Blitzen Trapper Goes On A Sonic Journey ‘All Across This Land’

first_imgOn their latest album, All Across This Land, Blitzen Trapper has finally achieved a true balance between the abandon of their live shows and the intricacies of their studio work. The band’s main songwriter and creative force, guitarist Eric Earley, set out to unify the more intricate and lilting compositions with the rock-influenced live sound. Much like the later works of Early’s oft cited influences, R.E.M., Blitzen Trapper is finally learning to not just walk the fine line between rock and folk, but to STRUT it.Listen to a playlist of All Across This Land below: The title track, “All Across This Land,” is a pure blast of feel good rock and roll. The song shows a band honoring the roots of classic rock, but with a fresh spirit free of imitation that automatically raises the bar for the songs to come. The follow up track utilizes aggressive air to its advantage, with a clean thin opening that invokes the earnest nature of fledgling garage bands. It’s a bold and daring statement, showing them fuse their sounds with a defter touch than before.A pair of meditations on love and loss, “Mystery And Wonder” and “Love Grow Cold,” illustrate the importance of seamless craft in successful pop songs. Here, singer Eric Earley utilizes his clean, tightly compressed voice to lose most distracting personal inflections. Listeners have a blank slate to project themselves upon, with just the slightest nasal hint of his hero Bob Dylan.“Cadillac Road” and “Let The Cards Fall” demonstrate the benefit of a visionary songwriter at the helm. Stripping down to their barest folksy roots, “Across The River” finds the band telling of a golden hued vision from the banks to the empty imaginary city. In this deserted land, Earley contemplates his and all of our mortality, and finds it worth fighting for.When a band is known just as much for the sheer poetry of its lyrics as it is for the range and diversity of its musical arrangements and performances, expectations among fans can’t help but be high. With All Across This Land, Blitzen Trapper managed to craft a modern rock classic, using a style and world view distinctly their own.Don’t miss Blitzen Trapper on the road this summer, including a show at Garcia’s in Port Chester, NY on June 19th!last_img read more

New territory

first_imgA consortium led by scientists at the University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School has constructed the world’s most detailed genetic map.A genetic map specifies the precise areas in the genetic material of a sperm or egg where the DNA from the mother and father has been reshuffled in order to produce this single reproductive cell. The biological process whereby this reshuffling occurs is known as “recombination.” While almost every genetic map built so far has been developed from people of European ancestry, this new map is the first constructed from African-American recombination genomic data.“This is the world’s most accurate genetic map,” said David Reich, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, who co-led the study with Simon Myers, a lecturer in the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford.African-Americans often have a mixture of African and European ancestry from over the last 200 years. Reich and Myers are experts in analyzing genetic data to reconstruct the mosaic of regions of African and European genetic ancestry in DNA of African-Americans. By applying a computer program they wrote, Anjali Hinch, first author and a post-graduate student at Oxford University’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, identified the places in the genomes where the African and European ancestry switches in almost 30,000 people, detecting about 70 switches per person. These areas corresponded to recombination events in the last few hundred years. Thus, the researchers identified more than 2 million recombination events that they used to build the map.The researchers were surprised to find that positions where recombination occurs in African-Americans are significantly different from those in non-African populations.“The landscape of recombination has shifted in African-Americans compared with Europeans,” said Hinch.Myers added, “More than half of African-Americans carry a version of the biological machinery for recombination that is different than Europeans’. As a result, African-Americans experience recombination where it almost never occurs in Europeans.”The findings will be published in the July 21 edition of Nature.An independent study that used a similar strategy to build a genetic map in African-Americans — led by University of California, Los Angeles, scientists Daniel Wegmann, Nelson Freimer, and John Novembre — will be published in Nature Genetics.Scientists have only recently begun to explore the genetic differences between individuals and populations — and the role those differences play in human health. In that respect, the first draft of the human genome, completed a decade ago, was only a starting point for understanding the genetic origins of disease.As researchers begin to parse those differences, a crucial tool is a genetic map, which in this case was based on where recombination has occurred across the genome.  Recombination, together with mutation, accounts for all the genetic (and thus physical) variety we see within species. But while mutation refers to the errors introduced into single locations within genomes when cells divide, recombination refers to the process by which huge chunks of chromosomes are stitched together during sexual reproduction.But this stitching process occurs only at specific locations. In a prior set of papers, Myers and his colleagues identified a DNA code, or motif, that attracted part of the recombination machinery, a gene called PRDM9. Knowing the motif, a string of 13 DNA letters, researchers could zero in on the locations where recombination typically occurred — “recombination hot spots.”“When recombination goes wrong, it can lead to mutations causing congenital diseases, for example diseases like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, or certain anemias,” said Myers.Said Reich, “The places in the genome where there are recombination hot spots can thus also be disease hot spots. Charting recombination hot spots can thus identify places in the genome that have an especially high chance of causing disease.”The researchers discovered that the 13 base-pair motif that is responsible for many of the hot spots in Europeans accounts for only two-thirds as much recombination in African-Americans. They connected the remaining third to a new motif of 17 base pairs, which is recognized by a version of the recombinational machinery that occurs almost exclusively in people of African ancestry.These findings are expected to help researchers understand the roots of congenital conditions that occur more often in African-Americans (due to mutations at hot spots that are more common in African-Americans), and also to help discover new disease genes in all populations, because of the ability to map these genes more precisely.The study was possible because of collaboration from 81 co-authors, using DNA samples from five large studies that have been carried out to study common diseases such as heart disease and cancer, funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and many private foundations.Said James Wilson, a professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center who was responsible for coordinating the collaboration, “All the co-authors worked together in an incredibly collegial way to put together the enormous set of samples and high quality genetic data that made this study a success.”The recombination map is here.last_img read more


