Blitzen Trapper Goes On A Sonic Journey ‘All Across This Land’

first_imgOn their latest album, All Across This Land, Blitzen Trapper has finally achieved a true balance between the abandon of their live shows and the intricacies of their studio work. The band’s main songwriter and creative force, guitarist Eric Earley, set out to unify the more intricate and lilting compositions with the rock-influenced live sound. Much like the later works of Early’s oft cited influences, R.E.M., Blitzen Trapper is finally learning to not just walk the fine line between rock and folk, but to STRUT it.Listen to a playlist of All Across This Land below: The title track, “All Across This Land,” is a pure blast of feel good rock and roll. The song shows a band honoring the roots of classic rock, but with a fresh spirit free of imitation that automatically raises the bar for the songs to come. The follow up track utilizes aggressive air to its advantage, with a clean thin opening that invokes the earnest nature of fledgling garage bands. It’s a bold and daring statement, showing them fuse their sounds with a defter touch than before.A pair of meditations on love and loss, “Mystery And Wonder” and “Love Grow Cold,” illustrate the importance of seamless craft in successful pop songs. Here, singer Eric Earley utilizes his clean, tightly compressed voice to lose most distracting personal inflections. Listeners have a blank slate to project themselves upon, with just the slightest nasal hint of his hero Bob Dylan.“Cadillac Road” and “Let The Cards Fall” demonstrate the benefit of a visionary songwriter at the helm. Stripping down to their barest folksy roots, “Across The River” finds the band telling of a golden hued vision from the banks to the empty imaginary city. In this deserted land, Earley contemplates his and all of our mortality, and finds it worth fighting for.When a band is known just as much for the sheer poetry of its lyrics as it is for the range and diversity of its musical arrangements and performances, expectations among fans can’t help but be high. With All Across This Land, Blitzen Trapper managed to craft a modern rock classic, using a style and world view distinctly their own.Don’t miss Blitzen Trapper on the road this summer, including a show at Garcia’s in Port Chester, NY on June 19th!last_img read more

French insurer AXA speeds coal industry exit plans

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Reuters:France’s AXA said it was strengthening its climate strategy by committing to exit coal more quickly across a greater number of countries, as policymakers seek a faster transition to a low-carbon economy.AXA said that as an investor it would exit completely from the coal industry across countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union by 2030, and the rest of the world by 2040.In other steps announced on Wednesday, the French insurer said it will put 12 billion euros ($13.23 billion) in “green investments” between 2020-2023.AXA added that as an insurer, it would restrict coal underwriting policy and stop selling insurance contracts, apart from employee benefits offers, to clients developing new coal projects that exceed 300 MW in capacity.The moves by AXA drew praise from some environmental groups. “AXA is leading the way by driving its portfolio of coal down to zero by 2030,” said Regine Richter, Energy Campaigner at Germany-based campaign group Urgewald.More: French insurer AXA to exit coal investments in OECD states by 2030 French insurer AXA speeds coal industry exit planslast_img read more

