Crowd heckles Rocky Horror Show at OFS

first_imgTheOld Fire Station nightclub on GeorgeStreet cut short a produc­tion of the rocky HorrorShow on Monday night following rowdiness and complaints from audience members. The show, held on the night of Hal­loween,was a one-off theatrical club night organised by Carte Blanche, the productioncompany behind Burlesk. Billed as a “kinky, camp musical club night,” theproduction consisted of a film screening, music and a live floor show. Midway through the evening members of theaudience began to heckle the onstage performers. Some approached OFS staffcomplaining about the content of the production. The show was not permitted toper­form the third act, and was pulled off the stage before the second act hadbeen completed, on the insist­ence of the Old Fire Station staff. One member of the audience, Holly Ware, astudent at St Hilda’s, said that “the crowd got very rowdy and quite violent.The show was extremely good but it was clear that a lot of people in theaudience didn’t know that the rocky Horror Show was going on and just thoughtit was a regular club night.” Following the termination of the rockyHorror Show perform­ance, the evening continued as an ordinary club night withmusic and dancing. The director of the show, Laurie Penny,said, “We were on the stage when the music cut out, this cheese cut in and wewere told to get off. This was right in the middle a show for which we’d allworked really hard.” The entry for the special night was fivepounds, and a large majority of the audience had come dressed in thetraditional rocky Horror attire of fishnets and suspender belts. Aspectatorsaid that “in the end projectiles were being thrown at the stage and theprojector had to be taken down.” Julie Sturgess, speaking on behalf of theOld Fire Station said, “It wasn’t particularly rowdy. It was a decision on thebehalf or the promoters to pull the show because the majority of customersseemed to prefer to dance rather than watch the show. The show had been on forquite a long time already, and it was just cut a little short.” Joey Clark, who played a Transyl­vanian inthe show, said that “it was a shame that a few drunkards spoilt it.” Neil Tarrant, also involved in theproduction, explained his feelings saying, “I was just rather upset that theOFS were responding more to an aggressive minority than to a ma­jority who wereseemingly enjoying the show.” Carte Blanche have experienced a degree ofunfortunate Oxfordscandal in the past over their show Burlesk, which began at Jongleurs duringHilary term. On the night that a Daily Mail reviewer was present, onecast member’s nipples were inadvertantly exposed during a striptease. ARCHIVE: 4th week MT 2005last_img

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