New Canadian internet metering will cost average customer a lot more for

first_imgIn Canada, the internet is no longer all-you-can-eat, thanks to a new scheme called Usage-Based Billing (UBB), otherwise known as metered Internet billing. The idea might, on the surface of things, seem sound: you should pay for the bandwidth you use… no more, no less. Unfortunately, that’s just the way that incumbent carrier Bell Canada is selling UBB: in reality, what it means is that even modest Internet users will soon be paying several orders of magnitude more for every gig than they once were, and competitive ISPs who bring broadband down the last mile of copper to users homes are just as ticked off as customers.AdChoices广告For one Ontario-based ISP called TekSavvy, premium subscribers of their 5Mbps plan now have a usage cap of just 25GB, which is down substantially from the deals TekSavvy offered before (200GB and unlimited, respectively). Worse, for every gig over, it’ll cost CAN $1.90 in most of Canada and up to $2.35 per gig for the French-speaking part of Canada.Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? After all, an hour of Netflix chalks up a gig of bandwidth. But putting the likes of Netflix out of business is exactly the point, says TekSavvy, who note that Bell owns most of Canada’s television.“The ostensible, theoretical reason behind UBB is to conserve capacity, but that issue is very questionable,” noted the ISP’s CEO Rocky Gaudrault on TekSavvy’s news page. “One certain result though, is that Bell will make much more profit on its Internet service, and discourage Canadians from watching TV and movies on the internet instead of CTV, which Bell now owns.”In short, this isn’t just a cynical money grab on the part of the nation’s largest telecomms, it’s also an attempt by them to impede the adoption of streaming Internet media. Could UBB be any more scummy?Read more at Ars Technicalast_img read more