Tom Schaudel: LI’s Restaurateur and his Influence on Local Dining

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Tom Schaudel at Jewel in Melville. (Photo by Jim Lennon)A red electric guitar is slung over Tom Schaudel’s shoulder and his faded jeans tremble as he taps his feet to the beat of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.” Schaudel’s trademark bandana is conspicuously absent as his four band mates—two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer—rock on alongside him.Schaudel, one of Long Island’s top restaurateurs, is grinning while leading the quintet through the Southern rock classic, his wrist rhythmically down-strumming as if he’s chopping up a Chilean sea bass destined for his frying pan. Between jabs, he bursts out the chorus triumphantly, like the uncorking of an aged wine bottled up far too long.The performance is in celebration of Peconic Bay’s wineries, and there’s no one more worthy to grace the stage and energize the crowd. The celebrity chef has developed an incredible following throughout his four decades as the Island’s most recognizable culinary artist, nourishing thousands along the way and resurrecting countless restaurants with his Midas touch while sweating away 200,000-plus hours in the kitchen. To him, it was time well spent.“I’m totally in love with restaurant culture,” says Schaudel, who embarked on his 45-year-long journey when he took a job at a restaurant to save money for an amplifier and was instantly intoxicated by the food’s aroma. “It’s the one place in the world where I feel like I belong.”Now 60, he continues to hit the high notes. At his newest incarnation, Jewel in Melville, he recently talked about food and music, with his back to a massive wine collection while his clientele devoured what’s left of their lunches. Behind his shoulder decorative lamps hung upside down disorientingly from the ceiling. Around his forehead is an orange bandana that confirms he is, indeed, Tom Schaudel.Schaudel owns four Long Island restaurants and a catering business including Jewel. His impact is undeniable, say industry leaders.“He really is what Long Island restaurateurs strive to be,” says Long Island Dining Alliance President Donna Trapani. “He’s certainly that person who’s impacted the food industry, not only with the amount of restaurants that he has opened, consulted for or even been the chef for—he has taken owning restaurants to another level.”“He’s really considered Long Island’s top chef, no question,” she continues. “Honestly, to me, he’s an empire builder.”“A lot of people would just see the name Tom Schaudel and that’s enough for them to go,” agrees Mario Saccente, executive vice president of the Long Island chapter of the New York State Restaurant Association. “He is one of very, very few on Long Island that his name means you should try his restaurant. Just by his name alone, his restaurant is worth visiting.”With 40 years in the business, Schaudel has weathered his fair share of failure and success, also witnessing some of the most bizarre customer behavior imaginable, as documented in his book Playing with Fire: Whining & Dining on the Gold Coast.Through it all, Schaudel’s passion remains the food.“It’s the color of the fresh vegetables, the fish and the thin-skinned lemons that still get me out of bed in the morning,” he says romantically. “It’s not all the other stuff that comes along with this…it’s truly the product that I get sweaty about. I’m still addicted to it.”Schaudel’s obsession has its limits, however. At one point, he cocks his head back, opens his mouth and mimics snoring while describing a meeting with his accountant.“[I’d] rather be at the dentist,” he says.And though his consulting work is renowned, the chef admits at times he had trouble convincing his counterparts to act on his advice.