A rate and state friction law for saline ice

first_imgSea ice friction models are necessary to predict the nature of interactions between sea ice floes. These interactions are of interest on a range of scales, for example, to predict loads on engineering structures in icy waters or to understand the basin-scale motion of sea ice. Many models use Amonton’s friction law due to its simplicity. More advanced models allow for hydrodynamic lubrication and refreezing of asperities; however, modeling these processes leads to greatly increased complexity. In this paper we propose, by analogy with rock physics, that a rate-and state-dependent friction law allows us to incorporate memory (and thus the effects of lubrication and bonding) into ice friction models without a great increase in complexity. We support this proposal with experimental data on both the laboratory (similar to 0.1 m) and ice tank (similar to 1 m) scale. These experiments show that the effects of static contact under normal load can be incorporated into a friction model. We find the parameters for a first-order rate and state model to be A = 0.310, B = 0.382, and mu(0) = 0.872. Such a model then allows us to make predictions about the nature of memory effects in moving ice-ice contactslast_img read more

Operation KLONDIKE Gets Support from HMAS Success

first_img View post tag: Support February 17, 2015 View post tag: News by topic Operation KLONDIKE Gets Support from HMAS Success View post tag: gets View post tag: HMAS Success Back to overview,Home naval-today Operation KLONDIKE Gets Support from HMAS Success View post tag: KLONDIKE View post tag: middle eastcenter_img View post tag: Navy View post tag: Naval Authorities View post tag: Smuggling View post tag: operation Australian Navy’s HMAS Success has played a key role targeting illicit cargo smuggling routes during the recent Canadian-led Combined Task Force 150 focused Operation KLONDIKE in Middle Eastern waters.The mandate of the task force is to promote security and stability at sea by countering terrorist acts and related illegal activities, which terrorists use to fund or conceal their movements. From 1 January to 5 February, operations intensified in the Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden and North Arabian Sea.During this period, HMAS Success was part of a task force of ships and aircraft from Australia, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United States that patrolled the Middle Eastern waters monitoring, tracking, approaching and visiting suspicious vessels. The operation was aimed at concentrating units in areas of known smuggling routes.HMAS Success conducted 12 boardings, four replenishment-at-sea evolutions and more than 80 hours of surface search missions by the Seahawk helicopter ‘Odin’.Success also had the distinction of being the only replenishment ship conducting the operation, enabling her to support the Combined Maritime Forces in a dual capacity. This versatility helped keep other units on task longer while also conducting her own boarding operations.The Royal Australian Navy’s Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ship is currently deployed in the Middle East on Operation MANITOU, the Australia Defence Force’s contribution to maritime security, stability and prosperity in the region.Image: Australian Navy Share this articlelast_img read more

Russian Navy commissions sixth Project 636.3 submarine

first_img View post tag: Kolpino The Russian Navy has commissioned Kolpino, the country’s sixth and final Project 636.3 Varshavyanka-class submarine.All six were built for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.The flag-hoisting ceremony which marked the submarine’s official entry into the fleet took place in St. Petersburg at Admiralty Shipyards on November 24. Admiralty Shipyards was responsible for the construction of all submarines in the class.“The Admiralty Shipyards have done a great job to complete the Black Sea Fleet series of submarines. This is a good platform for starting the construction of another series of sub for the Pacific Fleet,” Russian news agency Tass quoted the Admiralty Shipyards CEO, Aleksandr Buzakov as saying.Work on another series of submarines for the Pacific Fleet is expected to start in 2017 with the completion date set for 2021, the news agency further said.Construction on the six Black Sea Fleet submarines began in 2010.Novorossiysk, the lead submarine of the project, joined the Black Sea Fleet in August 2014 with the Rostov-on-Don following suit in December.The next two submarines, Stary Oskol and Krasnodar, were delivered to RF Navy in July and November 2015 while the Veliky Novgorod was commissioned on October 26, 2016.Kilo-class submarines from the 636.3 project are armed with 18 torpedoes and eight surface-to-air missiles. The vessels can accommodate a crew of 52 submariners and can stay at sea for 45 days.They displace 4,000 tonnes when submerged and 2,000 on the surface and reach speeds of “over 17 knots”, the Russian Navy said.The submarines are also equipped with Kalibr-cruise missiles. Last year, the defense ministry said the Rostov-on-Don successfully fired the missiles from a submerged position in the Mediterranean Sea hitting two objectives in Syrian Raqqa province on December 8. Authorities November 24, 2016 View post tag: Diesel-Electric View post tag: submarine Share this article Russian Navy commissions sixth Project 636.3 Varshavyanka-class submarine View post tag: Russian Navy Back to overview,Home naval-today Russian Navy commissions sixth Project 636.3 Varshavyanka-class submarine View post tag: Project 636.3last_img read more

