Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Vermont Joins National Workplace Fitness Effort

first_imgBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont Joins National Workplace Fitness Effort.Employees Will Join Thousands of Americans forNational Walk @ Lunch DaySM on April 18, 2007Berlin, Vermont – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and its 350+ employees will join Blue plans across the country in hosting the first annual National Walk @ Lunch DaySM on April 18, 2007. Walk @ Lunch Day is a workplace walking program, which encourages people to take time during their lunch breaks to start walking toward better health and is nationally sponsored by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont will hold special events in Burlington, Montpelier and Rutland; BCBSVT representatives expect thousands of Vermonters to participate. In addition to the more than 350 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont employees, for example, employees from the following BCBSVT groups will also participate:”The Vermont Education Health Initiative (VEHI), Vermont’s teachers and other school employees”Rutland Regional Medical Center”City of BurlingtonThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the cost to treat illness and chronic disease caused by inactive lifestyles is nearly $1,000 for every family in America, every year. Simply getting 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as a brisk walk, at least five times a week, has significant health benefits, such as lowering the risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and improving the health of muscles, bones and joints. [Source: Physical Activity and Health, A Report of the Surgeon General, 1996]The National Walk @ Lunch Day event will take place at workplaces throughout Vermont and across the country. Most American’s schedules are built around their workdays, so National Walk @ Lunch Day is designed to fit into, not compete with, the average daily routine. Many employers are supporting National Walk @ Lunch Day by encouraging their workforces to participate.”National Walk @ Lunch Day is designed to educate millions of consumers about how their daily decisions can have an impact on their health and well-being. It also creates an opportunity for employers to engage their employees in physical activity that promotes a healthier workplace environment,” said Scott Serota, president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. “Better informed and more physically active consumers also can mean fewer serious health problems down the road which helps better control the rising cost of health care in our nation.”Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont joins companies and employees nationwide hosting lunchtime walks. Employers recognize the health benefits of incorporating walking into employee’s daily activities.”We want to encourage all Vermont employers, whether they’re our customers or not, to participate in this first Walk@Lunch(link sends e-mail) Day,” said William Milnes, president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont. “That’s why we’re holding several special events this year, in Burlington, Rutland and Montpelier. We will also have some modest incentives available for employers in all areas of the state to use in encouraging their employees to take this fun and important step toward better fitness.Employers who want information about special programs related to Walk@Lunch(link sends e-mail) Day here in Vermont should contact the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont sales and service staff at 800.255.4550 or visit the organization’s web site at is external).Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont is the state’s oldest and largest private health insurer, providing coverage for about 180,000 Vermonters. It employs over 350 Vermonters at its headquarters in Berlin and its full-service field office in Williston, and has offered group and individual health plans to Vermonters for more than 60 years.Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont is an independent corporation operating under a license with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.last_img read more

Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

first_imgCheers and Jeers for Tuesday, November 10, 2020Note: Hey, everybody! All of a sudden the postal service seems to be working fine again. It’s an early Festivus miracle!!!–- Advertisement – –“Vice President Harris’s emergency task force has reunited the last immigrant children separated from their parents by the previous administration, sources say…”“NATO alliance, with U.S. back on board, more unified than ever…”“Okay everybody, gather around. Say hi to Stephen Miller. He’s gonna be our new fry vat guy…”“President Biden’s cabinet picks have been hailed as smart, shrewd, and diverse…””In a manner she had feared for years, Betsy DeVos died today from an acute case of getting eaten by a grizzly bear…”“For the first time in four years, polling shows that Americans feel like the country is on the right track again…”“After less than 24 hours on the job, House Republicans called for President Biden’s impeachment today, and were literally laughed out of the chamber…”“Fossil fuel industry in full retreat as Biden White House announces massive green energy push…”And…“Donald Trump’s mug shot was retweeted over 50 million times in less than an hour after its release by New York prosecutors this morning, but not by his own Twitter account, which had been permanently deleted just days earlier…” – Advertisement – By the Numbers:Bideninauguration.jpg71 days!!!Days ’til inauguration day: 71Official time that the AP called the race for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Saturday: 11:28 amNumber of the top 5 states for boat ownership that Trump lost (CA, MI, MN and WI): 4Years, as of Mark Kelly’s Nov. 30 swearing-in, since both of Arizona’s U.S. Senate seats were held by Democrats: 67Minimum number of stars in the Milky Way, according to NASA estimates, 4 billion of which are sun-like: 100 billionPotential number of habitable earths in our galaxy if only 7% of those stars have habitable planets: 300 millionYear the word “Vacationland” first appeared on Maine license plates: 1936–Puppy Pic of the Day: History…–CHEERS to calling it. Look, people, I know you come to Cheers and Jeers for the slapdash, joke-a-minute nuttiness that has become the hallmark of America‘s favorite blogging institution. But I rarely get the chance to herald the arrival a new, duly-elected Democratic President of the United  States to my millions of readers, and I believe this moment is one that deserves to be noted with all the stone-cold gravitas I can muster. With that in mind, I wish to make the following announcement:Former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden was officially declared the winner of the 2020 election Saturday morning, and will become our 46th President at noon on January 20th, 2021. It’s a proud moment in American history that will long be remembered as a deadly blow to the rise of fascism and religious fanaticism in the United States.Presidentialplate.pngOn January 20th, President Biden will officially take his place behind the resolute Desk and on this collectible plate.In addition, Senator Kamala Harris of California becomes the first woman, the first Black, and the first South Asian vice president, shattering a significant glass ceiling into a million pieces for the first time since John Adams grudgingly took the office in 1789.Together, President Biden and Vice President Harris will face enormous obstacles, including the Covid-19 pandemic and a Republican party still drunk on power and dedicated to the proposition that only all card-carrying GOP white men are created equal. But, together with the Democratic-led House, and possibly a Democratic-led Senate if the Georgia runoff elections swing our way, our nation can begin to recover and heal from the gravest internal wounds since the Civil War. Oops, I farted.Perfect. Seal it in amber.CHEERS to more winning. Yes, there was more on America’s mind a week ago than just the White House, so let’s dig into some of the candidates and ballot measures that deserve applause. And since I’m a world-renowned daredevil who accomplishes amazing feats of skill, I’ll do this in a 30 SECOND LIGHTNING ROUND…GO! U.S. Senate: Astronaut from Arizona YES! Geologist and beer brewer from Colorado YES!  Twin runoffs in Georgia that could deliver Senate control to Democrats YES! Multiple exciting prospects to fill VP-elect Kamala’s seat YES!Retired astronaut Mark Kelly amd former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords share their moving story and inspiration for summoning courage in tough times AMGA Conference, Phoenix, USA - 10 Mar 2018.For the first time in 21 years, the Senate will have an astronaut among its ranks. Somewhere in the hereafter, John Glenn is whispering, “Godspeed, Mark Kelly.”Marijuana legalization: Montana YES!  South Dakota YES! Mississippi YES! Arizona YES! New Jersey YES!School funding: Tax increase in Arizona for schools YES!Michigan State Supreme Court: Now dominated by liberals YES!LGBTQ caucus: House LGBTQ Caucus grows to 9 members YES! America‘s first trans state Senate members YES! At least 117 openly-LGBTQ candidates across the country win their races YES!Constitutional amendment in Nevada: Same-sex marriages are just as equal as opposite-sex marriages YES!Minimum wage increases: Florida YES!  Portland, Maine YES!Ding!  29.999 seconds. I know I make it look easy. But don’t try this at home, kids.–BRIEF SANITY BREAK––END BRIEF SANITY BREAK–JEERS to keeping track of America’s fugliest numbers. The mighty Covid-19 Wurlitzer plays on with 51 million cases worldwide—the usual 20 percent of them in the U.S, including unnecessary daily records being set nationwide and a new breakout at the White House led by Trump’s own chief of staff and Ben Carson the brain surgeon. Our weekly tradition of maintaining a benchmark of the awfulness for the C&J historical record continues, so let’s check the most depressing tote board in the world as our death toll now surpasses the population of America’s 91st-largest city Chesapeake, Virginia: 6 months ago: 1.4 million confirmed cases. 81,000 deaths.3 months ago: 5.2 million confirmed cases. 165,000 deathsHey, Mom and Dad! Guess what Junior’s bringing home for the holidays?–1 month ago: 8 million confirmed cases. 219,000 deathsThis morning: 10.3 million confirmed cases. 245,000 deathsBut there’s hope on the horizon: a vaccine looks promising, for one thing. For another, we now have a president-elect who plans to take the pandemic seriously. Joe Biden is already assembling his coronavirus task force, co-chaired by former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, and former FDA commissioner Dr. David Kessler. In other words, he’ll be injecting science into America’s veins again. In the immortal words of a lame-duck president: “It’s like a cleaning.”P.S. In other health news, the fate of the Affordable Care Act goes before the Supreme Court (again) today. In a nutshell, there need to be enough reasons for a majority of justices to keep the law in place. I’m no fancy lawyer, but off the top of my head I can think of 23 million.CHEERS to knockin’ that sucker down. Thirty-one years ago this week, the world witnessed a surreal scene: Berliners hacking away with pickaxes and hammers at, and dancing atop, the wall that had divided their city for decades—a mind-blowing moment that briefly galvanized the planet in celebration.  And what sparked it wasn’t the pope or the U.N. or even ex-president Saint Ronald Reagan—it was this awkwardly-delivered comment by Politburo member Guenter Schabowski a day earlier:“Therefore…um…we have decided today…um…to implement a regulation that allows every citizen of the German Democratic Republic…um…to…um…leave East Germany through any of the border crossings,” said Schabowski.BERLIN-WALL-1989.jpgI’d suggest we do this to Trump’s Mexican wall, but he never built the damn thing.He appeared scarcely to believe his own words and we were all dumbfounded.  What did he just say?  Schabowski was asked when the new rule would take effect. “That comes into effect…according to my information…. immediately, without delay,” Schabowski stammered, shuffling through the papers spread in front of him as he sought in vain for more information.I still link to this must-see Boston Globe photo diary, which documents the jubilation and its aftermath. I had the chance to visit Berlin a couple times in the 70s when I was kid.  I had a middle-school knowledge of the post-war history of Berlin, but nothing could prepare me for the contrast I saw in person: vibrant and colorful on the western side…oppressive, gray, boarded-up and barb-wired on the eastern side.  In some ways it reminds me of what this country has become: reality-based, education-oriented and live-and-let-live on the left…authoritarian, trigger-happy, reality-averse and homogenous on the right. But my main point is: Happy reunification anniversary, Germany—let’s all drink beer.–Ten years ago in C&J: November 10, 2010CHEERS to the F-word, properly applied.  Every once in a blue moon, a “novelty” (for lack of a better word) web site launches, shines brightly, and then gets lost in the ether.  So, before I forget—and I will—I’m posting this one for posterity and the proverbial “future reference.”  Behold…What the Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?  Quite a bit, as it turns out.  And, maddeningly, not enough.  Which is why I always open the C&J bar early.–And just one more…CHEERS to the software revolution.  On November 10, 1983, back when I was still banging out term papers on my REALLY LOUD Smith Corona electric typewriter, Microsoft introduced Version 1.0 of its Windows operating system. It wouldn’t actually be released until 1985, but the spark was…um…sparked.  Wanna see something hilarious?  Here’s over-caffeinated former CEO Steve Ballmer selling Windows 1.0 (the last line is priceless):–To mark the occasion, today the C&J cafeteria will be dishing out our famous Fatal Error Casserole served at exactly 404 degrees.Have a tolerable Tuesday. Floor’s open…What are you cheering and jeering about today?–Today’s Shameless C&J Testimonial“Oh my goodness! Cheers and Jeers! Woooooooooow!”—Rudy Giuliani– Kent Brockman’s lips to God’s ear.And now, our feature presentation…–- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Apprenticeships: Matching Employer Needs with Jobs that Pay

