How to take advantage of the “Vacation week worth” campaign, and that it has an effect for everyone. The key word is synergy

first_imgThe Minister’s announcement that the action would take place several times a year is certainly, in my opinion, a great idea, because just one week is not enough to extend the tourist season. In any case, it is important to advertise the whole project “aggressively”, in order for it to come to life in three years and to get the Croatian version of “Ferragosto”. Not one, but several. Perhaps a better option is to work for a whole month than for a week, because that way the campaign would make more sense and the main goal of the campaign would be more efficient – to extend before and after the season. Also, this is again an opportunity for continental and rural destinations to impose and position themselves. This is mostly their opportunity, although the campaign is valid for the whole of Croatia. As we announced yesterday “Vacation Week Worthy”, the action of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Croatian National Tourist Board will be held in the week from 16 to 25 October 2020. The aim of the action is to direct interest in domestic travel and raise the level of tourist activity in the period outside the summer months. Manifestations as a motive for coming? Absolutely. I know, we live in the time of the corona, but that doesn’t mean it can’t organize events that are in nature or so-called. active tourism. Or maybe wine tourism in smaller groups. Focus on quality, not quantity. This important role must be played by the tourist community, to connect and generate interesting content in the destination through the synergy of all participants. You are looking for solutions, not what you can’t do. But that doesn’t mean you have to give the aforementioned discount on the accommodation service. So, in more categories you can give a discount on more services, and it is certainly much better when there would be synergies and to make one or more travel packages, which offer a variety of experiences. Thus, domestic tourists made 1,3 million arrivals and 9,6 million overnight stays this year, or about 20 percent of total tourist arrivals and overnight stays in 2020. Put together a good and interesting story and in collaboration with partners in the destination create a motive for coming. And we need to be aware, how such projects take at least three years to show up in the market. That is why it is important that as many subjects as possible get involved in this action. Ultimately, do we want to expand the tourist season or not? Of course one project is not enough, but let’s finally move forward. A domestic guest is a good guest. Get involved, because that’s the only way the whole project can have a chance to come to life. Find out more about the project HERE ROXANICH Wine & Heritage Hotel Motovun is giving away: SUPERIOR STAY EXPERIENCE,Chiavalon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil donated by: EXCLUSIVE TASTING OF GRAND,AurA Distillery presents: Experience DISTILERY,Frankovic wines donated by: Franković tour and tasting,San Rocco – Boutique Hotel presents: ISTRIA GASTRO SANJANJE,Karlić Truffles presents: A unique experience of hunting truffles Although the just imposed reduction of 50% caused a revolt of the profession, especially the owners of accommodation facilities, because that is where they have the highest earnings. Interestingly, the CNTB had meetings with the profession in certain destinations, but did not accept the reasoned criticism of the same about the mentioned discount. Especially when we talk about smaller accommodation facilities, such as small family hotels, holiday homes and other accommodation in rural and continental Croatia. An excellent example this year was the cooperation and synergy of partners in Istria through the project Wonders of Istria. / / / PHENOMENAL SUCCESS OF MEĐIMURJE: OVER 15.000 COUPONS DISTRIBUTED AND 3.75 MILLION HRK OF TOURIST CONSUMPTION GENERATED According to data from the eVisitor system, in 2019 domestic tourists made 2,4 million tourist arrivals and 13,8 million overnight stays, or about 12 percent of total arrivals and overnight stays in 2019. In the current part of the tourist year 2020, according to current data from the eVisitor system, it is the domestic market in this challenging year that has made a strong contribution to the results achieved with a high share of 20 percent in total overnight stays. “This project is an initiative by which we want to present to our citizens all the beauties and richness of offers that Croatia has and offers throughout the year. In this corona tourist year, domestic tourists have made a great contribution to tourist traffic, and our wish is that domestic tourists in the rest of this year, but also in the years ahead, make an increasingly significant part of demand and explore numerous offers across our continent and coast. During the holiday week worth during October, numerous promotional offers will be offered, which will be combined in one place, and our intention is to continue this action and hold it regularly throughout most of the year.” pointed out the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac on the occasion of the announcement of the action “A week of rest worthwhile”.center_img Also, instead of a 50% discount, it may be a better idea to arrange the story through added value, as the Međimurje Tourist Board did through a great campaign. “Međimurje gives more”. As you can see, the key word is rounded content and synergy. If there’s one thing we’ve had to learn from this challenging year, it’s the importance of synergy. The goal of the campaign was to offer added value to tourists instead of competing in lowering prices, so that guests would receive a coupon for one of more than 250 free services in the destination for every HRK 100 spent. In the first month of the campaign, over 15.000 coupons were distributed to tourists and visitors, which generated tourist spending of 3.75 million kuna in Međimurje. Wow, right? It will be interesting to see the results, despite the covid and the fact that there is no peak season on the continent, at the end of the campaign. Mostly you have room to play with the offer. I have already given this example on one occasion, but it is good to repeat the positive examples several times. The action can involve all tourism-related entities: hotel houses, private renters, caterers, nature parks and national parks, museums, galleries, adrenaline tourism, health tourism, nautical, etc. And so it is good, as it should be otherwise , not to sell accommodation but the whole destination, ie through an interesting tourist package and content to arouse the desire to travel. No matter what, be sure to get involved in the “Vacation Week Worth” campaign. The applications of business entities that will offer their offers on the website created just for this action –, which will soon be active for service users, are in progress. All business and private entities from the tourism sector such as hotels, private renters, travel agencies, restaurants, bars, national parks and nature parks, museums, galleries, carriers, rent-a-car, boat renters and entities can apply to participate in the action. health and spa tourism. Through the action A week of vacation worthwhile, it will be possible for the citizens of Croatia and all those interested to visit and get to know different parts of Croatia at 50 percent lower prices for numerous tourist services; from accommodation, transport, sights all the way to catering services and various experiences. “Everything you need for a unique trip: top accommodation, top quality food and drinks, tastings, attractions, gifts and a unique ISTRIA.”, point out in the announcement of the prize game. The award is given by six famous Istrian families who run top companies and guarantee an unforgettable trip and a real gastronomic experience. Apart from the fact that accommodation is not a motive for coming, when there are more of you, then you can complete the story and offer all-day content. The focus must be on the content and motive of the arrival. Get involved in the “Vacation Week Worth” campaignlast_img

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