Benbo Planetary Mixer

first_imgThe new Benbo Planetary Mixer from Nisbets (Avonmouth, Bristol) is suitable for bakers, hotels, restaurants and canteens looking for a durable, reliable and powerful machine, says the company.This 20-litre commercial bench model mixing machine is safe and easy to use, featuring a lever-operated bowl lift, safety stop when the bowl or safety guard is out of position and an emergency stop button, says Nisbets. It is fitted with a 0.5hp motor and three-speed gearbox, and comes complete with bowl, whisk, dough hook and beater.last_img

Press release: Death by dangerous driving sentence increased

first_img It was only a matter of time before Guest’s dangerous and irresponsible behaviour caused serious harm. Previous restrictions placed upon Guest endeavoured to prevent this, but he continued to flout the law, leading to the tragic death of his passenger Ben Priest. Guest proceeded to show further contempt for the law by attempting to frame his victim, and I hope that the Court’s decision today brings some comfort to Ben Priest’s family at this difficult time. A man who caused his friend’s death in a fatal collision, and then tried to frame the victim, has today had his sentence increased after the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC MP, referred it to the Court of Appeal.Aaron Guest, 28, killed his passenger, Ben Priest, 23, in a car crash by driving too fast and failing to notice a bend in the road. Although Guest was injured, he was able to climb out of the car. He then attempted to mislead police into believing that Mr Priest had been driving the car by moving his body and planting the car keys on him.At the time of the offence, Guest was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs. He was also already disqualified from driving and subject to a suspended prison sentence for a number of offences, including other driving offences.Guest was originally sentenced in December 2018 to 5 years and 3 months in prison at Worcester Crown Court. Today, the Court of Appeal has increased his sentence to 7 years.Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General said:last_img read more

Billy Joel Dons Yellow Star Of David At MSG As U.S. Neo-Nazi Activity Grows

first_imgLast night, Billy Joel returned to Madison Square Garden for the first time since the end of Phish’s Baker’s Dozen run. For his Monday performance, Billy Joel made a bold anti-Nazi statement, attaching a yellow Star of David to his lapel and the back of his blazer. The Star of David that Joel donned harkens back to the Holocaust when Nazis forced Jews to identify themselves as a lead-up to the Nazi-led concentration camps that killed six million Jews in Europe.Self-described as “culturally Jewish” and born to Jewish parents, Joel’s act was a strong statement against the rising neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements growing in the United States. In the past, Joel has gone on the record as saying that he doesn’t appreciate political messaging during concerts. In June, the famous 68-year-old musician told Rolling Stone, “I try to stay out of politics. I am a private citizen and I have a right to believe in my own political point of view, but I try not to get up on a soapbox and tell people how to think.”However, Joel’s wordless actions on Monday night were a clear change of heart, perhaps spurred by the “Unite the Right” rally of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend that left one counter-protesters dead and many others injured. The yellow Star of David that Joel donned harken back to the Holocaust— the Nazis forced Jews in Germany and Nazi-occupied territories to wear Stars of David or armbands for identification, with those who failed or refused to wear such garments facing severe punishment including death. This act of mass public identification less than one hundred years ago came ahead of the horrific mass-murder of six million Jews in Nazi concentration camps.Statement from Alexa Ray Joel, Billy Joel’s daughter [H/T People]; Cover photo: Myrna Suarez via Katie Lee’s Instagram]last_img read more