first_img By: Sarah Galbally, Secretary of Policy and Planning March 30, 2017 SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Economy,  Education,  Jobs That Pay,  The Blog,  Workforce Development As Pennsylvania’s workforce ages, many business owners – manufacturers and construction companies among them – are lamenting a burgeoning skills gap. There are simply not enough workers trained and ready to fill skilled trade jobs as older workers retire.Historically, apprenticeship programs have attracted workers not interested in post-high school education and many apprentices enter the skilled trades because their fathers and grandfathers were tradesmen.But, over the past few decades, high school students have been pushed toward college-prep and away from vocational technical training as a viable career path, which further increased a need for skilled workers, such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers – occupations still very much in demand.As Pennsylvania, with its diverse economy grows, both industry and workers of all ages need to see the benefits of apprenticeships that lead to good-paying jobs and a stable career path. Confronted with a jobs gap that exists between the type of jobs people want or understand and the type of jobs that are available, career opportunities exist in manufacturing that have morphed from dark, dirty and dangerous, into bright, clean, and modern, in part, from technological advancements and the workforce’s response to industry demand. From carpentry to mechatronics, apprenticeships can lead the way to jobs that pay.Governor Wolf sees the need for aligning workforce programs, including apprenticeships, with the needs of employers. He’s listened to the cry of the skills gap and is including a new apprenticeship grant program in his 2017-18 budget.The grant program – both for those leaving the K-12 education system and those transitioning into a new industry sector (think high-tech) – can receive training aligned to business workforce needs, so workers are not training just to train, but have a job, a career path established.Governor Wolf’s apprenticeship grant initiative will be funded with revenue recovered by the Department of Community and Economic Development from companies that fail to live up to previous commitments made when they received state assistance.Businesses can seek grant funding of up to $2,000 for each apprentice employed pursuant to an apprenticeship agreement registered through the Pennsylvania Office of Apprenticeship and Training – an office recently established by Governor Wolf to explore non-traditional apprenticeship opportunities in high-priority industries such as health care and education.One such program is the first of its kind in the county. The Pennsylvania Apprenticeship & Training Council recently approved an apprenticeship program for entry-level early childhood education teachers working towards their associate’s degree.The program, sponsored by Philadelphia’s District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund, establishes a pipeline for low-wage education workers to achieve an associate’s degree from the Community College of Philadelphia while continuing to work full-time. Apprentices will also receive four wage increases during the two-year program, with raises tied to academic and professional progress.These smart initiatives are helping to swing the apprenticeship pendulum in the right direction – toward helping both workers and employers achieve lasting success.Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Apprenticeships: Matching Employer Needs with Jobs that Paylast_img read more

