Snowoarding through the Building Ruins in BiH!

first_imgIn this episode of Grilosodes, Marko Grilc goes exploring in Sarajevo, Bosnia, taking wide-eyed shred-tourists Zak Hale, Ethan Morgan and Sage Kotsenburg along for the trip.Top of the list to visit (and ride) is the site of the 1984 Winter Olympics – the first held in a Communist state. But when Communism in the USSR and Yugoslavia dissolved in 1991, war came to Bosnia from 1992–6, and much of the fighting took place up in the hills above Sarajevo, where a Bosnian-Serb army kept the city under siege, shelling it constantly. Today, much of the Olympic infrastructure remains, abandoned and bearing the scars of the war.It’s a fascinating place: a sad reminder of the horrors of war. But, combine a city full of abandoned Soviet-era architecture, snow and three highly-skilled snowboarders, and it’s the ingredients for the best Grilosodes episode yet.(Source:

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