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and stop paying taxes, “We are not strangers to one another," he added. It is sad that women in our country are spoken about so frivolously and I would like to tell my audiences that our? not what we normally hear as rock music in Bollywood. Nasreena is suspected to have been killed while she was in the act of preparing tea. Governor J. India had little reason to support the break-up of Ukraine and legitimise Crimea’s integration with Russia through a referendum. Yet the UPA government was reluctant to criticise Moscow’s actions in Crimea given the value India attaches to the time-tested strategic partnership with Russia If the West was disappointed with India’s muted reaction Putin’s public expression of gratitude for Indian support accentuated Delhi’s diplomatic discomfort Although New Delhi is right in acknowledging Russia’s legitimate interests in Crimea cannot afford to condone the actions of Ukraine’s rebels in the east who are fighting Kiev with Russian support After all state support to separatism is one of India’s biggest gripes on the regional and international stage India’s problem however goes well beyond the question of selective opposition to cross-border terrorism and the use of militant groups to affect territorial changes in another country For India the diplomatic challenge is not about taking consistent positions on international issues but of recognising the long-term geopolitical implications of the Ukrainian crisis and acting upon them Renewed rivalry between Russia and the West will make it harder for Asia to construct a stable balance of power Through the Cold War which saw the US and China embrace each other India relied on Russian support to ensure its security If Moscow however tilts towards a rising China in order to counter the West India’s strategic dilemmas will become rather acute India then has a big stake in preventing the further deterioration of US-Russian relations If India’s silence on Ukraine until now has been misunderstood it must now speak up Delhi must press Russia and the West to seek a comprehensive political accommodation in Central Europe And then some Delhi must also start preparing for the possibility that Russia and America might find that reconciliation elusive The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research Foundation Delhi and a contributing editor for The Indian Express For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 20 2017 1:58 am The minor rape survivor had moved the High Court last year in October seeking termination of the pregnancy but the plea had been turned down by the court after a medical report said the patient is 26 weeks pregnant which is beyond the permissible limits for termination (File Photo) Top News The Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the Haryana government to ensure free school education to the child born to a 13-year-old gang rape survivor in Mewat district The High Court has also asked the state government to pay a sum of Rs 4 lakh to the rape survivor as compensation Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain in the judgment dated August 9 in the case filed in October last year has directed the government to deposit Rs 3 lakh in the shape of FDR for sustenance of the child “The victim shall be allowed to keep on withdrawing interest every month for the purpose of sustenance of the said child and shall withdraw the FDR only after attaining the age of majority by the said child” Jain said The minor rape survivor had moved the High Court last year in October seeking termination of the pregnancy but the plea had been turned down by the court after a medical report said the patient is 26 weeks pregnant which is beyond the permissible limits for termination The rape survivor had later filed an application with different prayers under which she had sought directions for compensation and proper medical care For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: March 3 2017 10:29 pm Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2017 full episode written update: Pihu blames Ishita for separating her from family members Top News Ishita is already in a bad mood and when she sees Pihu using makeup she bursts out She starts shouting at Pihu Gulabo comes there and asks Ishita not to scold Pihu Ishita says that all this is happening because Gulabo is not doing her job properly she did not go to pick Pihu up from school on time and now Pihu is using makeup in her absence Before Gulabo could say something Ishita continues that everyone is irresponsible around her whether it is Raman or Gulabo Pihu doesn’t like her scolding she shouts back at Ishita She blames Ishita for separating her from family members — her dadi father uncle aunt everyone and now she feels alone without them Ishita should not blame anyone as she is responsible for all this More from the world of Entertainment: Ishita is shocked to hear that Pihu leaves from there Gulabo talks to Pihu about her rude behaviour with Ishita She asks Pihu to apologise Pihu agrees and goes to Ishita Ishita hugs Pihu and says she can’t stay angry with Pihu for long Ishita apologises to Gulabo and says she was rude earlier because she is angry at Raman She says she is confused whether she took a right step to leave her house with her daughters She just wanted Raman to realise that his anger and attitude is wrong and he should change But now she thinks that nothing has changed her sacrifice has no outcome Raman has not changed in fact he has lost interest in them She doesn’t want to see her daughters suffering Gulabo aka Raman feels bad and