Gov. Wolf Vetoes Bill That Would Halt State Center Closures

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Human Services,  Press Release Governor Tom Wolf today vetoed Senate Bill 906, which would have put a moratorium on the closing of any state center and was introduced after the Department of Human Services (DHS) announced the closing of two of the remaining four state centers – Polk, in Venango County, and White Haven, in Luzerne County. DHS’s Office of Developmental Programs operates the four intermediate care residential facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.The bill would have blocked the closure of any state center for at least five years and put the decision to close any state center in the hands of the task force created by the bill.Gov. Wolf’s SB 906 veto message:“All people deserve the opportunity to live among their family and peers in integrated, supportive homes. Quality home and community-based care should be the priority for the individuals we serve.“Community care results in better outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities should be offered an everyday life as fully integrated members of our communities. My goal is to serve more individuals in the community, reduce reliance on institutional care, and improve access to home and community-based services.“This legislation does not promote this investment and transition to community-based care for individuals with a disability. Instead, this legislation continues the reliance on institutionalization and is a barrier to community living.“Specifically, this legislation is in response to the recent announcement of the closures of two state-operated centers: Polk State Center and White Haven State Center. These centers are large institutions that are costly to maintain and do not promote community living. As individuals have transitioned to the community, the need for state-operated centers has declined. It should be acknowledged that closures of state centers have always been controversial. The process that the Department of Human Services has followed for state center closure announcements was established to provide for the planful transition of residents and staff and to honor agreements with the employee unions. The department has followed this announcement procedure for the last two decades. The Department fully understands the gravity of the decision to close a center and has extensive procedures in place for such closures.“As previously announced, my administration will continue to work with residents, theirfamilies and the employees of the state centers to provide a smooth and safe transition over the next few years. No resident will leave these state-operated centers without a destination of the resident’s and the family’s choosing, including the option to remain in a state center setting. Further, no resident will leave without a fully developed individualized plan for the physical, emotional, developmental, social and mental health needs of the resident.“The debate around this closure has been polarizing. I look forward to the parties coming together and shifting our focus to ensuring a thoughtful and successful transition for each resident and each employee.”Bill SigningsGov. Wolf also signed the following bills:House Bill 330, which makes technical corrections to the Property Tax Relief Act.House Bill 427, which prohibits health plans covering treatments for Stage IV, metastatic cancers from excluding or limiting drugs for patients if the drugs are FDA approved and consistent with best practices.House Bill 1001, which licenses and regulates donor human milk banks in Pennsylvania.Senate Bill 432, which allows Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to have access to the information in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. This change will allow for better identification of potential prescription drug abuse among people enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. Gov. Wolf Vetoes Bill That Would Halt State Center Closurescenter_img February 12, 2020last_img read more

