Coach ‘Running Man’ disappointed ….in need of assistance

first_img“To be honest, while I was not expecting much I am disappointed to some extent in the team’s performance for the first round of matches in the Elite League.” These were the words of head Coach of Monedderlust FC, Floyd ‘Running-Man’ Cadogan when he reflected on the team’s showing in the first half of season two.“We have improved defensively and in attack, but our main problem is in finishing and that is most important in any game since football is about scoring goals. What is disappointing is not that we lost games but how we lost those games where most of the times we scored first but just couldn’t maintain the lead or find the right attitude to score more and this is an area we will definitely be working on hard in the off-season. Losing is all part of sports, but when you lose without putting up a fight to the end then it is cause for concern”, Cadogan lamented.“I think the concentration of the players must be at the highest in the opening and closing minutes of each half because it is here we have been having problems and have lost games. It means that our mental capacity is lacking, while there is also work to be done technically and tactically. I definitely need some assistance because as a one man you can be limited in positively executing training drills while not interfering with the smooth flow of the session. It is important help for coaching and preparing the team so we can function as a whole and not in parts.”The Number Five Village club ended second from last at the completion of their quota of games with just a solitary win against bottom side Topp XX and four defeats and coach Cadogan informed that since the death of the manager and financier of the club, Kevin Layne Snr. very little support has been given to the team and his absence could be a contributing factor for the team’s poor performance.“The management of the club and support for team is a far cry from what it used to be when Mr. Layne was alive and that must be addressed urgently. The success of the Club must start with proper management and administration or we will continue to go downhill. Having said that, I must complement the players, especially the younger ones, for their commitment and hard work they have put in. I have also had good support from senior players Alwyn McDonald and Harry Watts, but very little or no support from the Club officials”, Cadogan reiterated.Cadogan hinted that he is not expecting much to happen for the club in the transfer window.“The culture of football in Berbice is a divided one and this no doubt stems from the disharmony that exists among the FA, so it is difficult to attract talents from other parts of Berbice to be part of Monedderlust. Also our location and lack of finance does not help in bringing new players so I do not anticipate much changes from the transfer window”.Cadogan, a former national striker who earned the nickname ‘Running-Man’ due to his consistent speed in his playing days is not too impressed with the 6-team Elite League, citing the work with players on their technical, tactical and physical abilities and understanding of the game at this level is too demanding on coaches and this makes the job very difficult’.“What I would like to see is a draft system introduced and it should be done in the upcoming transfer window as we have close 100 players who are out of the Elite League because of their clubs withdrawals. These players should be placed in an ordered pool: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. The teams could then choose to trade or keep who they wish after securing players through the draft and with that we could very well have a more balanced League. Think about this present League and how many national players are participating. There is also definitely need for more than six teams in your top League”.Cadogan was also critical of the League and the long break:“You cannot have a League with an almost two-month break in between, this is craziness. I just don’t understand the logics. Imagine this is the halfway mark of the season and no player has accumulated ten hours of playing time. Six teams for your top League is a joke. Another observation that needs addressing is the attitude of referees towards players. I have played outside of Guyana and it is a totally different environment where it is much friendlier and it helps the flow of the game”.Coach Cadogan remains upbeat despite the disappointing first round and promised a better second half:“We have agreed collectively that we will be more committed to a better second half and as soon as the holidays are over we will get down to serious training in order to be better prepared for the second round challenges which will be tough”.last_img

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