first_imgCOMMENTS by a Donegal County Councillor about Travellers erupted into another row on TV3’s Tonight With Vincent Browne.A house outside Ballyshannon which was allocated by the council to the Ward family in the town was burned down earlier this year – just weeks after Cllr Sean McEniff hit out at the decision.The councillor, who said Travellers should live together, later gave an assurance to Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin that he would not repeat the comments. Now it has emerged that Cllr McEniff has since met Traveller groupsThe journalist repeatedly challenged Fianna Fail Justice Spokesman Niall Collins over Cllr McEniff’s views.“It was absolutely wrong and we said that,” said Collins.Browne responded: “Did you expel him? Is there a place for racists in Fianna Fail is there?” Collins: “You want to take this centre stage and make one person who expresses an opinion, a racist view, which is a personal opinion and doesn’t reflect the party policy; you want to move that into centre stage and that person to be expelled.”Browne: “I’m saying you didn’t expel him and there is room in Fianna Fail for racists.”Collins: “Look Micheal Martin spoke to the man (Sean McEniff), told him to desist from doing it; he met with the Traveller groups in Donegal and they acknowledged widely that the Fianna Fail party – and that the councillors in Donegal – have been very pro-active in dealing with Travellers’ groups. That man has expressed a personal view. It was a personal view and not a Fianna Fail view and we nailed that at the time and Micheal Martin nailed that at the time and you know that.”Browne responded: “If a councillor in Northern Ireland nowadays in a unionist party expressed similar views about Catholics I think there would be tremendous pressure on either the DUP or the Ulster Unionist Party to expel them. And I think they probably would. But it’s ok in our political culture when a councillor expresses these racist views that there is a little finger-wagging and that’s it.”Deputy Collins came back, saying: “No it’s not ok. And he (Cllr McEniff) was spoken to by the party leader.” Browne went again, saying: “I’m saying that it’s ok; that there is room in Fianna Fail for racists. That’s what that means.”Collins: “No, no, no, no.”Browne said society was riddled with prejudice against Travellers and predicted his show would get a host of text messages and tweets and emails that would be racist.DONEGAL TRAVELLER ROW ERUPTS AGAIN ON VINCENT BROWNE TV3 SHOW was last modified: May 3rd, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DONEGAL TRAVELLER ROW ERUPTS AGAIN ON VINCENT BROWNE TV3 SHOWlast_img read more