Hammers warning over fan chants

first_img Ahead of Sunday’s fixture in north London, West Ham issued a statement warning any repeat behaviour will lead to a ban. “The club seeks to remind all fans attending the match at White Hart Lane that they will be acting as ambassadors for West Ham United and their behaviour should reflect the values and standards of our club,” the statement read. “The corresponding fixture last season was followed by media reports of inappropriate chanting and gesturing by a small minority of individuals in the away end. “Any such behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by West Ham United. “The club, along with the Metropolitan Police, will continue to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards any form of discriminatory behaviour this year and any fan found to be acting inappropriately – including racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic behaviour – will be punished to the full extent of the law and banned from attending matches. “West Ham United is rightly proud of its world-famous support home and away and will not allow the reputation of the tens of thousands of Hammers fans who follow the club over land and sea to be tarnished by any unacceptable conduct from a small minority.” Both sets of fans will be monitored closely by the Metropolitan Police, who have warned that they could arrest any fan chanting the word “Yid”. The warning from Scotland Yard has caused consternation among most Tottenham fans. Yid is a term for a Jew which is often considered derogatory, but some Spurs fans chant the word, or refer to themselves as “Yiddos” or the “Yid Army” as an act of defiance towards those who taunt them over their Jewish fan base. West Ham have vowed to ban any fan who takes part in anti-Semitic chanting at Tottenham on Sunday. Press Associationcenter_img Last season a section of West Ham supporters caused shock by cruelly taunting Tottenham over their links with the Jewish community during a feisty 3-1 home victory at White Hart Lane. Just four days after a Spurs fan was stabbed in Rome in an apparent anti-Semitic attack, a small group of Hammers supporters sang “Viva Lazio”, “Can we stab you every week?” and they also hissed on several occasions, apparently mocking the mass execution of Jews during the Second World War. last_img read more

Toner shows true colours

first_img The winning jockey said: “That’s his level and all credit to Gordon who has placed him well.” Russell was bidding to follow up on Kandinski in the Sligo IT Student Day At Sligo Races Beginners Chase and looked like doing so as he approached the final fence full of running. But he found less than expected when Russell asked, whereas 7-1 shot Coolking responded to all of Bryan Cooper’s urgings and got up by two and three-quarter lengths. Coolking’s trainer Dessie Hughes had to settle for second when his Giantofaman looked far from straightforward in finishing second behind the Nina Carberry-ridden Onwiththeparty (100/30) in the Why Not Sponsor A Race At Sligo Racecourse In 2014 INH Flat Race. Whosaidso had been off the track since finishing third at Cork in April, but he returned at the peak of his powers and accounted for Pocketfullapennies by four lengths in the St Angela’s College Sligo Student Day At Sligo Races Handicap Chase. Press Association Toner D’Oudairies successfully conceded weight all round in the Martin Reilly Motors Hyundai i40 Chase at Sligo.center_img Gordon Elliott’s gelding had to give 4lb to Go Al The Way, who boasts a higher official rating, and was sent off at 7/4 behind the odds-on favourite. The pair had it between them from three fences out, but a slicker leap carried Toner D’Oudairies into the lead and he didn’t need too much assistance from Davy Russell in the saddle to ease across the line with four lengths in hand. last_img read more