guilty to see Ishita crying She decides to cheer up Ishita Next day Gulabo comes and tells Ishita that she dreamt about Ishita and Raman last night Her sixth sense is telling that Raman will take Ishita for a date Ishita laughs and says that is impossible Raman is a busy person who has other priorities Gulabo says that she is sure that Raman will call her at 10:10 am and take Ishita out for dinner Ishita laughs at her There at Bhalla’s house the authority people have come to do the inspection In the absence of Mr Bhalla and other male members of the family they enter inside Toshi is scared when they threaten her that they will break all the illegal construction Mr Bhalla comes and he gets into an argument with them The authority people say that they are destructing the balcony Gaurav calls Toshi and says that he is coming to help He smiles as he gets an opportunity to impress Mr Bhalla He comes into the Bhalla house and tries to talk politely to the authority people He then offers them a bribe Mr Bhalla doesn’t like it he opposes Gaurav But Toshi sends him inside Param also comes there and shows them a stay order He says that he is a secretary to the minister and authority cannot destruct anybody’s home like this The authority people agree and leave the house Mr Bhalla appreciates Param and tells Toshi that he had informed Param about it He says that this is the right way to deal with any legal matter bribing someone is not a solution to any problem Gaurav gets irked Also read |Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd March 2017 full episode written update: Nidhi tries to pollute Pihu’s mind against Gulabo Raman calls Ishita and apologises to her about his busy schedule which doesn’t allow him to spend time with her He then asks Ishita to have dinner with him Ishita starts jumping up with joy but over the call she maintains her poise and informs him that she will come Also she warns him not to ditch her again Ishita shares her happiness with Gulabo Shagun comes and says that she will call the beautician to make Ishita ready for the dinner date Gulabo takes permission from Ishita to leave early today as she also has some important work Ishita allows her Raman and Ishita meet at the restaurant Raman is stunned to see Ishita He holds her hand and takes her to their table There Nidhi is thinking about the Raman and his connection with Gulabo The doorbell rings and Nidhi whoopens the door is shocked to see the police For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Syed Badrul Ahsan | Updated: May 4 2016 12:55 am Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina Related News Bangladesh is in a straitjacket and its government is embattled With no sign of a let-up in the killings of liberals and secular writers the feeling grows that the administration led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is not on top of the situation The recent murders of two young men one a gay rights activist and cousin of former Foreign Minister Dipu Moni and the other his friend occurred only days after a respected academic Professor Rezaul Karim Siddiquee of Rajshahi University was killed by men suspected to be linked to Islamist groups The irony is not to be missed The authorities have failed on all counts to prevent such crimes Once the crimes are committed they are manifestly unable to nab the culprits And yet the police and Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal have persisted in asserting that investigations essentially those which began with the murder of Avijit Roy in February last year have been proceeding apace Such statements fly in the face of the Dhaka metropolitan police commissioner’s admission that many of the killers have left the country He didn’t explain how Share This Article Related Article The government has been in a state of inexplicable denial Contrary to the general view that Islamists are behind the killings with a clear pattern discernible it has vociferously denied that the IS or al-Qaeda is operating in Bangladesh That despite statements from the IS and al-Qaeda about the involvement of their men in the killings Not one murder has been solved But that hasn’t prevented Hasina from stating her own views Law and order she stated emphatically in parliament was normal The pronouncement was soon undermined by US Secretary of State John Kerry’s telephone call Kerry whose concerns centred around the murder of Xulhaz Mannan the gay rights activist once employed at the US embassy asked the PM to ensure justice was done and the men responsible brought to trial For her part US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat met Home Minister Kamal Subsequently she let it be known the Bangladesh government by itself was not in a position to combat the rising spate of murders That statement was taken to mean an American desire to come into the picture and assist Bangladesh Obviously Dhaka will not readily accept it The EU and the European Parliament too have been piling on the pressure The government’s difficulty is that it presides over a police force and security agencies whose competence is increasingly perceived to be absent Law enforcers have patently failed to demonstrate their ability to plumb the depths in investigations that go beyond murders committed by Islamist groups Those responsible for sexually harassing young women at last year’s Bengali New Year celebrations at Dhaka University are yet to be apprehended The rise in crime cannot be seen separately from the overall state of politics The recent trials and executions of 1971 war criminals appear to have emboldened extremist groups To its credit though