“I’ve been at this 45 years, so I know something,” insists Schaudel. “For them, when it doesn’t work out they say, ‘I paid you do to this.’ It wasn’t worth the money for me at that point; I rather just deal with my own stuff.”Whether he wants to admit it, Schaudel has left an indelible mark on the local restaurant industry.“He’s always one step ahead of everybody,” Trapani says. “He brings local ingredients, which is one of the newest trends. If Tom is bringing something to the table, most people will follow what he’s already instituted.”If one thing does get under Schaudel’s skin, it’s eaters who refuse to expand their palates and thus, limit their options.“I’m more concerned about the wussification of America,” he says. “I mean, we’re afraid of everything now: We’re afraid of gluten, ‘I can’t eat this, I’m allergic to sauté, I can’t eat the other thing, this makes me fart, that makes me fat, that makes me old.’ It’s food, man. You’re really missing out on a lot of fun by limiting yourself.”Despite the lofty praises, newspaper and magazine profiles, appearances on television and even his own wine, Schaudel remains grounded. To him, he’s just like any other Long Islander.“At the end of the day, what is this?” he says. “I own a restaurant, so what? In the scheme of things, it’s not world peace, it’s a fucking restaurant, it’s food. If I die tomorrow Long Island somehow will go on.”He considers what just came out of his mouth, and adds, “Hopefully they’ll stop for a day or two.”Undoubtedly, they’ll continue to imitate him.From The Chef’s MouthHere are some of restaurateur Tom Schaudel’s favorite dishes from his restaurants, in his own words.Coolfish6800 Jericho Tpke., Syosset516-921-3250www.tomschaudel.comSeared Chilean Sea Bass with Lobster Fricassee, Sauteed Spinach and Smoked Tomato Relish: “This dish literally paid for my house. It’s been the most popular one I’ve ever done for whatever reason. I think the bass marries well with the richness of the lobster sauce and the smoked tomato relish has enough acid to cut through to add balance.”Jewel400 Broadhollow Rd., Melville631-755-5777www.jewelrestaurantli.comWarm Octopus Salad with Potatoes, Red Onion, Capers and Grapes: “I love octopus in all kinds of preparations but especially with these ingredients. In Asian cuisine the goal is to hit on all five tastes, and this dish seems to do that for me. There’s the savory taste of octopus and the potatoes, the salty-bitter capers, the sourness in the merlot vinaigrette, and the sweetness of the grapes. It just bounces off the tongue and gets better with every bite.”a Mano13550 Main Rd., Mattituck631-298-4800www.amanorestaurant.comTom’s Carbonara: “Here I did a riff on an old Italian favorite. We added local trevisio lettuce, smoked duck and copious amounts of black pepper to a traditional carbonara prep with, what I believe to be, a very interesting result.”A Lure62300 Main Rd., Southold631-876-5300www.alurenorthfork.comSteamed Lobster: “A Lure sits in the Port of Egypt marina overlooking the Peconic Bay. There’s an outside deck that seats 100 people in the summer and, for me, that’s the A Lure experience. I love sitting out there, looking at the bay, and eating a perfectly steamed lobster with nothing but lemon and butter.”Ross-SchaudelCatering andEvent Planningwww.tomschaudel.comGrilled Striped Bass with Satur Farms Sweet Corn, Farro, and Roasted Tomato-Olive Vinaigrette: “Striped Bass is one of my favorites of the local fishes. The snow-white flesh is complimented by the vinaigrette and the corn screams ‘Summer.’ The farro adds a toothsome quality and beautifully absorbs all the different flavors.”last_img read more