Update on the latest in sports:

first_imgNHL extends quarantine guidelines for players and staffUNDATED (AP) — The NHL is extending its self-quarantine recommendation for players and staff to April 15.Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed the extension in an email to The Associated Press. The league had previously sent out a memo recommending self-quarantining until April 4.So far, four NHL players have tested positive for COVID-19. The league and teams are hoping to get players together to skate in small groups once the isolation period is over. State, provincial and local lockdown regulations across the U.S. and Canada could push back the opening of team facilities.In other sports-virus outbreak news: Associated Press — The Seattle Seahawks cleared a chunk of salary cap space by waiving safety Tedric Thompson and releasing veteran tight end Ed Dickson. Both moves were expected after each player seemed to fall out of favor with the Seahawks. The moves will clear more than $5 million worth of cap space for Seattle.— The Cincinnati Bengals have released starting cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick. It’s another move to overhaul the Bengals’ secondary after a 2-14 season. Kirkpatrick was a first-round pick in 2012 and started 67 games in eight seasons. He missed 10 games last season with a knee injury.— The Chicago Bears have re-signed safety DeAndre Houston-Carson to a one-year contract. Houston-Carson has played primarily on special teams since the Bears drafted him out of William & Mary in the sixth round in 2016.— A person familiar with the decision tells the AP the Cleveland Browns intend to sign free agent defensive end Adrian Clayborn to a two-year contract. Clayborn has agreed to a deal worth $6 million. He must pass a physical for the contract to be finalized. The 31-year-old had four sacks in 15 games last season with the Atlanta Falcons. He won a Super Bowl title with New England in 2018.SPORTS-VIRUS OUTBREAK During a conference call to discuss league business after the annual meetings were canceled because of the new coronavirus pandemic, the owners also awarded one of those extra games to CBS and one to NBC.Only the teams with the best record in the AFC and NFC will get a bye under the new format; the top two teams skipped wild-card weekend in the past. In other NFL news:—The Chicago Bears have finalized a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars for 2018 Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. The Bears are banking on the quarterback to bounce back from an injury-riddled season with Jacksonville. The Jaguars parted with the 31-year-old Foles just over a year after signing him to a four-year contract. He broke his left collarbone in the season opener, missed the next eight games and got benched in his third game back. Foles helped Philadelphia win a Super Bowl.—Disgruntled Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (yah-NEEK’ en-GAH’-kway) is making another public plea to be traded. This one comes on his 25th birthday. Ngakoue says in a Twitter post: “it’s obvious my time is up in my current situation. Let’s both move on.” The Jaguars placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Ngakoue, which guarantees him nearly $18 million in 2020. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNFL-PLAYOFFSNFL owners vote to expand playoffs by one team per conferenceUNDATED (AP) — NFL team owners have voted to expand the playoffs by one team in each conference for next season. April 1, 2020center_img Update on the latest in sports: NEW YORK (AP) — Gerrit Cole, Mike Trout and other veteran major leaguers will receive $4,775 per day in advance pay for the first 60 days of the season during the stoppage caused by the coronavirus, a total of $286,500.That’s just 2.5% percent of the $193,548 the New York Yankees pitcher and Los Angeles Angels outfielder were scheduled to earn each day from their $36 million salaries, tied for the major league high.  The daily total was obtained by The Associated Press after it was confirmed by MLB and the players’ association following their agreement on how to proceed during the stoppage.In other MLB news:—Prominent orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews has temporarily halted Tommy John operations at his Florida medical center in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Some have questioned whether a reconstructive elbow surgery for a ballplayer is an essential procedure at this time. Stars Chris Sale, Noah Syndergaard and Luis Severino are among the pitchers who have had Tommy John surgery since spring training started, performed by different doctors.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 — Two-time mixed doubles champion Jamie Murray says he believes Wimbledon will be canceled. The All England Club board will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the fate of the 2020 tournament.—The Santa Anita Derby is off, for now. The West Coast’s major prep for the Kentucky Derby was to be run this weekend. However, it will be postponed until later in the season while Santa Anita remains closed for live racing during the coronavirus pandemic on orders of the Los Angeles County Health Department.— NASCAR star Joey Logano has established a $1 Million COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.The fund is from the Joey Logano Foundation in partnership with Elevation Church. The money will be used to address a variety of needs, including educational equity and access, medical supplies, food distribution, and financial shortages throughout the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area and communities across the United States.MLB ADVANCE SALARIESVeteran players to get $4,775 per day — San Jose Sharks President Jonathan Becher says the team made the best decision with the information at the time when it played three home games following a recommendation by the county against large gatherings in early March. Becher says the team is continuing to pay full and part-time employees and anticipates a financial hit from the suspension of the season. He also says the team has delayed the Tuesday deadline for season-ticket holders to renew their packages.— Former Oakland Athletics infielder and current minor league manager Webster Garrison is hospitalized in Louisiana and on a ventilator with the coronavirus. His fiancee posted an update on social media that the 54-year-old Garrison still required a ventilator to fight COVID-19 but hadn’t declined in his battle. Garrison managed the Class A Stockton Ports last season and was expected to manage in the Arizona Fall League this year.—Goran Dragic of the Miami Heat says he is prepared to forgo his annual offseason move back to his native Slovenia if that is what the NBA schedule necessitates. Dragic, his wife and their two children are in Miami and have no plans to leave for Slovenia amid the global coronavirus pandemic. His parents recently left Miami to return home.—FIFA is looking to use its vast financial reserves to provide assistance to a soccer industry ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic wiping out games and creating unexpected economic hardship in the world’s biggest sport. Having amassed reserves it last reported to have swelled to $2.745 billion, FIFA has the resources to now provide much-needed financial help to the game at many levels.— Hungarian Olympic swimmer Boglarka Kapas says she has tested positive for COVID-19. The 26-year-old Kapas writes in an Instagram post that she had to submit to testing in order to return to training. She is staying in quarantine at home for two weeks.last_img read more