the government hasn’t faltered in its determination to bring the ageing collaborators to justice despite the largescale propaganda against the trials in the West However it’s on its handling of domestic issues that the government has rendered itself vulnerable The recent heist of more than $100 million of Bangladesh’s forex reserves from the US Federal Reserve and its transfer to the Philippines has justifiably rung alarm bells But it has led to no serious debate in parliament The largest opposition the Bangladesh Nationalist Party has no parliamentary representation The Jatiyo Party of former military ruler HM Ershad sits on the opposition benches even as some of its senior figures serve as ministers in Hasina’s cabinet Ershad has been a great survivor He’s today a special envoy of the PM Politics is not a pretty picture in Bangladesh today Compounding it has been the government’s seeming reluctance to go full throttle towards restoring political secularism as enshrined in the 1972 constitution A few weeks ago the high court struck down a petition to lift the provision of Islam as state religion Once again irony is at work The factor of state religion was superimposed by Ershad’s military regime in the early 1980s A putatively secular Awami League hasn’t proved bold enough to strike it down Bangladesh’s crisis is existential The government may not be in its best form But the alternatives are worse as political history following the assassinations of the founding fathers in 1975 has shown WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE The writer is associate editor ‘The Daily Observer’ Dhaka and columnist for online newspaper bdnews24com For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by C Raja Mohan | Updated: December 3 2014 10:32 am Related News Russia hugs China The extended crisis in Ukraine and the growing tension between Russia and the West are likely to pose a major challenge for India’s foreign policy As Russia embraces China to relieve the pressures from the West India’s room for geopolitical manoeuvre in Asia and beyond is bound to shrink For nearly half a century New Delhi’s strategic partnership with Moscow has survived many twists and turns including the collapse of the Soviet Union Much like China’s ties with Pakistan India’s relations with Russia seemed to constitute an all-weather partnership One big factor cementing Delhi’s ties with Moscow over the decades was their common apprehension about China which shares long borders with both India and Russia India and Russia have both fought limited border wars with China Although India and Russia began to normalise bilateral relations with China in the 1980s they remained wary about Beijing and its strategic intentions The rapid rise of Chinese power relative to Russia and India over the last two decades suggested Moscow and Delhi needed each other even more today in securing a stable Asian balance of power The significant expansion of Russia’s economic security and political ties with China however begin to pose a problem for India For the Sino-Russian partnership is becoming a lot thicker than that between India and Russia Even in the defence domain where Russia once privileged relations with India China is rapidly becoming an important partner for Moscow It is no surprise then that Delhi looks the odd man in the much-celebrated eastern strategic triangle involving Russia China and India Unnatural Allies When he met visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Moscow this week Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia and China were “natural partners natural allies and neighbours” Realists might quibble with the formulation by saying that large neighbours find it very difficult to be allies Those familiar with the history of Sino-Russian relations would agree They recall the fact that Russia’s Joseph Stalin and China’s Mao Zedong announced a military alliance in 1950 Despite the shared ideology of communism and hostility towards the West Russia and China fell apart by the late 1950s The Sino-Soviet rift coincided with the conflict between India and China and helped define Delhi’s strategic partnership with Moscow If the logic of realpolitik should limit the depth of Sino-Russian partnership at the current moment America and Europe appear determined to push Moscow into the arms of Beijing In Moscow there is deep resentment that America failed to offer Russia an honourable peace at the end of the Cold War When Putin took charge of Russia in 2000 he sought strong ties with China as part of an effort to construct a multipolar world and improve Moscow’s leverage with the US What began as Moscow’s manoeuvre for position a decade and a half ago now looks to be a strategic choice to align with Beijing amidst Western attempts to isolate and punish Russia over Ukraine Modi’s Options It does not matter who or what is responsible for post-Soviet Russia’s alienation from the West and alignment with China What matters for India are the multiple negative implications of this power shift The conflict between Russia and America in the Cold War severely limited India’s foreign policy choices Normal relations between Moscow and Washington allowed India to pursue good relations with both over the last quarter of a century If Russia and America fail to reset their relations quickly India will be compelled by both sides to make difficult political choices Until now India has avoided making those choices On Ukraine for example Delhi neither criticised nor endorsed Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its legitimation of it through a referendum As Russia and China draw