Sheriff Street/Mandela Avenue upgrade begins

first_imgRehabilitation work on the $6.4Billion Sheriff/Mandela Road upgrade project has begun.The project is being carried out in phases beginning with drainage works and the relocation of pipes/utilities. Acting Project Manager for the Donor Programme at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Mark Green told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that contractor Sinohydro Corporation Limited is currently cleaning all the canals and doing sand filling to facilitate the installation of the new pipes and fittings.“Once we complete the drains and pipe works we’ll then start the embankment work which is to excavate the earth with the sand, loam and crusher run. From then we’ll get a repaired surface on which we’ll build the sidewalks and parking lanes. Once that is completed then we will look to do the pavement rehabilitation,” Green explained.Once completed, Sheriff Street will remain a two-lane road while Mandela will be aActing Project Manager for the Donor Programme at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Mark Greenfour-lane. Green said the upgraded roads will be outfitted with new features including cycle lanes, separate sidewalks and smart traffic signals which will use above ground vehicle detectors.“Also, along the roadway, there’ll be a concrete median similar to that on Carifesta Avenue so you won’t have vehicles changing lanes randomly and colliding with other vehicles. In that median, there will be LED street lighting. At the four-lane from Mandela Avenue to the Hunter Street junction, the concrete median will be retained and a shared pedestrian and cyclist path will be included.”Additionally, two culverts at the junctions of David Street with the Cummings Canal and Lamaha Canal bridges will also be replaced. The wooden bridge atA section of the drainage works being done on the road upgrade projectHomestretch Avenue will be replaced with a concrete structure and other culverts will be extended. A pedestrian overpass and roundabout at the Sheriff Street-David Street junction are also included. Safety features include traffic signs and thermoplastic reflectors and road markings.The final phase of works will see the pavement upgraded and asphalted. All the entrances to side roads will be upgraded, however, side roads will not be rehabilitated. Most of the construction materials and equipment will be sourced locally.Work on the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) venture is being executed with an eye to ensure minimal disruption to traffic and should wrap up within two years.last_img

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