Famous Yips!

first_imgMost of you are familiar with the term “Yip” as it applies to golfers and their inability to make short putts on the green.  It is also used when any athlete suddenly loses the natural ability they had in athletics.  Here are a few famous examples:1.  Steve Blass–Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher.  In 1973 the ace of the Pirate staff suddenly couldn’t throw strikes.  He even went so far as to try throwing the ball from his knees to regain his accuracy.  Nothing worked and he soon faded from the scene.2.  Johnny Miller–pro golfer.  In the late 1970’s Miller, a long-time top-notch golfer could not sink a short putt.  He even tried closing his eyes when he stood over the ball.  He would eventually regain some of his skill, but he was never the same.3.  Steve Sax–Dodger second baseman.  In 1983 his throws to first base got so bad that the fans who sat in the seats behind the first baseman started wearing batting helmets to protect themselves.4.  Chuck Knoblauck–Yankee second baseman.  In 2000 his wild throw not only missed the first baseman but it hit Keith Olbermann’s mom in the stands.So if you miss a short putt this week, you are in good company!last_img

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