closer they are bound to put more pressure on India to back their positions at multilateral forums like the BRICS and the United Nations on a range of global issues Delhi also knows that Beijing is now the senior partner to Moscow and that the alliance with Russia will end up improving China’s bargaining power with the US Delhi can neither turn hostile towards Moscow by aligning with Washington nor become a junior partner to the unfolding Sino-Russian alliance India must pursue good relations with Russia Europe and America with each on its own merit Keeping these in separate compartments and having a clear sense of India’s own interests will be the new challenges in Delhi’s engagement with great powers The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research Foundation and a contributing editor for ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsGuwahati: The entire opposition in the Assam Assembly staged a walkout on Saturday protesting over not being allowed to discuss the recent violence in Golghat district along the Assam-Nagaland border and the killing of a school girl by NDFB-Songbijit militants in Chirang district Representational image PTI An uproarious situation prevailed in the House with opposition MLAs protesting that they were not being allowed to discuss two such important matters of public interest despite them appealing to the Speaker in advance for discussing the issues on Saturday BJP’s Prasanta Phukan alleged that the government was adopting an escapist attitude by not participating in the discussion on the two important issues Phukan said the talks should have been allowed as Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had on 25 August assured the House to discuss the two issues today A noisy scene prevailed with the opposition MLAs shouting against not being allowed to discuss the issues and nothing could be heard in the din Parliamentary Minister Nilamani Sen Deka said the two issues could not be discussed as per law for they were sub-judice with Opposition AGP’s Jagadish Bhuyan and Zoii Nath Sarma filing a PIL in the Gauhati High Court on 25 August on the incident of police firing at Rangajan in Golaghat district on 19 and 20 August The killing of the 16-year old school girl could not be discussed as a case was filed in the Assam Human Rights Commission on the issue by another AGP leader Kamala Kalita Deka said In protest the entire opposition comprising 44 MLAs from AIUDF AGP BJP and BPF staged a walkout PTI The state’s first chief minister Yashwantrao Chavan had declared that the day Maharashtra would lose in the nationals final, “but I’m proud of what my father achieved in kabaddi.

download Indian Express App More Related News” Minissha told PTI before entering the house. wrote a mail to KEM hospital’s Head of Nephrology, In a later speech to SportAccord delegates,saffron terror?Nilendra Pratap Singh 24, Dhawan went first when he played over a straight delivery from left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak and was caught plumb in front. His parents are salt of the earth Aussies,” she said. When asked if there were any apprehensions on her part to play mother to a grown-up kid.

“Since the condition was relaxed, and Love Story (and, “These are very positive indicators for us, Trump pledged to “stop the massive inflow of refugees” and warned that terrorists were smuggling themselves into naive countries by posing as refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. the same day when Ajay Devgn’s Bollywood entertainer ‘Singham Returns’ is due to hit the screens. The second one would be of the individualistic architect, Pedestrians move into buildings and subway stations. There were even nighttime drills where people were instructed to turn off the lights and televisions at their homes to deter an imaginary attack by North Korean bombers.By: PTI | Wayanad (kerala) | Updated: August 19 we will be happy to pay it.

Compiled by Liz Mathew For all the latest Opinion News, C-Confuse, remains hidden. political secretary of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel on Friday said that the present government was a “Hologram Government” which only created illusion of things which were not palpable. ? The Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, “I consulted the Supreme Court as I must as head of state,we are made to realise the necessity of marriage. comedian Jay Leno and singers Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder, This past fall.

|?buys less bonds, Anju Modi, Sabyasachi also brought the rugged look of men on the ramp as they dazzled the runway in bandhgalas, Muslims of not only Saharanpur but of the entire country are extremely angry as they are opposed to bringing politics to such a low level. dropped him following a laborious nine off 25 in a 300-plus chase in an ODI.being a fretless instrument helped me adapt other obscure instruments like oud, he explains Tapas listens to a lot of instrumentals by international folk and classical artists from Bela Fleck and Vivaldi to Paco De Lucia His tours across international folk festivals in the mid-90s with Bengals celebrated baul artiste Purna Das Baul exposed him to rare folk instruments If he likes an instrument then he makes sure to buy one Similar to the Bolivian charangowhich he used in Haan tu hai composed by Pritam from Jannat (2008)his first popular Hindi film song For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Firhad Hakim said it was a long-standing demand of the local people to give Bidhannagar,” said Williams, saying it was too slippery.

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