Alcohol a bigger problem than drugs for young

first_imgThe Age (Australia) 4 June 2012THE Children’s Court has sounded the alarm about the intensity of underage drinking in the community, saying that alcohol consumption – rather than drug use – is the ”big catalyst” for youth offending in the state. Judge Paul Grant, president of the court, said he and magistrates who heard criminal cases felt there was a ”worrying” link between a trend towards more violent offending and drinking more heavily at an earlier age. ”When I sit in the court and deal with young offenders charged with violence offences, alcohol is often a significant contributor,” Judge Grant told The Age. ”We have young people in our court who are abusing drugs, but my sense is that alcohol is the more significant problem.” Young people drinking to excess was a big catalyst for offending ”in the violence sphere and more generally as well”, he said. ”I am saying to the community that I think we need to be alert to the fact that alcohol is a significant problem for some of our young people.”

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