Copyright: Shaftesbury) (CNW Group/Citytv)center_img Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

Got 79K Own this historic residential school in Manitoba

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe Kijiji advertisement reads: Move fast. Great opportunity.From the pictures it’s a 26-acre brick school with farm buildings at a reduced price of $79,000.But what the ad doesn’t mention is the property was home to the former Birtle Indian Residential School.APTN’s Dennis Ward has the story.last_img

NBC LA 2028 to combine to sell sponsorships ad time

NBC Universal and the LA Olympics are going into business together, combining to package commercial time on all the network’s platforms with opportunities to sponsor the American team through 2028.The deal is for contracts covering 2021 through 2028, the year the Summer Games return to the United States for the first time in 32 years.NBC paid $7.75 billion for rights to broadcast the Olympics from 2022 through 2032, while the group organizing the 2028 Los Angeles Games has taken over the U.S. Olympic Committee’s marketing arm through those Olympics.LA 2028 chairman Casey Wasserman said the new arrangement provides “simplicity and clarity and consistency in a market that provides very little of it in any medium.”Part of LA 2028’s agreement with the USOC was that it would provide the federation $488 million from 2021 through 2028 in exchange for essentially taking over Olympic marketing in the United States through the Los Angeles Games.The deal with NBC provides the organizing committee a chance to “de-risk” — Wasserman’s word — some of its obligations to the city, the USOC and the International Olympic Committee by entering sponsorship deals that will presumably become more valuable because they’ll include ad time on NBC’s Olympic-based shows.It also eliminates one of the gripes some Team USA sponsors had in the past: that signing on with the USOC did not guarantee them opportunity to place ads on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.The network, meanwhile, could find ways through the deal to reach new sponsors and offer more value in a changing media climate. In 1996, NBC aired 171 hours of the Atlanta Games on a single network. In 2016, NBC offered 6,755 hours of coverage via live-streaming and 11 networks that aired 2,084 hours.“Together, we’re building what’s never been available before — the chance to be an exclusive partner of a monumental global movement for the next decade,” said Linda Yaccarino, NBC Universal’s chair of ad sales and client partnerships.In 1984, Peter Ueberroth led an LA Games that showed how a city could leverage marketing opportunities, which in turn helped transform the Olympics into the colossus they are today. Wasserman, who has been in the business of sports and entertainment marketing for decades, said he was looking to help Los Angeles again reimagine the Olympic blueprint.“I get paid to do this every day at my job,” he said. “This was a unique opportunity to enact a business structure that, frankly, the marketplace was asking for.”___More AP sports: and Pells, The Associated Press read more

New business owners find its a mistake to work for free

NEW YORK — It’s a situation many new business owners land in — they’re so anxious to find customers and clients that they work for little or no money. Or take on projects they don’t like.These owners hope to get referrals, build a portfolio or get photos and testimonials for their websites. Instead, they wind up with a lot of grief and regrets.Elise Gelwicks recalls feeling desperate for clients when she started InternView early last year. Gelwicks, who helps companies create internship programs, hoped that working without pay would allow her to make connections and lead her to paying clients.“People who were interested wouldn’t pay me, and I said, OK, I’ll do it for free. I needed the experience,” says Gelwicks, who is based in Chicago. But not only was there no pay, she wasn’t doing the work she wanted — she found herself helping companies recruit interns.Many owners find that clients who get cut-rate or free work aren’t grateful, and may in the end devalue the service or finished product. These clients may take advantage of a new owner and keep making more demands, since they don’t have to worry about running up a bill.“Underpricing is probably the biggest mistake most companies make,” says Laura Willett, a business consultant and lecturer at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. “The perception is that your product doesn’t have any value.”Conversely, owners find when they set a price that’s in line with what other companies charge, prospective clients and customers take them more seriously.Gelwicks spent six frustrating months trying to turn no- or low-fee work into a growing business, and finally one day asked herself, “Where is this getting me?” She decided it was time to start charging what she knew she was worth.“It was terrifying. I went through a period where I didn’t have clients,” she says. But she did find companies that needed the services she wanted to provide, and InternView is now growing.Liz Mally found misery in doing work purely for the sake of building a portfolio.“I was taking on pretty much any client I could get, regardless of budget or style, in hopes of gaining experience and getting my name out there,” says Mally, owner of LPF, a floral design company in Detroit. That included corporate clients who wanted dyed flowers in flashy arrangements, not the elegant, understated creations that are Mally’s specialty.“I absolutely dreaded every second of the design process. I also didn’t want to share any photos of my work because it didn’t fit my esthetic, which is the primary way I market my business,” Mally says.Some individual clients also wanted arrangements Mally didn’t want to do. She learned to ask a lot of questions up front when contacted by a prospect.“That helps me understand ahead of time if they’d be a good fit,” she says.Some owners get lessons in good business practices from the anxiety-driven mistakes they make early on. Kenny Klein, co-owner of the public relations firm JAKK Media, recalls clients who kept asking him for more work but didn’t pay anything extra. Part of the problem was their written agreement — it didn’t provide for rate increases if more work was requested.“Since I was afraid of losing their business, I complied more often than not,” says Klein, whose company is based in New York. “This resulted in a tough relationship where their expectations continued to increase and I was very poorly compensated for my time.”After being caught in this bind several times, Klein started requiring clients to sign specific agreements about how much work would be done, and how he’d be paid if more was needed.When V. Michael Santoro started his digital marketing company, he used several methods including the barter system — trading his services for another owner’s — to bring in his first clients. But he found that many saw little value in what he had to offer, even though his work made their companies more visible on the internet.Santoro, co-founder of Tampa Bay, Florida-based Vaetas, realized he needed to say no to some prospects.“We needed to communicate what our value was and back away if it wasn’t accepted. That’s the biggest lesson, know your own value,” he says.The excitement of signing her first clients made it hard for Krysta Monet to see red flags, including the haggling one client did before the contract was signed. The client also wanted to micromanage her work. Payments were not only late, but it took eight days for checks to clear.“I was being taken advantage of and feeling extremely used and I had nothing in the contact I had written up to protect myself from what was happening,” says Monet, owner of Nine & North, a public relations firm based in Orlando, Florida.Monet’s mother, also a small business owner, told her she needed to reset the tone of the relationship. “You need to control the situation now before it gets out of control,” her mother told her.So Monet got the client on the phone and set a limit on how much supervision she was willing to take, and said she would not work without being paid. At the end of the contract the client left.“I’ve learned a lot and I’m very happy I got him at the beginning of my company, not later,” Monet says. “He changed my business model significantly.”_____Follow Joyce Rosenberg at . Her work can be found here: https://apnews.comJoyce M. Rosenberg, The Associated Press read more

ABC News says it will ask circuit court to dismiss Beef Products

ABC News says it will ask circuit court to dismiss Beef Products Inc. ‘pink slime’ lawsuit AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – ABC News says it intends to ask a circuit court to dismiss a South Dakota beef processing company’s defamation lawsuit now that it has been moved from federal court.Beef Products Inc. sued for defamation over ABC’s coverage of a meat product that critics dub “pink slime.”ABC wanted the case considered by the U.S. District Court in Sioux Falls, but Judge Karen Schreier on Wednesday ordered it back to circuit court.In a statement sent Thursday, ABC News said the federal court was clear that in sending the case to state court it was not expressing any opinion on the merits of the case.BPI claims the network damaged the company by misleading consumers into believing the product is unhealthy and unsafe. It is seeking $1.2 billion in damages. by The Associated Press Posted Jun 13, 2013 11:42 am MDT read more