Corruption becomes culture

first_imgDear Editor,Recently, Cathy Hughes, the Honorable Minister revealed an irrational stance on corruption when she insulted members of the public that they are corrupt just like her Government and that corruption is a culture in Guyana. In effect, Minister Hughes aims to deter members of the public from calling out corruption within her Government because she is also allegedly involved in it.Minister Hughes must know that corruption becomes culture because corrupt practices are copied, especially from role models or from those in powerful positions.To this end, Minister Hughes cannot escape the fact that she is spreading corrupt values. Specifically, it has been widely reported that Minister Hughes is being handed government contracts to her personal business for selfish gains. And this is evidence of corruption by a powerful government minister who has no other option but to defend this scourge because of her alleged involvement. She has no moral grounds to stand and fight it.Further, Minister Hughes needs to be reminded that corruption robs human beings of basic needs like food, water, health care and shelter. This is exactly the tragedy in Guyana where the majority of Guyanese, including members of my own family fall into hopelessness, suicide and emigration. Life is unbearable in Guyana because of corruption primarily in government. And most would agree that Guyana is ruled by thieves.Editor, without a doubt, Minister Hughes is unfit to effectively serve in her capacity because of her alleged involvement in corruption. How can a minister not see that her behaviors embolden corrupt practices which destroy lives? Further, Minister Hughes and others with similar values in government have caused Guyana to remain poor in spite of our vast natural resources. And the Government of Guyana must understand that corruption is a brainless and destructive act which is ever supported or defended by decent human beings.Sincerely,Annie Baliram (PhD)last_img

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