Coaching Thoughts

first_imgWhat a roller coaster ride coaches go through in a season.  The highs after a close win are always matched by the lows when you lose one you should have won.  Add to this the second guessing that always goes with any high-profile high school or college job.  Those fans in the stands always have the answer even if they never coached or even played the game.Add to this the ethics questions that always come up.  How far do you push the envelope?  Today this is even more likely to come up because of all the electronic devices that pry into everyone’s lives.  The cheating I am referring to is whether you might try to keep a kid eligible grade-wise or how far you press an athletic code to keep an athlete eligible. This is especially true when a star athlete is involved.You also have the pressure of keeping your job.  In high school, this might mean having to pack your family up to find a new school if coaching is what you want to do.  In college, it might mean the loss of a million dollar salary.There are still many rewards in coaching.  That championship you never counted on or having the lowest member of your roster get their moment in the sun.  Anyone who has ever coached has a story about the young athlete who surprised you with that winning shot, touchdown run, or any big moment in any sport.last_img

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