SHORT TIME RENTAL – accommodation with hosts in Spain and Berlin

first_imgEHHA Round TableThe thematic gathering of EHHA (European holiday home association) at the ITB in Berlin, and this year brought to the fore the problems related to the regulation of activities. EHHA was established in 2013 with the aim of bringing together property owners, property managers and OTA platforms, the main stakeholders of STR business. EHHA membership consists of 10 significant OTA platforms, the most famous of which is Airbnb, 16 STR associations from Germany, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Scotland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Croatia. Associate members are Maxxton – IT company for business management and Supercontrol – Booking & Management system. EHHA operates through three centers, in Copenhagen, London and Brussels. As things stand, an office in the USA could open soon. Namely, in the USA, where OTA platforms have gained the greatest momentum and where the “sharing economy” has been created, such attempts are now being made to limit or disable such jobs.In the countries of the European Union, there are 20 million beds in households, which is almost twice as many as in hotels. The value of real estate in which accommodation services are provided is estimated at 600 billion euros. Annually, STR (Short time rental) generates 45 million arrivals and generates 80 billion euros in revenue. Of the total cost of travel, only 25% falls on accommodation, and as much as 75% of income is shared by airlines, highway concessionaires, fuel filling stations, mobile phone operators, shops, catering, museums, excursion service providers and many others.The struggle between big and smallLike a copy-paste scenario, members of political elites are increasingly exposing themselves as representatives of big business, powerful companies that still seem to create politics and politicians. Thus, the city administrations of large cities are in favor of restricting the operation of OTA platforms and adopting restrictions for STR. Attempts are being made to limit the number of days of renting accommodation (90, 60…), to ban renting in certain neighborhoods and the like. All of this is happening in circumstances where tourism giants like Airbnb and are recording high growth rates of mediation between host and guest. alone realizes 1,5 million overnight stays per day in apartments and houses worldwide. Younger generations of travelers are looking for STR accommodation and this is something that no law can prevent. Hotel chain owners will have to gradually change their business models because politics cannot protect them from the future.Spanish troublesSpain, one of the strongest tourist countries in the world and synonymous with tourism, is increasingly getting into trouble. Now the long-lasting crisis in the “most touristy” province of Catalonia has no end, in fact, with the arrest of political leaders, it sinks even deeper into uncertainty. One of the drivers of the crisis was the fact that Catalonia generates large incomes from tourism and other activities, but that the province itself benefits little from it. Greater decentralization was required, first of all money, and then the authority to manage the space. This paved the way for independence. The scenario has already been seen and experienced in Croatia. But what the Catalans don’t know, and we do know, is that similar problems continue to arise. Even when independence is fought, because the guys from “Krupni kapital doo” are still creating politics and politicians… speaking of Catalonia, it is worth mentioning Barcelona, ​​officially the 7th city in the world in terms of “overtourism”. Barcelona has 300 hotels and the whole of Croatia 600. As far as apartments are concerned, 1,4% of the total housing stock is on offer. But at the round table, it was emphasized that there are still neighborhoods in Barcelona where there are no tourists at all, either through accommodation or the offer of content. Problems occur at “neuralgic points”, well-known places where everything is concentrated – both accommodation and restaurants and shops… Obviously, there is a problem with (non) management of city development.Of the 17 provinces in Spain so far, only Galicia has managed to legally regulate STR, or household accommodation. This was done only last year. Until then, it was not possible to do business with household accommodation at all. The law is the result of cooperation between the legislature and tourism organizations. Now they finally have legal accommodation and statistics, indicators of tourist traffic. Admittedly, only in the size of 5.500 legal facilities, but they are trying to bring people closer to the possibility of legal business through road show animation and raise that number.Chaos of legislationAs far as regulations at the state level are concerned, they do not exist, the competence is reduced to the level of provinces, the provinces give powers to their cities, and these in turn interpret the legal framework in their own way. There is currently chaos in Spain with legislation. In general, any business planning is almost impossible, because the rules are not known and new regulatory regulations are constantly being added. Due to all this, Novasol has been present in Spain for only a few years, with only 3.000 facilities on offer. The same agency in Croatia has 12 facilities.In the entire territory of the Kingdom of Spain, in a way, 125 buildings are legally offered and over a million buildings are rented out. Only 000% of the capacity operates legally.The Berlin caseBerlin is often mentioned as the city with the most restrictive approach to the STR. Until recently, there were “spies” in function, who controlled the entrances to residential buildings. That “secret police” spied on their fellow citizens in collusion for dissatisfied citizens and stalked tourists who would stay in apartments. It was the result of a ban on legally renting apartments. At the time of this ban, which was justified by the lack of housing for residents, only 1% of the total housing stock returned to the real estate market. Only then was it established that citizens own only 14% of the housing stock in Berlin. Everything else is owned by companies. There were large investments in housing, but the apartments were empty for a long time. Whether this was due to an artificial rise in prices, money laundering or something else, is not yet known. However, the city authorities decided that the apartment should not be empty for more than 6 months, and subsequently that period was reduced to 3 months. What feels like a problem now is that there is almost no “native” to receive guests. The spirit of Berlin was lost. Some political currents want to restore such a model. The FPD party is in the lead.Our beautiful CroatiaWhen we compare all this with the situation in Croatia, we should be satisfied. We have good legal solutions, we have statistics and registered turnover, and paid sojourn tax and paid income tax… The restrictions set by our Law on Catering for providers of catering services in the household, are in a good range. If it would be good to “copy” something from others, it is this provision from Berlin that the apartment cannot be empty for more than 6 (3) months. If something like this were applied, especially to our coast, large investments in housing would be curbed. We also have a case where the apartment ownership ratio will increasingly benefit investors. The domicile population is under pressure from all sides with the construction of residential buildings built by successful entrepreneurs from all over Croatia and the surrounding countries. That is real “apartmentization”. These apartments are in operation for a maximum of 60 days a year and “eat” space. Nobody lives in the apartment buildings, guests are waiting for the “key under the rug”. Of course, the guys from “Krupni i krupnije kapital doo” have their fingers in it, who are “breaking the ice”. Then everyone else follows them. However, the labels “apartmentization”, “overtourism”, “tourism phobia”, are attached only to the domicile population. They want to stop growth.So we went from good things to less good ones. Which no one cares about. And they should. Because if it happens that the local community is left with no benefit from tourism, only “strats and shackles”, then real “tourism phobia” could appear. Between the Spanish chaos in the segment of family accommodation and the Turkish effort to make accommodation with the hosts, we in Croatia have a huge advantage.Are we aware of what we have ?Author: Nedo Pinezić www.nedopinezic.comlast_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week —Kootenay Glacier Kings