Students build website to assist local children

first_imgThe financial crises, budget cuts and hiring freezes plaguing nearby Los Angeles Unified School District schools have not gone unnoticed by USC.The recent layoffs and budget cuts have made news on campus, and a district-wide cancellation of summer school this year was enough to spark students into action.Big brother · USC football players Kristofer O’Dowd and Martin Coleman teach local school children about unconventional learning. – Photo courtesy of SOS ClassroomStudents in a summer WRIT 340 class heard of LAUSD’s problems and decided something needed to be done. The solution, they concluded, was to create a free online database of educational resources for K-8 students.The site,, was started by 16 USC students taught by professor Mark Marino. It incorporates links sent in by students, parents and educators and provides LAUSD students with an easy way to find learning resources online.Marino presented the opportunity to the students in the class — a “Writing with Technology” section — on the first day of the summer semester. The students took to the “Save Our Summer” concept immediately.“He came in one day and said, ‘Hey, there’s this idea I want to run by you guys,’ and a lot of people sounded attracted from the start,” said Matt Schrader, a junior majoring in broadcast journalism and the public relations director for the program.Each of the USC students took on a role, ranging from education liaisons to project managers.“It helped to give each member in the class a sense of purpose, which is something that creates a great learning environment for them,” Marino said. “Once the site was put up [on July 6], we phased out of it a little bit, but it still remained the common project that was driving the course and really energizing the students.”The work on the website culminated in a July 24 trip by the USC students to a summer camp at Hancock Park Elementary School. Trojan offensive linemen Kristofer O’Dowd and Martin Coleman — both juniors in Marino’s class — spoke about the importance of learning in unconventional ways and even learning outside of school.“They were very motivated and attached to this project,” Marino said. “When I talked to LAUSD educators, they were astounded at how quickly these students were able to put together these set of resources.”The district continues to face challenges, including attempts to restart summer school for 2010, but in the meantime, SOS Classroom will try to complement normal school year curriculum on its site.“It’s not a cure-all,” said John Newsom, a Los Angeles-based consultant who serves on the SOS classroom advisory board. “But at the same time, it’s an immediate and proactive solution to immediate problems facing us all. From that point of view, the district has been appreciative.”Marino is teaching three new WRIT 340 classes this semester. But, more than half of his summer students have expressed interest in continuing on with the site, and Marino plans on pitching the idea to his new students in the upcoming week. The following step, he said, would probably be expanding the site to include resources for high school students.“By no means are we saying that 16 USC students can solve the education process single-handedly,” Marino said. “We got a lot of resources from lots of people and this doesn’t solve the problem, but this is something that will help if people know about it. That’s the most important thing.”last_img read more

