Authorities find mummified remains while investigating sexual abuse case

first_imgOfficials in Newark, New Jersey are reporting that they found mummified remains inside of an apartment while investigating a suspect who was accused of sexually abusing a child.Authorities say they went to the home of Robert Williams after receiving allegations that he sexually abused a 12- to 13-year-old boy over several months, but during their investigation, they found an altar with mummified human remains that seemed to have been used in some sort of religious ceremony.Investigators say they found a head, part of an arm, and a torso dressed in a necktie and suit jacket in a plastic bin in Williams closet.Prosecutor Michael Morris told a judge Monday that Williams a danger to society and requested that he be held pending the trial.Williams public defender argued, however, that Williams should be released on home confinement and electronic monitoring and added that Williams has lived in the neighborhood for over 18 years and only has disorderly person offense on his record nearly 10 years ago.The judge noted that Williams’ alleged crimes carry a presumption of detention.Williams next court date is scheduled for Sept. 16.last_img

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