first_imgAnother NASCAR season just ended.  NASCAR has always been known for crashes.  In fact, that seems to bring people into the stands as much as the racing itself.  Lately, however, the conduct of some of the drivers seems to be getting out of hand.  Joey Logano purposely wrecked Martin Truex recently to win a race.  Some people call this NASCAR racing.  I, myself, would label it cheating.I think you can have a competitive fan-friendly racing circuit without the deliberate wrecking of a driver who gets in your way.  Some racing experts say it would be impossible to tell whether it was deliberate or accidental.  I don’t think it would be that hard.  When a driver runs into the back of another driver, I think it is pretty obvious what he was planning.  Also, if you see a driver suddenly turn to hit the back of another car, I think that is obvious!  At least NASCAR could make an attempt to penalize such moves.  After all, they have a million other rules concerning races today.  Why would this be any different?last_img

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