Khelo India Youth Games will produce Olympic medals in future: Borgohain

first_imgLast Updated: 22nd December, 2019 16:54 IST Khelo India Youth Games Will Produce Olympic Medals In Future: Borgohain Two-time World Championships bronze medallist boxer Lovlina Borgohain said that the Khelo India Youth Games will produce Olympic medallists in the future LIVE TV Press Trust Of India COMMENT “I am preparing for Olympic qualification at the moment. I came from a village and started training at an SAI centre. I am happy with the way my career has shaped up so far. I want to book a berth in the 2020 Olympics and win a medal for India,” said Borgohain. “The Khelo India Youth Games is a big tournament. There was no such tournament before. It’s a great platform for athletes. No talent can be hidden now. Everyone can showcase their talent. This is a great opportunity for all athletes. The Khelo India Youth Games provides great exposure for upcoming athletes,” said Borgohain. READ | Anthony Joshua Makes It Clear That He Is Ready To Fight Deontay WilderThe Assam athlete has won gold at India Open in 2018, a bronze medal each in the 2018 World Championships and 2019 World Championships in the Welterweight category.  She clinched bronze in the 2017 Asian Championships as well. Borgohain, who finished at the quarter-finals of the Commonwealth Games last year, is currently preparing to clinch a berth at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Written By READ | India’s Para-athletes Soar Past Administrative Turmoil In Record-breaking 2019The CEO of the Games Avinash Joshi said the preparations will be finished by December 31.  “We are hoping for all the infrastructure to be ready before the next year commences. We will divide the entire work into seven-eight groups and ensure that all the preparations are carried out simultaneously,” said Joshi, who is Principal Secretary of Sports and Youth Welfare Department, Government of Assam. Around 6,800 athletes are expected to participate in the third edition of the Khelo India Youth Games. The athletes will take part in 20 sports with lawn ball and cycling being the new additions.READ | Year Of Many Firsts For Sathiyan As He Takes Over The Mantle From Sharath WATCH US LIVE First Published: 22nd December, 2019 16:54 IST “It’s very big for Assam to host the Khelo India Youth Games. It’s an honour for the state. There will be a lot of athletes who will win medals at the 2024 Olympics because of the Khelo India Youth Games,” said the 22-year-old. SUBSCRIBE TO US Two-time World Championships bronze medallist boxer Lovlina Borgohain said that the Khelo India Youth Games will produce Olympic medallists in the future. Borgohain said the Khelo India Youth Games, to be held here from January 10 to 22, is an excellent platform for athletes to showcase their talent.READ | When Conor McGregor And Ronda Rousey Gave An Epic Staredown In Intense Face-off FOLLOW USlast_img read more

Tipperary clubs back in UBL action today

first_imgNenagh Ormond – seeking to recover from last weekend’s last-gasp defeat – are at home to Sundays Well.Cashel – who won last time out – travel to meet Highfield.Both matches begin at 2.30pm – there’ll be regular updates on Tipp FM.last_img