PowerEdge and VMware: HCI Innovation for the New Data Center

first_imgThe data center is evolving at a rapid pace. As architectures adapt and grow in complexity to take advantage of new applications and technologies, new challenges always creep in.“How do I adapt to unknown demands?”“How do I manage all of this complexity?”“Will my storage performance keep up?”A natural progression towards a more server-centric architecture, along with the increasing adoption of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is addressing these core challenges. To further drive this adoption, Dell EMC has designed HCI-focused tools that integrate into your existing data center and keep it moving forward.Our HCI architectures easily scale with the addition of nodes, while compute and storage virtualization offers more resiliency in case of a failure. For management simplicity, the OpenManage vCenter plug-in integrates server management into your vCenter console.The rise of flash significantly changes storage performance. I/O challenges are no longer solved with an increase in the number of spindles. Now you solve it with flash. For example, a traditional HDD provides 400 4K IOPS, a PCIe NVMe SSD provides 750,000 4K IOPS.With the launch of the new generation of PowerEdge servers and vSAN Ready Nodes, Dell EMC and VMware combine to create a scalable infrastructure that delivers intelligent automation and a secure foundation with no compromises.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT7WUztWPEc&feature=youtu.beWith VMware vSAN you get the industry-leading software powering HCI solutions and with Dell EMC PowerEdge you get the world’s best-selling server. This combination of VMware vSAN with PowerEdge, provides up to 12X more IOPS in a vSAN cluster and 98% less latency, as well as a fully integrated management solution with vSAN Ready Nodes.vSAN Ready Nodes from Dell EMC are pre-configured and easily orderable through templates optimized by profiles and use cases. A new factory installation process utilizes the Boot Optimized Storage System (BOSS) cards, installing the hypervisor on a robust bootable device without having to sacrifice drives from your vSAN storage capacity.The Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes are pre-configured and validated building blocks that offer the most flexibility while reducing deployment risks, improving storage efficiency, and allowing you to scale at the speed your business desires.By choosing a Dell EMC PowerEdge vSAN Ready Node with OEM licensing, and our latest vSAN Pro Deployment services, you get a single point of contact for sales and support for the entire solution.For more information on Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes, visit: dell.com/en-us/work/shop/povw/virtual-san-ready-nodeslast_img read more

“Gardening” is back

first_imgPollen covers cars. Bees buzz around new blooms. And that grass needs mowing. It must be springtime in Georgia. Just in time to cure the gardener’s urge to dig and plant, “Gardening in Georgia with Walter Reeves” will be back on Georgia Public Broadcasting with the 2007 season premiere April 5 at 7 p.m. The show is hosted by Georgia gardening guru and retired University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent Walter Reeves.In the first show of the 26-week series, viewers will learn about pruning azaleas from Hank Bruno at Callaway Gardens. Gardeners will also learn about growing and cooking with scented geraniums. It wouldn’t be Easter without Easter lilies. Reeves will tell about their history and growing habits. He will show how to irrigate dry lawns, too, without taking a bite out of your budget.“Gardening in Georgia” is coproduced by GPB and the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Each episode features valuable gardening information specific to Georgia soils, climate and growing conditions. The 2007 series is made possible through an underwriting gift from McCorkle Nurseries, and support from the Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association. “Gardening in Georgia” will air on GPB stations each Thursday at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. More on the show can be found at www.gardeningingeorgia.comlast_img read more

What online gaming can teach your credit union about referral marketing

first_img 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The gaming industry hosts some of the most globally well-known and successful referral programs. Across the world, more than a billion and a half people are gaming, and about 700 million people are playing online games. Online gaming has become a much more mainstream activity in recent years and no particular age group or gender dominates the playing field. However, some research indicates that the average age of a gamer is around 31.Mobile gaming is the biggest growth opportunity in online gaming right now. In the U.S., about 70% of mobile users play games on their devices, and games are consistently at the top of the download charts for iOS and Android devices. Young, Millennial women are the demographic most likely to play online games on a mobile device.Time For a Referral Boom!The dominance of mobile and the fact that female Millennials are the demographic most likely to play online mobile games suggests that we may be about to see an explosion in the number of referral programs launched by online or mobile gaming companies. There are three big reasons why:18 to 35 years olds are the demographic most likely to partake in online referral activitiesWomen are more likely than men to refer or recommend services, including games, to other peopleMobile is increasingly becoming the main channel used to send referrals continue reading »last_img read more

Member service: Fast plus easy equals growth

first_imgPersonal attendant tools such as Amazon’s Echo smart speaker represent the member experience standard credit unions should aspire to achieve, according to Adam Johnson and Charlene Leland of c. myers.Those devices have fundamentally altered consumers’ outlook, said Johnson, c. myers’s vice president/principal, and Leland, vice president, in a breakout session at the CUNA Technology Council Conference and CUNA Operations, Sales & Service Council Conference.“Nobody pushes any buttons or looks at any screens to get their business done,” Johnson said. “So it changes people’s mindsets about how they’re going to do things going forward.”As credit unions anticipate rapid changes in financial services—hastened by nontraditional competitors that run the gamut from fintech firms to Amazon—they must aggressively change their processes to match consumer expectations, Johnson said.“The mindset of who your competition is has to change,” said Johnson. “It’s not just financial institutions and fintechs. The bar is being set by the consumer experience in general. Consumers don’t want to type in their passwords anymore, or they don’t want to go further than one click. Once they experience a clunky process, the gap will widen.” continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more