first_imgMallard’s Source for sports would like to spotlight the Gold Medal performance of the Glacier Kings with Team of the Week honours.The team includes, Doug Thomson, Mike Grace, Terry Kirkham, David White, Eldon Wales, Dave Delong, Jim Bermel, Derek Spring, Ken Stroud, Pat Severyn, Mike Ramsey, Norm Deverney, Martin Ross, Ron Cox, Rod Guimont, Ken Manson and Frank Curiston.The team consists of players from throughout the Kootenay zone.The Canada Senior Gamespromotes physical, spiritual and mental wellness among Canadians 55 years of age or older and features competition in 24 events ranging from Track and Field to Scrabble.This four-day celebration of sport, culture, and social well being welcomed more than 2500 competitors to Alberta.The Glacier Kings qualified for the Senior Games by winning the Gold Medal at the 2013 BC Senior Games in Kamloops. The Kootenay Glacier Kings stepped outside the province to challenge the best in the country at the Canadian Senior Games held last month in Sherwood Park, Alberta.Nelson’s Pat Severyn provided the heroics for the team, scoring the winning goal in overtime to power Team BC’s Kootenay Glacier Kings to a 3-2 victory over defending champion Ontario in the Gold Medal Final of the Men’s Ice Hockey event.Kootenay Glacier Kings opened with wins over Northwest Territories 14-1 and Lethbridge 3-1 before outlasting Calgary Buffalos 6-4.last_img read more

Mysterious back injury threatens Mirabai’s Asiad bid

first_imgThreat of a possible withdrawal from the upcoming Asian Games looms largely over Commonwealth Games gold medallist Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, as a mysterious back injury has left her huff and puff.Doctors across the country have failed to diagnose Mirabai’s recurring lower back injury, sustained during the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast in April. With just four weeks to the multi-disciplinary event, to be held in Jakarta, Mirabai is racing against time to get fit, consolidating herself to just body building and strengthening exercises at the NIS, Patiala.According to national coach Vijay Sharma, the 24-year-old hasn’t lifted heavy weights for the past six to eight weeks and with clear instructions to not aggravate her injury, the upcoming two weeks will decide the fate of the Manipur girl’s Asiad participation.”She hasn’t done any kind of weightlifting in the past 6 to 8 weeks and we are a bit worried now,” Vijay told MAIL TODAY.”Honestly, we have no clue about the kind of injury she is suffering. We consulted many doctors in India, and even went to Mumbai recently, but all tests have come back normal. Even the MRI scan has come clean. Doctors have just asked her to take proper rest. We have restricted her to just strengthening and body building. A decision on her participation will be taken in the next two weeks but we are hoping for the best,” he added.Mirabai is slated to lead the five-member weightlifting charge at the Games, having been the flag bearer of country’s distinct show in the sport over the past year. She is enjoying a rejuvenated career in weightlifting, winning gold medal at the World Championships last year.advertisementShe repeated the feat at the CWG in April. The injury comes as a setback for the lifter, who was set to compete in the 48kg category in Jakarta. At the 2014 Asian Games, Mirabai finished at a dis-mal ninth position in a campaign that saw none of the six lifters returning home with a medal.”The hope is to get her fit in time but we can’t neglect the other four lifters in the fray. Bar-ring Mira, I’m still sure we’ll win at least two medals at the Asiad. Everyone is working hard at the national camp,” Vijay addressed.Apart from Mirabai, Rakhi Halder (63kg) is the only female lifter in the squad. The other members include CWG gold medallists, Sathish Sivalingam and Ajay Singh and the CWG bronze medalist Vikas Thakur. While Sathish and Ajay would be competing in the 77kg event, Vikas would be competing in the 94kg event.last_img read more